What Is Slow Brew Coffee?

What Is Slow Brew Coffee

The question “what is slow brew coffee really?” is a question that I get asked time and time again. And to answer is not as straightforward and accurate as I really liked it.

The concept of “Slow Brew” is heard more and more often in cafes and coffee shops around the world. But it is not a concept that has a clear definition. It may be that it gets it, but right now it’s a slang word for coffee brewing slowly.

And why is it so suddenly so popular to drink coffee called Slow Brew?

I think there are several answers to this. But of course this is just an expression of my personal approach:

But I will have to start somewhere else. Namely, by the quality improvement that has come on the green beans over the last few years. The demand for good grades has been met, especially over the last 5 years, by the coffee farmers. The supply of good quality green beans has never been higher than it is today, and there is no indication that this trend will continue.

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The coffee farmers have seen the scam in producing the best possible quality and the coffee-producing countries have, more or less all together, created organizations that support and help the individual farmers to develop the farms to create better and better products. Quality equals greater revenue – quite simple. This is quite close to the concept of third wave coffee, about which a blog post has also been written.

Today, every roasting champion with respect for himself, is working to get the individual bean’s flavor profile as optimal as possible. You go for a balanced coffee in terms of sweetness and acidity, with the right fullness (for the purpose).

If you want a fine and nuanced taste and aroma, the coffee should be roasted lightly. AND then we are back to the concept of Slow Brew….

The concept of slow is probably because the bright quality grids are more delicate and difficult to deal with. The space between success and failure is relatively close. So one can easily destroy one’s fine bean if it is, for example. incorrectly dosed or extracted. And when I talk about extraction there is both the degree of grinding and water contact time.

Slow Brew is a craft. A craft that requires presence, focus and practice. For slow brew, high quality coffee has a nice taste and good aroma. Coffee whose taste is not to be dimmed (or enhanced) by milk, sugar or syrup, but which can be drunk as it is.

In my world, slow brew is not defined by the brewing method. Slow Brew can be brewed on anything from a jug , pour over or siphon . But the process needs to be controlled and controlled so that you get the best result – have the right time and focus if you want.

And it is here that it becomes a mind-boggling process to brew its coffee. To stand and watch the freshly roasted beans bloom, hour one pour perfectly for afterwards, to sit and enjoy the perfect cup – without making anything but taste and scents…

slow brew coffee infographic
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