What is specialty coffee?

I was asked recently, “What is specialty coffee?”, and I thought most like many others are wondering the same thing.

Therefore, I wrote this article. Hope it answer your question 🙂

what is specialty coffee

What does the term “Specialty Coffee” cover, what is the CSC certification and what does it require to be approved.

More and more coffee is being consumed all over the world, alone in Denmark we drink between 10 and 12 million cups of coffee a day. At the same time as the total quantity increases, higher and higher demands are also made on the quality of the coffee and on the awareness of the individual beans.

The “specialty coffee” concept covers especially high quality coffee beans, where there is always a particularly high knowledge of which country, which bean and which farm it comes from.

CSC stands for “Certified Specialty Coffee” and is an Italian standard that guarantees that the coffee you drink is of the highest quality. The CSC association was born on the basis of the experience and passion of a group of roasteries who all burn for the same purpose, to promote the culture of quality coffee. The dream is that people choose their coffee based on taste and quality and not just on a simple habit.

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To be approved for the CSC certificate, there are a number of strict requirements that must be met, here are some examples of what is required:

  • The farmer must prove that he owns the land and all the machines used and that everything is ISO certified.
  • He who exports the bean must prove that he himself has grown the coffee.
  • Every harvest is reviewed and checked by the CSC Technical Commission to ensure the right quality.
  • The farmer has to submit a sample of the crops for inspection every year.
  • Each sample is shaken to make sample brews with it, called “cupping”.
  • When the roasteries order a consignment of CSC certified beans, they are tested during transport as well as when they arrive.
  • The roasters must, through a wide range of tests, document that the beans are roasted, mixed and packed according to the applicable requirements.
  • In addition, there are requirements for all stages of production and how it is shaken, mixed and packed.
csc logo

All CSC certified coffee bags have a unique CSC label numbered and provided with anit foraging unit which guarantees that the bag contains only CSC coffee beans.

The CSC certificate is given to 11 roasters in the world, and at Real Coffee we are fortunate to have a collaboration with a CSC certified roastery. The roastery is Arcaffe, located in Livorno, Italy, at the factory the two different lines shake. The Arcaffe series, which contains 4 different whole beans and ground coffee, as well as ESE pods. The exclusive Le Piantagioni range is unique because the 4 products in addition to being CSC certified are also single or two estate coffees.

Single- and two-estate means that the beans for the individual roasting come from only one or two farms. In short, you can say exactly which field and farm the coffee comes from.