Why try flavoured coffee?

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Many connoisseurs of good coffee love their drink in combination with different flavors – vanilla, chocolate, Irish cream, and other favorite flavors. 

The unique aroma and taste of coffee can be achieved not only in an old-fashioned way – by adding syrup to the already prepared drink, but also by flavoring the coffee beans with the help of modern technologies.

Flavored coffee beans are coated with natural flavors to complement the natural taste of coffee. 

Coffee syrups are extracted from natural products such as cocoa beans, vanilla, fruits, nuts, and other raw materials. 

These aromas, properly combined with the respective taste profile of coffee, make a cup of coffee a real adventure for the senses.

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In fact, flavored coffee has been drunk for centuries around the world.

In the Arab world, it is a special honor for the guest to be served coffee with cardamom.

People around the world taste their coffee in different ways – with cinnamon, vanilla, hazelnut, almond, cloves, chicory, pepper.

Flavored coffees are gaining more and more popularity and many people prefer them because of the convenience of making a cup of coffee with a special aroma without having to add additional ingredients.

Today’s technologies allow flavoring the beans with almost any taste.

Specialists can mix different oils to achieve specific combinations of flavors, some of which are quite interesting and exotic.

This process even helps to extend the shelf life of the coffee, masking to some extent the weakening of the natural coffee aroma over time.

After roasting, the beans are placed in a large mixer that is specially designed to turn them slightly without causing them harm.

Flavors are usually introduced through a pressurized spray mechanism that breaks down the oils into small droplets for better mixing.

Oils should be added to the beans gradually to prevent areas of highly concentrated aroma, called “hot spots”.

The beans are stirred for a period of time to ensure even distribution of the aroma.

This process can take 15-30 minutes depending on the batch size and the mixing characteristics of the oil.

When the beans are properly coated, they acquire a glossy coating, which shows an even distribution of aromatic oils.

There is another method – instead of flavoring whole beans, the aromas can be mixed in dry form with ground coffee.

In this case, the flavors are encapsulated in starch or some other powder matrix.

There is enough moisture in the coffee, which helps to transfer the taste from the encapsulated aromas to the ground coffee.

The process takes about 24 hours after mixing.

For flavoured coffee blends, 100% Arabica is often chosen because it has a softer taste in which to highlight the corresponding aroma.


The selection of coffee from different regions is an art, as each coffee has its own specific taste profile.

For example:

  • Ethiopian coffees have fruity notes
  • Guatemalan coffees taste like cocoa and chocolate
  • Brazilian coffees have a sweet nutty taste.

It is almost impossible to list the vast variety of over 800 flavours of coffee.

It is even more difficult to combine these flavours in a blend, and the selection of the appropriate aromatic oils for each blend requires real skill.

Therefore, only coffee experts with extremely fine palate can create a real masterpiece of aromas in a cup of coffee.

In addition to enjoying it clean, with flavoured coffee, we can prepare very interesting coffee cocktails – hot or cold, with or without alcohol.

Refresh the summer with a glass of ice-cold Fredo (Greek ice coffee), and in the winter warm yourself with a sip of rum in the coffee.

There are countless ways to combine different flavours but remember that the best way is with completely natural aromas. 

I have seen some that are full of chemicals, and it’s just not very healthy options I think.

Aromatic coffees are suitable for those of you who like to enjoy coffee with a special taste and aroma.

You don’t have to add any extra flavourings, just indulge in the charming aromas.

I really think Flavoured coffees are a very fun addition to my coffee arsenal, and I hope you agree.

You can find Coffee Syrups here on Amazon. Enjoy!

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