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Coffee machines is probably the most missed piece of mechanics the day you don’t have it.

Most can do without a smartphone, car or computer for a few days. But try to start the day without coffee, it’s like pulling a ferry up Mount Everest … in other words, impossible.

But now that, the beloved coffee machine has dropped its last drop and you need to go out and have a new one.
Is it the look, price, speed or smart features that matter to you?

Here is a bit of information. 

Who would like to make the decision about a new coffee machine somewhat easier. There are a number of factors that come into play when we talk coffee machine.

  • Durability
  • Guarantee
  • Lime filter
  • power consumption
  • Heating plate in both top and bottom
  • Thermo pitcher or glass pitcher
  • output temperature / Brew speed.
  • how many cups can there be on a jug
  • Power Off / Timer function.

Coffee machine Durability.

It has been known for many years that electric bulbs were produced to last shorter than was possible.

Thus, the life of an electric bulb was deliberately reduced. This was for us to buy more.

When looking at electric bulbs cartels, they also investigated hardware manufacturers.

It was thought that one could expect a washing machine hold approx—x number of washes.

Was it because of the lime in the water?

Funny enough, the same has happened with coffee machines. People remember to descale them because they can see that it takes too long to brew on it. 

But while some models only hold cards, others can last for many years.

This is reflected in the purchase price because while a MoccaMaster is expensive, it also lasts a long time.

If you have a specific model coffee maker in mind, use google and search by name and lifetime.

If it is an older and well-known model, a study has probably been made for just that.

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In most 1.world countries, as well as on sites such as Amazon, we as a customer have a guarantee.

It is usually 12 months and with 24 months warranty. It’s fine and good if you were to be one of the unlucky ones.

But thankfully, most machines last more than five years.
There are many that last over 10 years if you remember to descale and clean them from time to time.

Lime filter.

In most places, there is a lot of lime in the water. This affects both the taste of the coffee but also the life of the machine. 

Depending on where you live, you should descale your machine every 3 to 6 months.

If you want a better taste and better protect your machine, you can buy one with a lime filter.

That does not mean you can not fail to descale the machine. But the range can be increased.

There are coffee machines with lime filter holder built-in. But if you do not want one, you can have a regular pitcher with a filter to filter the water before pouring it on the machine.
They cost quite a bit of money, and a Brita filter that lasts for approx. 2 months costs around $ 3.

Power consumption.

There is not a big difference from machine to machine when it comes to a coffee machine power consumption.

It is simple, to be used approx—0.28Kw to heat 0.5L of water 80 degrees (from 16 to 96 degrees).

It may vary slightly depending on the degree of liming (the more to the limescale, the more energy will be needed.

Furthermore, the heater is efficient.

Therefore, a higher quality machine can sometimes save a little power.

But where there is something to pick up, the thermos is glass jars on a hot plate.

While a thermos does not use any electricity, keeping a glass jug is a good deal of electricity.
The difference is hardly that great if you immediately pour the coffee from a glass jug machine onto an external thermos jug.

The same is true if you only brew the number of cups you have to drink here and now.

Machines with a heating plate on both top and bottom. They are for business or collective use only.
The advantage is that you can move up a newly brewed pot of coffee. On the second plate and immediately start brewing a pitcher more.

But the same can be achieved by pouring the coffee on a thermos.

Output Temperature / Brewing Speed.

While a coffee machine typically warms the water up to approx. 96 degrees, the output temperature for most machines is 88 to 95 degrees Celsius. 

It has something to say for the taste of your coffee. But few people can taste the difference.

On the other hand, some want their coffee baldness.

I don’t even belong in that category. If you want your coffee to be as warm as possible, you must look at the machine’s output temperature. 

It is always listed on the box and in most ads.

There are, as far as is known, no coffee machines with adjustable output temperature.
It is reserved for espresso machines, and even those don’t always have it.

The brewing speed varies according to the size of the heater in the machine.
Besides, it also plays into where the lime is.

Again, one reason why MoccaMaster is popular. It brews quickly.

How many cups can there be in a jug?

You can avoid a lot of coffee spills.
If you buy a machine that makes the number of cups you need.
Few people drink 12 cups. 

Even if they do, it can be nice with a fresh jug of coffee.
You can therefore probably “settle” with a machine that makes 6 cups.

On the other hand, you can say that a machine that can make 12 cups can also make 6 cups.

In terms of price, taking a smaller machine is not a big thing to save.

But if you have a small kitchen, it can be an advantage with one that is less filling.

Power Off / Timer function.

Many new coffee machines can even turn on at a predetermined time. This is called the timer function.
Likewise, they can turn themselves off when the coffee is made. 

