iced coffee recipe
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World’s Best Ice Coffee Recipe

iced coffee recipe

Ice coffee recipe is a super delicious summer drink.
It’s easy and quick to make, but how exactly is the recipe and how to make ice coffee ?.
There are two variants, one with milk and the other without.
But before we get to that, if you want to make ice coffee without a coffee maker or espresso machine, then read further down in this article.

In addition, there are homemade, Nespresso / Nestle powder versions and beverages ready, such as those available at Starbucks and Seven Eleven.
The powder versions such as the one from Nespresso / Nestle are usually with milk, while ready-to-drink can be both with or without milk.
The milk version is called latte, frappe or cappucinno, while it without milk is always called espresso.

Ice Coffee Recipe.

  1. Brew regular coffee and refrigerate, or use the cold brewing method.
  2. Pour coffee, ice cubes and milk into a blender (+ vanilla ice cream or syrup according to taste).
  3. Serve in a tall glass, preferably chilled.
  4. Can be served with whipped cream on top, called a frappe.
  5. If you have an espresso machine , you can make a double espresso per glass.
    It does not need to be cooled before entering the blender.

Ice coffee powder.

Ice coffee from Nespresso or Nestlé, is probably the best known ice cream coffee variant.
It became popular through marketing at all the country’s festivals, just around the turn of the millennium.
This summer drink is packed with sugar and thus also calories, so watch out for the intake.
It’s almost as dangerous as iced coffee with chocolate.

Powder versions of any beverage typically contain many calories.
It is therefore an advantage to make it yourself so that you have full control.
But the advantage is that powder versions are usually the exact composition that gives an incredibly good taste.
The first time I tasted it was at a music festival and I have never forgotten it.
During the weekend I was there, I probably drank 20 or more.

Ice coffee without milk.

This version is just as popular, because while most people enjoy milk drinks, it requires a true coffee drinker to drink cold coffee.
But they exist and if made right, it can be at least as delicious.
Plain brewed coffee can quickly become very bitter when it cools down.
Because some of the aromas come out best in a hot drink.
It is therefore best to make iced coffee if you want it without milk.
However, the espresso version can be used.

While it with milk, tastes and looks like a coffee milk shake, it is without milk is just cold coffee.

Starbucks Ice coffee recipe.

Starbucks has taken over almost all sales of ready-made coffee from Nestle, in kiosks and stores.
But what’s in this tasty ready-to-drink?
75% is 3% Milk
19.5% is Starbucks coffee (water and coffee extract).
5% is sugar.
0.1% Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder.
In addition, 0.4% are natural aromas, acidity regulator (potassium carbonate), stabilizers (carrageenan, guar gum), emulsifiers (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids of vegetable origin).

I have marked cocoa powder in bold because it is the little trick that makes you prefer Starbucks to your own there at home.

Tips & Tricks.

A good trick, has already been revealed.
It’s Starbucks Cocoa Powder in their coffee.
But there are several good ideas to spice up your coffee a little.
Most people know it, but for safety’s sake, you get it right here.
Cold Baileys in your coffee is so perfect that I have had to stop writing to make myself a coffee with Baileys.
Well this article is being written on a Saturday!

The most commonly used in cold coffee drinks is mixing vanilla ice cream in it.
Of course, it gives the taste of vanilla, but also sweetness and a softness to the drink.
Remember again, there are MANY calories every time you drink such a delicacy.
You can also blend a banana into the drink, which gives healthier sweetener and a good softness.

Every cook knows that salt is the world’s 8th wonder and especially garden salt is good.
Salt can accentuate the taste in almost everything, besides it has salt in itself justified.
In the case of coffee, salt fits well with licorice.
Therefore, this tip is that you can get brine in your coffee.

In Vietnam, it has a cold coffee drink with coconut, sweet milk and various Vietnamese spices.
That leads me to a good tip.
If you do not drink cow milk, you can use almond milk with great advantage.
You can actually do that even if you are drinking ordinary cow’s milk everyday.
For the almond milk gives a super delicious taste in coffee, it is a bit like coffee with Baileys.

Last tip is brown sugar also called powdered sugar.
It probably needs no explanation as most people know the taste of brown sugar.

Ice coffee without coffee maker.

Even if you do not have a coffee machine, or other “normal” brewing methods, it does not mean that you cannot make ice coffee.
You can make it with something as simple as a tea bag.
Yes, you probably shouldn’t pick one of those recycled bags, but instead the uncolored paper version.
Fill the tea bag with ground coffee.

Fill the tea bag with ground coffee
coffee bag in
uden kaffemaskine

Fill a container with filtered water and put the coffee bag in.
Refrigerate for 12 to 18 hours.

A few final words..

In this article you have read about Ice coffee recipe, Starbucks secret, ingredients, serving suggestions, tips and tricks.
But here’s an important thing, don’t be limited by this article.
There is no right or wrong way to make a delicious summer drink.
All that matters is that you and your guests like it.

This article should be seen more as inspiration, and a collection of information on the subject.
Of course, there is always the safe meeting, namely following the recipe.
but once you try it, you can always be creative next time.

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee Infographic

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