Top 3 Built in Coffee Makers Helpful Guide
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In this article, we will take a closer look at built-in coffee makers from different manufacturers and at different price ranges. 

We have examined various models and have selected the ones with good user reviews and several other top models to give an overview of what is built-in coffee machines on the market.

Built-in Coffee Makers Test

The built-in coffee machine is a relatively new phenomenon, so there are no official expert tests and very few user reviews. 

For this reason, we have based on their specifications and bring here the most impressive and promising machines.

We hope this overview will help you make the right choice when buying a new built-in coffee machine.

Bosch CTL636E

Bosch CTL636E

The Bosch CTL636E is not included in any official expert tests but has received good reviews from the users.

Consumers repeatedly mention that the biggest advantage of the Bosch CTL636E is that the model makes ‘delicious coffee’. Also, some users write that the coffee machine is easy and simple to use.

None of the consumers mentions many disadvantages of the model. However, a few explanations have to empty the drip tray a little too often, which they are a little disappointed.

However, it should be noted that the Bosch CTL636E is a built-in coffee machine, which is why it must be integrated into your kitchen cabinet. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the product’s objectives before purchasing.

Multi-function Machine

The Bosch CTL636E is a fully automatic machine with several practical features. 

The coffee is brewed under pressure at bar 19, and it is possible to fill 2.4 litres of water in the water container and 500 grams of coffee beans in the bean container. 

The motor also has an output of 1600 Watts.

The coffee machine comes with a SensoFlow system that provides an optimal brewing temperature and that the machine is twice as fast compared to other models from when it is turned on until the first cup is ready.

The Bosch CTL636E comes with the AromaDoubleShot feature, which allows it to brew an extra-strong coffee without bitterness as the machine uses two brewing and painting processes. 

However, the ceramic grinder is soundproofed, so it does not make much noise during use. 

You can change the paint with the four different settings of the model.

The Bosch CTL636E is further equipped with the MyCoffee memory system. 

This system ensures that you can store up to eight different drinks to find them again easily.

Efficient coffee machine with user-friendly settings

According to consumers, the Bosch CTL636E is an efficient coffee machine that ‘really is a luxury in everyday life’. 

For example, one user writes that the machine ‘has so many benefits and makes a perfect coffee cup with just a touch’.

This user agrees and explains that ‘the machine is straightforward to operate and delivers a super good cup of coffee and espresso’. 

In terms of machine ease of use, it is easy to use for both operation and cleaning.

One user also mentions that it is easy to refill both water, beans and milk, and ‘that you can easily and quickly clean the milk container and the rest of the machine’. The user sees it as an advantage that you do not have to deal with cleaning all the time.

Other consumers also believe that the coffee machine’s ‘design is nice and elegant’ as it is made to be simple and stylish. However, some users think it is relatively large, which you should be aware of.

Fully automatic machine with OneTouch function

The Bosch CTL636E comes with a handy OneTouch feature that allows you to brew your coffee with just a single touch. 

You can freely choose between black coffee, espresso, cappuccino etc. You can also brew two cups of coffee at once with OneTouch DoubleCup.

Furthermore, the model is easy to use as it is equipped with a TFT display. 

The display provides an optimum sharpness where you can clearly see what stands from every angle.

As several of the consumers mention, the Bosch CTL636E is an easy-to-clean coffee machine. 

The built-in milk frother comes with an automatic cleaning system that runs per hour. Automatic after use.

Furthermore, it is also easy to keep the machine itself clean as the brewing unit is removable and can be cleaned manually.

The coffee machine is further decalcified and cleaned in a continuous process with the Calc’n Clean function. 

The machine also cleans itself after each use, so that the coffee taste remains optimal.

Finally, the Bosch CTL636E comes with a feature that allows the cup size to be individually adjusted to make the cup as full as desired.