However, this only applies to those who have a Thermos jug and not to glass jug machines.
Some have built-in grinders, so they can not use ground coffee, but only whole beans.

Mature right now is whole beans. However, you do not have to go into fashion.

Common to all extra features is that it is yet another part that can break.

It is equally valid, though. It is a coffee grinder with a grinder—a coffee maker with milk froth or one that knows it all.
The durability of these machines is shorter, and they are also usually more expensive to buy.

Coffee machine manufacturers.

There are plenty of coffee maker manufacturers, here are some of the best known. 

Mentioned in alphabetical order.
Bosch. Braun. Clatronic. Cuisinart. Dolce Gusto. Electrolux. Gorenje. Krups. Melitta. Miele. Moccamaster. Philips. Siemens, Senseo. Tassimo and many many more…

Finding a reseller is easy today. On the web, there are tons of websites selling coffee machines.

Most all have the same range, and the only thing they can compete for is the price.

In addition, every supermarket with respect for itself has a department with electrical articles.
Most of them have at least one coffee maker standing on the shelf.

You can get a new machine for $20 and up.

It almost goes without saying that there is a difference in quality, but not always a machine for $80, – It may well be as good as one for $200, –
It is quite different in the Espresso machine market. 

Where the competition is not yet so great that discount machines have arrived. And no, Docle Gusto , Tassimo and Senseo are not Espresso machines !

Moccamaster is the Go To machine.

Moccamaster is probably well known by most coffee drinkers.

But is it now also the best filter coffee machine.
Just because many people have a Moccamaster standing does not mean it is the best.

Nespresso doesn’t make the best coffee in the world, either.
Still, it is the primary single cop machine in most homes.

MoccaMaster is known for delivering a hot cup of coffee, as well as being durable.
Both are good but not unique.

Most machines today provide a good hot cup of coffee.
Unfortunately, durability and price are not always related.

You can, therefore, easily end up buying something you will not be happy with.

You should be aware of the output temperature.

It is crucial how hot the water is when it hits the beans. Too hot, you rinse the beans and ruin the coffee.

Is the water temperature too low because you did not pull all the flavours out of the bean?

While the initial temperature for good espresso is down to 72 degrees, then it must be at 95 degrees on the ordinary brewing method, be it filter coffee or plunger jug.

Last but not least, the pitcher’s material itself. You typically have two choices.
Either you can choose the classic glass jug or the newer steel alternatives.

The steel jugs are double-sided and act as a thermos. But you also compromise the purity of your coffee.

While glass does not give off any flavour, a steel jug changes the taste of the coffee.
This is also why a good thermal jug consists of an inner glass layer, insulation, and an outer steel or plastic layer.

Coffee filters for coffee maker.

A coffee filter gives minimal flavour. 

Here it is more about choices based on what is most environmentally correct.

Eco-friendly coffee filters are made from recycled paper with no added colour. They are grey or yellowish.
You have no benefit from buying the most expensive ones. Cheap eco-friendly coffee filters are as good as the expensive ones.

However, you need to buy the correct size, relative to your coffee maker. A standard coffee filter fits most machines, for private use. 

But there are machines that have special filters. Special filters are typically more expensive than the standard filters. 

The machines that use them are often more expensive to buy. It may therefore be a good idea to buy a machine with standard dimensions so that you can use standard cheap and unbleached coffee filters.
They are available in all supermarkets.

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Ground beans versus whole beans

This is a matter of taste.

There is, however, to say that if you grind the beans yourself you will get a more fresh coffee. As soon as you open a bag of coffee, the coffee begins to lose flavour. 

This aroma can be kept longer if you use whole beans and store them properly.
Proper storage means airtight and preferably in the cold.

Coffee machines on sale.

There is always coffee machine on sale locally, but it’s rarely the good machines.

So even though your local shop is friendly and has coffee machines on sale regularly, these are usually some obscure machines.

We also face the challenge that we need a new one right away.
Because we do not buy new until the old one is gone.

Therefore, it can be difficult to find exactly what you want to offer.

If you can afford it, my best advice is to buy the machine you would like and not a random one you can find on sale.

It would help if you had it every day, and on a personal fulfilment level, the joy of making a cup of coffee on the machine you prefer is pure joy. 

But it can be frustrating if you buy some junk. You can some of the machines on Amazon, and usually, the prices are amongst the lowest you will find.

I personally bought mine there and saved a ton.

Check out some deals here.

Below I have added

“How to choose your next coffee maker” infographic.

Hope it helps you 🙂

choose your coffee machine type scaled scaled

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