The difference between the Moccamaster models
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What’s the difference between Moccamaster models?

The difference between the Moccamaster models

Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. Even the dealers can’t always answer the difference between the different Moccamasters on the market.

The good news is that there is no big difference – Whatever model you choose, you are guaranteed a delicious cup of coffee. The difference lies in detail, appearance and small extra features.

Common to all of them is the powerful effect on the heating element, the fast brewing time and the even spread of water over the coffee. All machines have a volume of 1.25 litres, a power of 1520W and a brewing time of about 6 minutes.

Let`s try to be realistic.

Most of the Moccamaster coffee makers are 99% identical.

I have used many of them and gone through the specs, and yes, some are slightly better than others, and some are larger than others. 

But when you look at the one model, that always keep rising to the top, both from my personal point of view and from the point of view of the many thousands of people throughout the world, that owns a Moccamaster coffee machine, this specific model seems to be the preferred option.

My brother owns this specific model as well, and it does make a great cup of coffee.

OK, its not an espresso machine, so that counts on the negative side, lol.

But you truly get a great drip coffee maker, with this Moccamaster KBG741 model.

The link to Amazon is below if you are interested 🙂

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Moccamaster H741 Homeline

Moccamaster H741 Homeline

The most simple Moccamaster model. The filter holder is directly on the jug, and there is no separate control over the heating plate.

Moccamaster KB741

Moccamaster  KB741

Next step in the Moccamaster series. The filter holder is placed on a holder which is mounted on the machine – therefore the jug can be removed without a filter holder. The filter holder is equipped with a drip-stop which is operated manually with a small slider. The drip stop also acts as a “flavour control” for brewing half jugs. KB741 has a switch that lets you control the hotplate’s effect when only half a pot of coffee is left.

Moccamaster KBGC741

Moccamaster  KBG741

As with KB741, the filter holder is mounted on the machine itself rather than on the jug. The filter holder is also equipped with an automatic drip-stop function, which is activated when the jug is removed from the heating plate. The pitcher and filter holder have a different design than the KB741.

Moccamaster KBGC741 1

Moccamaster  KBGC741

As with KBG741, but with a light on when the machine needs descaling.

Moccamaster KBGC982

Moccamaster  KBGC982

Moccamaster’s latest shot at the Tribe. Like KBGC741, but in a variety of colours that can fit into your retro kitchen 😉

Moccamaster CD

Moccamaster  CD

One of the few machines from Moccamaster that stands out a bit among the others. The functions are the same as KBG741 = Automatic drip-stop and separate hot plate control.

Moccamaster GCS

Moccamaster  GCS

A compact model with automatic drip-stop function, and descaling indicator.

Moccamaster KBGC741 2

Moccamaster  KBGT741

The model that brews coffee directly in a thermos. The machine has an automatic drip stop, but of course no hot plate.

Moccamaster Cup one

Moccamaster  Cup-one

Moccamaster’s latest machine that brews one cup of coffee directly in the cup. The machine has a volume of 33cl, a power of 1090w and a brewing time of 4 minutes. The machine automatically shuts off when it has finished brewing.

Machines labelled AO (Auto-Off) automatically turn off the hotplate after 2 hours, avoiding the classic sauce colour at the bottom of the jar when it has been forgotten for half a day.

In addition to the models I have shown here, there are a few variants with higher volume and some models, with two or four brewing units put together.

Below you can find a decent selection of good Moccamaster coffee machines, available today.

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