Specifications for Bosch CTL636E:

  • Specifications for Bosch CTL636E dimensions:
  • Installation height: 44.9 centimeters
  • Installation width: 55.8 centimeters
  • Depth installation: 35.6 centimeters
  • Weight: 19.7 kg
star 45

Bosch CTL636E specifications – key information:

  • Type: Fully automatic
    coffee maker
  • Capacity: 2.4 liters
  • Coffee bean container capacity: 500 grams
  • Engine power: 1600 Watt
  • Milk foam: Yes
  • Pressure: 19 bar
  • Voltage: 220-240 V

Featured Benefits of the Bosch CTL636E:

  • Easy-to-use Built-inCoffee
  • Machine
  • Easy to Clean with Multiple Cleaning
  • OneTouch Feature
  • With SensoFlow System
  • Ability to store your favorite drinks

Siemens CT636LE

Siemens CT636LE

Siemens CT636LE has not been included in any expert tests, but has, in turn, received good reviews from consumers at the two dealers Whiteway and Skousen. Consumers believe that the Siemens CT636LE is a high-quality built-in coffee machine that makes a tasty and good coffee cup.

In the reviews, consumers explain that the Siemens CT636LE is an ‘efficient coffee maker that delivers great coffee’. Besides, several users explain that the machine is also easy to operate and clean.

There are not many downsides to the model, according to consumers, as they do not mention any obvious disadvantages in the reviews. The only thing mentioned is that a couple of consumers experienced that it was a bit difficult to get started with the machine the first few times.

On the other hand, you must be aware that Siemens CT636LE must be integrated into a kitchen cabinet, which is why you must remember to check the product’s objectives before purchasing.

Efficient machine with built-in milk foam

Siemens CT636LE is a fully automatic machine, so you do not have to do anything yourself, as the machine brews the coffee you want.

The Siemens CT636LE comes with a 2.4-litre water tank and a bean container with a capacity of 500 grams.

It is also possible to use the IndividualCup volume function, which allows you to adjust the cup size to make it filled.

The sizes already come in small, medium and large, but you can further customize them if needed.

The Siemens CT636LE is also equipped with a built-in milk frother so you can make a variety of different coffee drinks. In addition to the built-in milk frother, the machine comes with AutoMilk-Clean, ensuring that the milk frother is cleaned after use.

Machine with all the features one needs

According to consumers, the Siemens CT636LE comes with ‘all the features you need’. 

They further write that the model ‘does not disappoint as it exceeds all expectations’.

Also, users mention that the Siemens CT636LE comes in a ‘beautiful’ design to fit most kitchens.

Furthermore, another consumer mentions that with Siemens CT636LE, you have the opportunity to make several types of coffee drinks, so that ‘you can brew exactly the coffee you like best’. 

The daily maintenance can also be done ‘easily and quickly’ as it is equipped with a self-cleaning function.

Finally, consumers love the AromaDoubleShot feature, which delivers an ‘amazing aroma’ with its two brewing and painting processes. 

The processes ensure that there is no bitter aftertaste as not many bitter substances are released.

Easy to use

With Siemens CT636LE, you get a machine that is easy to use. It is equipped with a OneTouch function. 

This feature allows you to brew coffee with just a single touch, whether you want a ristretto, espresso, black coffee, cappuccino, or entirely.

If you need to brew two cups of coffee at once, use the OneTouch DoubleCup feature.

The machine is further provided with a coffee grinder which ensures that the milling duration is automatically adjusted to the coffee beans. 

This ensures that you get the coffee strength you want.

It is also possible to adjust the degree of grinding according to the type of coffee. It is furthermore equipped with a heating system which ensures a constant and even brewing temperature.

As consumers mention, the Siemens CT636LE is a clean-friendly model as it comes with a cleaning and descaling program. 

These programs cleanse the model after each brew, so you do not have to spend a lot of time maintaining it.

