The History Of The Espresso

The history of the espresso

What is Espresso Coffee?

Espresso coffee is not a roasting or type of coffee bean , but instead the method of making the coffee. We also know it in the cafes as an espresso shot. Generally speaking, this coffee drink is slightly thicker than regular black coffee, brewed with filter. Although this method is more concentrated, one of the shots you can order at a cafe does not contain more caffeine than a cup of coffee.

A cup of Italian espresso has been epitomized by Italy and Italian vibe, but where does it really come from and how did it originate?
It was an Italian owner of a grocery store which is believed to be the person who can name the original and first cup of espresso. Luigi Bezzera, was named the business owner who can take credit for inventing what we know today as espresso.

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Bezzera’s business went awry and it was busy, so he needed to find a way to make his daily coffee faster. He thought that if he could increase the pressure in the brewing process itself, the coffee would be finished faster and thus reduce the cooking time. This was the basis for the espresso machine. The idea of ​​the quick cup of coffee turned out to be better than Bezzera himself had imagined. The coffee had a fuller and stronger flavor like strong coffee, and in procurement it was a significantly faster process. He also found that his quick brewing got more power and flavor out of the coffee beans, compared to the earlier slower process where the taste lost some of the flavor along the way. So this quick form of coffee brewing was quickly nicknamed “Espresso” which in Italian means fast. An espresso is served in small cups to get the best taste out of the coffee, and is drunk by Italians in a few quick mouths.

It was not until many years later that the new espresso machine became widely used and quickly became popular. This happened when Desidero Pavoni bought the copyright to the sepresso machine from Luigi Bezzera. Pavoni saw opportunities in the smart coffee machine and understood how to market the machine in the right way and not least the right time. The espresso machine helped the coffee-loving Italians to change their habits very quickly and today cannot do without their daily espresso intake.

Historical Milestones for Espresso:

1903 Desiderio Pavoni buys Luigi Bezzara’s patent on his espresso machine and enters the market with this new machine.

1905 The company Pavoni begins producing the espresso machine, based on Bezzera’s patent.

1927 The first espresso machine to occupy the United States, it happened at the Regio’s restaurant in New York.

1938 The company Cremonesi designs a pump that forces the hot water through the coffee, this pump is installed on Achille Gaggia’s coffee shop.

1946 The Gaggia family business commercializes the new pump for the espresso machine. The pump creates a thin layer of cream on top of the coffee.

Today there are numerous variants of the espresso machine, and one of the popular espresso machines that has occupied many private homes is the coffee machines with the small coffee pods, such as Nespresso and others. Among other things, these machines can easily make espresso, cappuccino or caffe latte. The reason must be that a real espresso machine can quickly run up to several thousand dollars, and the small, practical coffee pads machines can easily be accommodated in a family budget.

Personally i would never even consider buying such a machine, but each their own 😉

They are simple, and they work. For a busy family, that needs to consider every single minute of each hour, i think its a more than decent solution. However if we are looking at “decent solutions” then i suggest buying a Moccamaster.

But, lets be real.. The joy of making a cup of espresso with one of those machines is kind of non-existing, and Bezzera (that invented the espresso) would turn over in his grave if he realized how his invention is being abused by various coffee pod machines.

The charm is simply gone.. I think i can only compare it with buying your wife plastic flowers..You just wouldn’t do that..