What kind of coffee machine should I get?

For many, coffee is an important part of a good morning, a successful workday or effective study time.

Today, there are an unlimited number of appliances and machines on the market to make the perfect coffee cup. 

melitta grande

It is impossible to get around that coffee is a fantastic thing. 

A large part of the world drinks coffee every single day, but many do not spend the necessary time to make the best possible cup of coffee.

Of course, that’s a shame. Coffee should be delicious and tasty every time you need a cup. 

But before you can make the right cup of coffee, it requires some knowledge of what options you have for making it.

So how do you find the coffee maker that best meets your needs? 

We’ve put together this article to help you make the right choice.

The traditional coffee maker

For many of us, the well-known cup of coffee is brewed with a traditional filter coffee machine. 

Traditional coffee machines such as Moccamaster have been used to make coffee throughout the Nordic countries.

The advantages of these coffee machines are their speed and ease of use – they can quickly make several cups of coffee. 

So if you value an honest cup of coffee and want to brew several cups at the same time effortlessly, the traditional coffee maker is the right choice for you.

The first machine that comes to mind is nothing short of a classic, namely, Melitta Excellent Grande 3.0. Excellent 3.0 and Excellent Grande 3.0 are among the best-selling filter coffee machines ever.

So you get a coffee machine that has really been tested by consumers and has clearly passed the test of time. 

If you are looking for a coffee machine that can brew good coffee without having to go out and get a minor education in coffee brewing, then you have an opportunity here. 

I’m an affiliate. I hope you love the products I recommend! Just so you know, I may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Thank you if you use my links, I really appreciate it!

Everyday machine for good coffee 

The Melitta coffee machine is a classic for everyday life, which is also why it stands in as many homes as it does now.

With this model, you get a relaunch that gives the machine a nice retro look. 

That is why you get a classic black look, just as you know it from so many other Melitta machines. 

Therefore, it fits well in many kitchens because it manages to be neutral, even if neat. 

The machine can accommodate 12 cups, which is equivalent to about 1.6 L of coffee. 

Therefore, it is good for you who need to make coffee for yourself, but it is also good when the family visits for a birthday. 

You can quickly dish up a few jugs of coffee without your visitors having to wait too long for it. 

Furthermore, the machine is easy to clean, which is another advantage that many more expensive machines do not always have. 

Quality at good price

The Melitta filter coffee machine here is good quality – there is no doubt about it.

But even if you get quality assured design and function, the price is still affordable. Melitta Coffee Machine you get for USD60-75 -.

It is, therefore, a great price for you who are looking for a coffee machine that can last for many years and who knows what it can do.

The advantage is: 

  • Large water container for more coffee 
  • Turns off automatically after 2 hours 
  • Nice anonymous design 
  • Very popular 

With a Melitta Coffee Machine, you are ready for everyday life, no matter how much coffee it calls for. 

I should mention, the above-mentioned comments goes for other machines than the Melitta. Machines such as the MoccaMaster are even better with more features, but they are also significantly higher priced. 

Here is an article on the best filter coffee machines available today, if the price is of little concern.

Coffee machine or espresso machine?

Sage Barista Touch

If you are a passionate coffee drinker and want the freedom to create all your café favourites at home, you should consider buying an espresso machine.

Personally, I own a Sage Barista Express semi-automatic espresso machine, and I have never looked back since getting it.

Honestly, I swear my husband sometimes is worried I love that thing more than I love him 🙂 (Just kidding!).

No, seriously its one of the best purchases I ever made. You know what they say about nothing good comes free of charge, or something like that..

Well, it true in this case.

The machine costs approx USD800, but it’s worth every cent. Coffee is amazing, and the build quality is made to last forever.

Another option could be the DeLonghi Prima Donna.

I tested it, and its an amazing machine. You can read more here, as we made a comparison.

Espresso Machines

Whether your preferences are on americanos, lungos, café laughter or flat whites, this coffee maker can help make your dream come true.

Espresso machines can provide you with specialty coffee at home without it being difficult or challenging. 

The espresso machine gives your imagination free running.

The manual and semi-automatic espresso machines let you take full control of the coffee brewing process.

It all starts with finding the perfect coffee beans and ends with creating a beautiful “latte art” pattern on your beverage’s surface.

It may take some time to make a barista-like coffee and requires some practice, but a successful result rewards the patient brewer.

With these coffee machines, you get professional level qualities that can make you a good barista at home.

The advantages of these coffee makers are: 

  • Intended for specialty coffee
  • Many options 
  • Good looks 
  • Good for the enthusiast 
  • Fun

Here you can see an article on the best espresso machines on the market today. I tested them.

Capsule Machines

nespresso machines with pods

The capsule machines are very versatile – if your household enjoys different kinds of coffee, or you each have your own favourite brew, this coffee maker is suitable for your different needs.

Capsule machines make espresso-based coffee.

Because capsule machines only make one cup at a time, the user can enjoy just the kind of coffee they want at any given time. You can get many kinds of capsules, from light to dark Christ and everything in between. The machine is usually very compact and easy to use. 

When choosing a Nespresso pod machine, consider whether you will be able to cook special coffee with milk or whether you can settle for espresso-based coffee.

If you have a weakness for specialty coffee such as cappuccino or caffè latte, we recommend a Nespresso coffee machine with a built-in milk container.

 The Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother can also be purchased separately if you change your mind. 

Because milk is added separately, you can choose any milk – try everything from whole milk to plant-based varieties.

Nespresso aluminium pods are carefully designed to protect the coffee beans from exposure to sunlight, humidity and oxygen. Also, the Nespresso capsules are reusable. They are sadly destroying the rainforest. Read here if you’re interested to learn more.

The Nescafé Dolce Gusto series capsules are produced with or without milk powder. As specialty coffee as latte macchiato is available as practical ready mixes – no separate milk container is needed.

The versatile Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee machine can also make hot cocoa, tea or ice coffee. The smart capsule technology ensures that all the different beverages are brewed at exactly the right pressure.

If you are interested in the best capsule based coffee machines, please read this article.

Coffee Machine Summery

In regards to filter coffee machines, Moccamaster produces long-lasting coffee machines. It’s no secret.

Therefore, you also get a machine that can be with you all the way.

This is partly because the coffee machines are hand-produced by Moccamaster. The advantages of this coffee maker are: 

  • Durable 
  • Anonymous design 
  • Easy to use 
  • Scratch-resistant materials 

A Melitta Excellent Grande 3.0, is a great alternative to the MoccaMaster if your looking for a more budget friendly option.

In regards to Capsule or Pod type of coffee machines, your best option is a Nespresso Maestria.

To be perfectly honest, its almost impossible to say that this is better than some of the others, as they are extremely similar, and more or less do the same thing + they are all in more or less same mediocre quality.

I recommend you do NOT buy any pod machines, but again, some people like them.

In regards to Espresso machines, my honest recommendation is to buy a Sage Barista Express. UNLESS you want something automatic, then you should go for the Sage Oracle.

These machines are very similar, except the Oracle has been upgraded, automated, and gotten digital display and so on..

I would be proud to showcase both excellent machines on my kitchen counter and happily use both in my daily life.

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