Specifications for Siemens CT636LE

  • in height: 44.9 centimeters
  • Built-: 55.8 centimeters
  • Mounting depth: 35.6 centimeters
  • Weight: 20.14 kg
star 4

Specifications of Siemens CT636LE  – key information:

  • Type: Fully automatic
    coffee machine
  • Capacity: 2.4 liters
  • Coffee bean container capacity: 500 grams
  • Engine power: 1600 Watt
  • Milk foam: Yes
  • Pressure: 19 bar
  • Voltage: 220-240 V

Selected advantages of Siemens CT636LE:

  • Fully automatic machine
  • Brew coffee with just a touch
  • Choose from several different types of coffee
  • Easy to clean
  • With milk frother and coffee grinder

Smeg CMS6451X

Smeg CMS6451X

Smeg CMS6451X is a built-in coffee machine from Smeg’s iClassic line. 

As the machine is a built-in model, it is important to check the dimensions before purchasing, as it must be integrated into a kitchen cabinet.

With the Smeg CMS6451X, you get a model that comes in stainless steel in an elegant and stylish design. 

The machine has a 1.8-litre water tank and a bean container that can hold 220 grams.

Model with multiple customization options

Smeg CMS6451X is a fully automatic coffee machine that brews coffee without doing a lot of work yourself. 

Even though it is a fully automatic machine, it still comes with several customization options.

On the coffee machine, among other things, you can choose the intensity of the coffee taste as well as the temperature of the coffee. 

It is, therefore, possible to brew a cup of coffee that you like best.

The Smeg CMS6451X is also equipped with an automatic on and off function where you can set the machine to turn on and off as needed.

Easy to operate

With the Smeg CMS6451X, you get a coffee machine that is easy to operate. It is equipped with a display, knobs and ordinary buttons. 

Here you have the opportunity to find the different functions and settings of the coffee machine and see what it is already doing.

The Smeg CMS6451X comes with several features so that you can make your favourite coffee. These features include Regular, Hot Water, Steam, Double Coffee and Ground Coffee. 

With the Hot Water function you can, for example, make hot water for tea.

The coffee machine is further provided with a separate milk frother as well as a coffee grinder. 

While milk froths can be used to make cappuccino, it is possible to set the beans’ grinding rate with the coffee grinder.

Coffee machine with cleaning programs and lights

The Smeg CMS6451X is equipped with cleaning programs for cleaning and descaling the machine for easier maintenance. 

The coffee machine also comes with an indicator for descaling and a pre-filled coffee grounds container, so that you are notified when this should be done.

Thanks to the machine’s two lights, you also get a good overview of the coffee machine, so you are sure that the cup is placed correctly.

Finally, the coffee machine is equipped with a function that allows two cups of coffee to be prepared at the same time.

Specifications for Smeg CMS6451X

  • Installation height: 45 centimeters
  • Installation width: 56 centimeters
  • Installation depth: 55 centimeters
  • Weight: 23 kg
star 45

Specifications for Smeg CMS6451X  – key information:

  • ype: Fully automatic
    coffee machine
  • Capacity: 1.8 liter
  • Coffee bean container capacity: 220 grams
  • Engine power: 1350 Watt
  • Milk foam: Yes
  • Pressure: 15 bar
  • Voltage: 220-240 V

Featured advantages of Smeg CMS6451X:

  • Can brew two cups of coffee at the same time
  • Possibility of making cappuccino
  • Good overview due to the light
  • With programs for descaling and cleaning
    til More customization options

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy these coffee machines?

I always recommend using Amazing, as they offer a safe& easy shopping service. You can find info on their build in coffee machines here.

Which built-in coffee machines have the best ratings?

Bosch CTL636E and Siemens CT636LE

How are the built-in coffee machines tested?

The built-in coffee machines are tested based on ease of use, including filling, fine-tuning settings, and cleaning. 

Furthermore, the brewed espresso’s quality is evaluated, as well as the temperature and uniformity if several cups are brewed one after the other. 

The machines’ ability to skim milk is also tested. 

Finally, they are assessed on their energy consumption.

How do I choose the right machine?

Start by figuring out what type of coffee maker will meet your needs. 

There are generally 5 types of coffee machines: coffee machine with filter, semi-automatic espresso machine, automatic espresso machine, fully automatic espresso machine and capsule coffee machine. 

Next, consider things like features, size, ease of use and price.

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