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Which coffee machine makes the best coffee?


Buying a coffee machine can seem like a simple task. 

When it comes down to it, though, it’s not quite the case. 

The possibilities are many, so it isn’t easy to assess which of the many options is the right one.

Furthermore, there is also a significant difference in people’s needs and desires. 

For example, not everyone wants to make a whole pot of coffee at a time. 

On the other hand, others do not want to be limited to making a single cup at a time.

Of course, it is also such considerations that one must make if one is to buy a coffee machine.

If you doubt your choice, you, therefore, need to familiarize yourself better with what your needs and desires are.

The coffees taste is a lot more than just the coffee machine!

When it comes to making good coffee, it’s not just the coffee machine that matters. 

Several other factors also matter. Among other things, there is a big difference in the quality and taste of coffee, so this impacts.

Likewise, there is also a difference in people’s preferences when it comes to coffee. 

This means that a good cup of coffee for you is not necessarily a good cup of coffee for others.

Since many variables influence the making of a good cup of coffee, it isn’t easy to give a concrete answer as to which coffee machine makes the best coffee.

If you want good coffee where the taste is strong and distinctive, the beans must be freshly ground. 

That is why many people prefer fully automatic espresso machines that grind the beans for every coffee cup.

However, you can also easily buy a coffee grinder, so you can grind the coffee yourself if you want to make one jug at a time.

Therefore, you can easily make coffee with freshly ground beans with a Moccamaster or similar.

It testifies that the coffee machine is actually only a small part of how to make a good cup of coffee. 

That is why it is also important that you primarily focus on your own needs and desires – and do not think so much about whether the coffee machine can make a good cup of coffee.

What are your preferences?

The above means that you need to assess what your preferences are. 

If you want to make a whole jug of coffee at a time, you must choose a machine that can do this. 

However, you must also ensure that the jug’s capacity is large enough, consider whether you will regulate the brew speed etc.

Instead, do you want a machine that can grind beans and make a cup of coffee with a single click?

In that case, it is a fully automatic espresso machine you are looking for.

Here, however, you should be aware that there is a difference in the grinder’s quality and efficiency.

If you want inspiration for which coffee machines are among the best on the market, you should examine the models highlighted in this drip coffee machine test

If you are more interested in Espresso makers, please look here.

They can give you a good indication of what is worth spending your money on.

sage barista express test 1

For many people, there is nothing better than a shot of invigorating caffeine for breakfast, after lunch and in the afternoon. Many people benefit from this. Unfortunately, many people settle for coffee from the gas station or Starbucks or maybe even instant coffee, where the fantastic taste of the coffee never really comes into its own.

Filter coffee machine – the classic that everyone knows

Most people know the classic coffee machine, but today it is not as widespread as before. 

This is primarily because new fixed machines have been added and have gained a foothold in modern homes. 

However, the filter coffee is on its way back, and this is probably because the coffee is easy to make and appeals to most people due to the mild taste nuances.

Basically, the coffee machine works by heating the water, letting it drip through a filter with coffee, after which it runs down into a heated glass jug or a thermos jug. 

One of the most important criteria for a good taste experience is that the coffee is brewed at the right temperatures. 

If the water is too cold, the aroma of the coffee cannot be released, and if it is too hot, the coffee becomes bitter.

Most scientific test results show a big difference between the coffee machines and their ability to brew good coffee.

Espresso machine – for strong espresso and specialties

Espresso machines are available in both manual and fully automatic versions, and both can brew a strong espresso which is the basic element in many coffee specialities.

The most popular models are the fully automatic ones, where you have to press a button to get a cup of coffee. 

Several models also perform well in tests and rank high because they make good coffee.

Below you can read about the manual and fully automatic espresso machines:

Manual espresso machine:

The manual espresso machine works in the same way as the machines used in cafes and restaurants.

You fill a bayonet with perfectly ground coffee, pack it with a tamper and put the bayonet in the machine.

Then a pump creates a high pressure, after which the heated water is passed through the bayonet and extracts the good flavours and caffeine from the coffee beans. 

It gives a dark espresso with a fantastic crema, which can be drunk for itself or used for a caffé latte or similar. 

The manual espresso machine requires a lot of practice to use correctly and produces an espresso as close to the real café experience as possible.

Fully automatic espresso machine:

Most people can join in, as the fully automatic espresso machine does it all for you.

Fill coffee beans, water, and some machines connect a milk container, after which it grinds the beans, heats the water and brews the coffee directly in the cup.

It all happens at the touch of a button, and some machines can also heat and skim milk for a caffé latte or cappuccino. 

Once you have read the operating instructions and found out how the machine works, it just requires regular filling and cleaning. It is, of course, a lot more demanding than the filter coffee machine, but in return, you can make many different kinds of coffee without reading books and practising brewing techniques.

French Press – the rustic coffee experience

If you imagine a small café close to the Mediterranean with waves crashing and birds chirping in the background, then it is not unusual for breakfast to be consumed with a cup of freshly brewed French press coffee

The French press ​​itself is usually a nice glass or steel jug in a simple design, and the brewing itself is also very simple. 

The water is heated to a temperature of about 95 degrees, after which it is poured over the coffee. 

Then let it stand and simmer for about 4 minutes, after which the filter is pressed down so that the coffee grounds are caught on the bottom.

Most people perceive French press coffee as stronger and fuller than regular coffee, and for the large breakfast table or afternoon cake, it is thus a perfect complement.

French presses are available in many variations and sizes so that portions from 2 cups and up to 8-10 cups can be brewed.

Special coarsely ground coffee is required for the French press, so you may need to grind the coffee beans yourself or settle for the usually sparse selection in the supermarket.

How do I make good coffee?

To get the very best coffee, it is a good idea to choose a certified coffee machine and at the same time make sure that the water for brewing is clean and fresh. 

Since water is an important ingredient in coffee, it is important to clean the coffee machine often. 

Over time, dirt and not least lime accumulate in the machine, which will give a bad taste to the coffee.

And of course, you have to choose the coffee you like best.

Which coffee machine should I buy?

When it comes to choosing a coffee machine, it depends on what your needs are. 

We all know the traditional filter coffee, but we also have espresso machines that make one or two cups at a time, and we have capsule machines that can quickly make a cup if you are in a hurry.

If I were looking to buy a new coffee machine right now, for 2 people, I would 100% buy a Breville Barista Express. 

It is a semi-automatic espresso machine, so you will be in for a learning curve, but it makes great coffee, and you will love it for a lifetime. Read my review here.

If you want something more automatic, I would buy a DeLonghi. You can read my review here on the best model.

If you are looking for a completely normal old-school filter coffee machine, like a Moccamaster, I would go for a .. yes, a Moccamaster. You can read about my preferred models here.

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