What Is Espresso Coffee?

Different Types Of Coffee

Latte, espresso, cappuccino – there are so many different types of coffee that it almost turns into its own language. In this article, you can read more about the difference between the most common espresso-based coffees and read how they are made. After reading this article, you are no longer in doubt about what you order at the local coffee shop

What is Espresso Coffee?

Espresso coffee is not roasting or type of coffee bean, but instead the method of making the coffee. We also know it in the cafes as an espresso shot. Generally speaking, this coffee drink is slightly thicker than regular black coffee, brewed with filter. Although this method is more concentrated, one of the shots you can order at a cafe does not contain more caffeine than a cup of coffee. But you can read more about it further down the page.

How to make espresso coffee?

In short, it is made by forcing very hot water through a fine grinder and compressed coffee while the water is under pressure. There are many fine and in-depth guides on the internet that you can try to follow if you would like to try brewing a shot.

You will need between 8 and 12 grams of ground espresso coffee per shot.

espresso kaffe

Ground or whole coffee beans?

To brew the perfect cup, it requires finely ground espresso coffee. Of course, you can use whole coffee beans and then grind the beans yourself with a coffee grinder. However, espresso coffee requires incredibly finely ground beans. This part of the process is where the barista feels the coffee, to see if it is absolutely perfect. It should feel like fine sand, soft and only slightly gritty.

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Espresso vs coffee caffeine

Technically, espresso coffee has a higher amount of concentrated caffeine than regular filter coffee. The big difference, however, is found in the intake of coffee drinks. Often we drink espresso in much smaller quantities and therefore you consume less caffeine than if we drink a regular cup of coffee.

Per espresso shot, you would like to get about 65 to 80 milligrams of caffeine, with regular coffee resulting in 80 to 120 milligrams of caffeine per cup. However, the exact numbers vary, depending on which coffee beans you use.

The different espresso types

Espresso-based beverages are coffee made with a cappuccino machine that shares three things in common: espresso, steamed milk, and milk froth. The main difference between the different types of espresso is the ratio of how much espresso, steamed milk, and foam is in the drink.

If you are the type who likes your coffee strong, then you are probably a supporter of pure espresso, and if you like it a little milder, you are most likely a latte or cappuccino. Read more about the different espressos below.

Espresso black

Espresso is the foundation and the most important ingredient for any espresso-based beverage. Espresso is typically a small cup of strong coffee. An espresso drink, therefore, consists of:

  • 1 shot of espresso in an espresso cup
Double Espresso

As the name suggests, this coffee is just an espresso twice. Sometimes a double espresso is also called a “Doppio”. It consists of:

  • 2 shots of espresso in an espresso cup

An ordinary macchiato is similar to an espresso, but with a layer of moistened milk and foam to soften the strong taste of a normal espresso. You will find that baristas make this drink very differently from place to place. However, the traditional method of making a macchiato is:

  • 1 shot of espresso in a glass or espresso cup
  • 1 layer of steamed milk and foam placed on top of the espresso

A rice reto is an espresso shot that is extracted with the same amount of coffee, but only half the amount of water. End results are a much more concentrated and darker espresso. It is made as follows:

  • Make a standard espresso shot with half the win
  • Alternatively, you can turn off the normal espresso shot before the espresso finishes extracting.

Here is an espresso that has become so popular in recent years. An americano is hot water with a shot of espresso on top. It is made as follows:

  • Fill a cup with 2/3 hot water
  • Extract 1 shot of espresso over the hot water
Café Latte

A café latte or just “latte” is an extremely popular espresso drink with steamed milk and milk foam added to the coffee. The coffee is sweeter compared to a pure espresso due to the steamed milk and foam. It is made as follows:

  • A shot of espresso in a glass
  • Add warm steamed milk
  • 1 cm. milk foam on top of the steamed milk

Cappuccino is very similar to a latte, but there is a difference. The primary difference between a latte and a cappuccino is that a cappuccino has more foam on top of the drink. In addition, you typically make a cappuccino in a cup instead of a glass. The recipe is accurate:

  • 1 shot of espresso in a cup
  • Steamed milk
  • 2-3 cm. milk foam on top of the steamed milk
  • Possibly. chocolate sprinkles on top

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