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What is Best Coffee for French Press?

What is Best Coffee for French press?

french press coffee

I want to explain to you a little about which coffee you can use in a french press the next time you need to make a fresh cup of coffee for breakfast.

In this article, I will go over the French press way of making coffee, Roasting grades, and give you a few pointers along the way.

There are many ways to brew coffee.

Coffee can be brewed in many different ways, and just like with grills, there will always be people who swear by one or the other brewing method.

Whether you are mostly into regular filter coffee or love the smell of freshly ground coffee in a french press, it is largely a matter of preference.

But if you have the courage to try something other than the usual filter coffee, then thee french press ​​is a sensible step up – both in terms of taste and challenge.

Freshly ground coffee makes all the difference with a french press!

First of all, you have to decide whether you should buy a ground coffee or a bag with whole coffee beans.

Here you should always go for a bag of whole beans if you want a great cup of coffee from the plunger jug.

This solution, of course, requires that you have a proper coffee grinder standing at home. Still, these truly elevate your coffee game to another level, and a coffee grinder is indispensable if you need a cup of high-quality coffee.

I recommend this grinder that I personally use. You can buy it on Amazon.

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The whole beans are best because they hold the taste best when standing in the bag.

The aroma does not disappear as easily from a whole bean as it does from the ground variant, and thus you can enjoy the full aroma of the coffee for a longer time.

Also, the whole beans allow you to grind the coffee exactly as you want it.

With a French press, you get the best results with coarsely ground beans, as the coffee is in contact with the hot water for a very long time.

Therefore, if the coffee is ground or ground too finely, it can quickly become very bitter, which no one benefits from!

Roast Grade To Choose For French Press

What roast grade to choose for french press?

When it comes to the coffee choice itself, we will always recommend you choose a lightly roasted coffee, as the quality here is usually higher than with the dark roasted.

This is large since dark roasting sometimes helps hide the beans’ lower quality, where a lightly roasted coffee has nothing to hide.

Also, a lightly roasted coffee tastes much better because all the natural coffee aromas have not been roasted completely away – you will be able to taste a clear difference between a light and a dark roasted coffee bean in a french press.

The coffee roasting and grinding play, e.g. much when it comes to the coffee brewing in a french press.

Rumour has it that the coffee should only soak for up to 4 minutes in a french press, but if you love the taste of coffee, then you should leave it in the water for a longer time.

Here you can try your hand at a brewing time of anywhere between 6 and 14 minutes, where 14 minutes is certainly not a coffee taste for everyone!

Try again and again and again…

An ordinary coffee machine is very forgiving when it comes to function, as it pretty much always gives a consistent result; a result that coffee fans might be tempted to call boring.

Here, a french press ​​is a slightly bigger challenge, as both the coffee grounds and the brewing time in the water can vary greatly from type to type.

This makes the coffee brewing a little harder to start with, but there is simply nothing to do but try again and again – practice makes perfect, and once you have mastered your french press, you get a world-class coffee experience every time!

If you think you french press might be something for you, you can get yours on Amazon right here.

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Super cheap investment and you will learn a lot, not to mention the fun you will have, learning something new 🙂

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