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The Truth Behind Bulletproof Coffee

bulletproof coffee

Coffee with butter may sound nasty. The name of this combination is ‘bulletproof coffee’ and it is a relatively new phenomenon in coffee drinks. According to researchers, the drink can provide a stable blood sugar for a long time and help with more mental clarity. Some also think it tastes better than the most delicious caffe latte.

Too early … Yawn … A long to-do list needs to be cleared before the day is over. Shortcut to energy is wanted NOW! The answer may be a bulletproof coffee, which is a tasty way to add at least ten points to your IQ and give you more energy for today’s tasks. I will now be serving you some relevant knowledge about a full-fat coffee beverage trend, which within a number of years is likely to gaining popularity across the world.

 Bulletproof coffee (often abbreviated as BPC) is, in short, a coffee drink that contains butter and coconut oil. Supporters say the coffee provides long-lasting saturation and a boost to stay focused. The recipe is simple: Make a cup of strong coffee (of good freshly ground beans) and blend it with unsalted butter and coconut oil (preferably MTC oil). Recipe follows at the bottom of this article .
Drink… Now the busy day may arrive!

Related to diet wave
The drink comes from the US, and the trend is led by entrepreneur and health guru David Asprey. He was led on the trail by the drink when he was on a mountain climb in Tibet. After tasting tea with yak butter, which gave him a special energy boost, he recreated a beverage with similar effect – just in a more western version: coffee blended with butter and a special kind of oil named MCT. David Asprey also says in interviews that in his daily life he was tired of the effects of coffee first quickening him up and then quickly gearing him down again – even several times a day. He lacked a constant sense of well-being and energy. The solution to avoid these fluctuations was to mix coffee with a proper dose of fat and drink it from the morning.

Bulletproof coffee is linked to the low-carb, high-fat diet wave – shortened to LCHF – a diet that is in many ways reminiscent of the well-known ‘Keto diet’.
Some scientists believe that we thrive better when we get a great deal of our energy from fat. Instead of getting an elevated blood sugar that carbohydrates from starch will provide, butter and oil will provide a stable blood sugar throughout the day, and that equals less hunger and more mental clarity.

keto coffee

Can bulletproof coffee provide a stronger body and a better brain? 

We have been drinking the coffee for a while and here we express our honest opinion.

A few years ago, I first came up with the idea of ​​bulletproof coffee or Keto coffee , which of course it is called in diet circles.

Pour some butter into your coffee, gain supernatural abilities, add at least ten points to your IQ, get a washboard and extra energy. Somewhat like that, the drink was presented in most places on the web.

The drink is also often referred to as ‘coffee with butter’ in this country, although it is a bit of a simplification.

A LCHF drink

Entrepreneur and health guru David Asprey is the best known advocate for bulletproof coffee. Allegedly, he was led on the trail by the drink as he was mountaineering in Tibet. After tasting tea with yak butter, he recreated a beverage with similar effect. Just in a more western version: Coffee blended with butter and a special kind of oil named MCT.

According to David Asprey, a proper dose of fat from the morning hours provides a lot of beneficial effects.

In these times when palaeo diet has become mainstream, more and more people have begun to cultivate a special variant under the name ‘low carb, high fat’ – mostly abbreviated LCHF.

The theory is that we humans are made to eat large amounts of fat and far less starch (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes) than we do today. There are about a trillion blogs that can explain the details better than this one, but supposedly we thrive when we get a lot of our energy from fat. Instead of getting an elevated blood sugar that carbohydrates from starch will provide, a solid dose of butter and oil will provide a stable blood sugar throughout the day. 

It gives less hunger, more mental clarity and generally just brings a sea of ​​positive things. There is probably something about the talk since the established medicine has started to use this kind of diet to treat epilepsy. 

Butter is healthy

The official recommendations for bulletproof coffee are blending two cups of morning coffee with approximately 30 grams of MCT oil (MCT fat) and 30 grams of unsalted, organic butter.

Butter is healthier than we think it is – most scientists now agree. MCT oil is a concentrated version of the particularly healthy medium-long fatty acids that the brain can burn directly as energy.

According to Asprey and his followers, coffee with butter and oil can completely replace breakfast. For most of us, replacing oatmeal with large amounts of liquid fat may sound like a relatively bizarre form of self-pain. But after a few days of getting used to it is not so bad. I would even go so far as to say that after a week you definitely don’t miss your breakfast. On the contrary.

Coffee with butter – experience

My own experience has been that bulletproof coffee definitely provides increased energy compared to breakfast

After starting to drink the coffee each morning, I suddenly noticed how my breakfast colleagues often went and were snack-hungry already around 10-11am and seemed unfocused. I even started having my most productive hours in the morning from lunch. And here we are talking about a declared b-man.

Another effect that is often highlighted as a positive thing about bulletproof coffee is weight loss. This writer even experienced the best six-pack form since 9th grade at after-school morning gym just after drinking bulletproof coffee for three months. In general, weight loss is about eating less and healthier, but of course, skipping a meal on the total calorie account helps.

With bulletproof coffee it also suddenly becomes much easier to work out on an empty stomach, which many ‘intermittent fasting’ gurus these days highlight, as one of the best things to do if you want to get maximum benefit from your training.

Bulletproof coffee with butter plays max

What sounds disgusting and weak on paper actually tastes pretty good in reality. Most gastrophilic types know that it emphasizes the taste of adding butter to food, and the same goes for coffee (but unsalted butter, for god’s sake!).

We have previously criticized caffe latte drinkers here on the blog and acknowledge that many of the same objections can be directed to butter coffee. Still, we believe there is a substantial difference. Caffe latte is 90s-like and unhealthy, while bulletproof coffee gives you a good, crisp morning. At the same time, it is a phenomenon that is still on the rise. And let’s be honest – that’s really what we hipsters are most interested in.

Summary: Tighten the top hat firmly and prepare for a strong caffeine rush from your full fat morning cup. You have our blessing!

The original hipster certified recipe

  • Unsalted butter, 30 grams
  • Bulletproof MCT oil , 20-30 grams – all depending on hunger from the morning.
  • Two cups of good dark roasted coffee, about 38 grams.
  • Filter or espresso jug to brew in (stay away from plunger jars – fine grumble and butter are not best friends)
  • Patience to explain to your unhappy colleagues about the phenomenon.

keto coffee recipe

Keto coffee review.

Keto coffee, or Bulletproof coffee, is a must for many who are on the cure to stay in Ketose.
In my keto coffee review, I will go into how it works and tastes.

Keto coffee does it work? The short answer is YES.
Some of the benefits of this drink come here.
First, and as already mentioned, it helps people stay in ketosis.
Here, the body burns its deposits of fat.
So it gives a higher fat burn.
At the same time, the intake of fat gives a higher energy, so you can see this drink as an energy boost.
This in turn gives a higher burn as you are probably moving more.

My own Keto Coffee experience is that I do not feel hunger the same way.
With a single cup, in the morning, I don’t need anything until dinner.
This is where my last meal was the dinner the day before.
That way I can stick to two meals a day.
I know some people drink more than one cup of keto coffee a day, but for me personally that’s enough.

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