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A wise man once said, “To travel is to live”.

But it’s like that saying is wrong when you’re a coffee lover. When I travel, it often means I have to buy my coffee at an airport, or on the highway.

It is more a rule than an exception that the coffee I buy is brewed on low-quality coffee beans, brewed on a giant industrial machine, and has been on a hot plate for hours.

So I just rewrote that saying today. “To travel, with good coffee, is to live”. Done. Then it is right.

And so that my updated saying doesn’t stand alone, I’ve put together a list of the best coffee brewers you can take on your journey, so it’s easy for you to travel, with good coffee.

Finding the best coffee makers for travel can be a hassle so this article should be a big help.

Camp Coffee

Alright, no more time to waste… let’s check out my favorite options when it comes to going on trips and needing some great coffee.

Photo Title Buy
Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker Pack with 350 Additional Filters, Brews 1 to 3 Cups, Gray
Hario V60 Pour Over Starter Set with Dripper, Glass Server, Scoop and Filters, Size 02, Brown
Hario V60 Glass Hot and Iced Coffee Maker, 700ml, Clear
ESPRO P0 Ultralight French Press - Double Walled Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Coffee and Tea Maker, 16 Ounce, Matte Meteorite Black

Espro Travel Press

Espro Travel Press

I love using my regular Bodum plunger jug ​​at home. It gives me a good amount of coffee – light and simple. 

But the idea of ​​bringing a regular jug ​​on the journey is nerve-wracking. Such a glass jug cannot possibly last long in the boot.

Espro Travel Press is a piston jug and thermocouple in one. Without compromising the quality or functionality of some of the parts. 

The French press is better than most regular plungers, and the thermocouple is better than many other thermocouples.

Espro Travel Press uses the same technology as the regular Espro piston jugs and delivers unmatched results.

It has a patented dual filter system where both filters are up to 12 times finer than other piston jugs on the market. That means no leftover coffee grounds and lots of flavors!

You can find the best prices on the Espro Travel Press, on Amazon here.

AeroPress Coffee Maker

aeropress camping coffee maker

I feel like one of the smart sellers from the TV shop when I show how this smart plastic gadget works. 

For those, I show the AeroPress, responds almost as violently as a TV shop audience does. Just more “Wow” and “Aaargh”. And of course, a little “Mmmm” when they taste the result.

I imagine everyone who has an AeroPress at home and shows it to friends and acquaintances gets the same reaction.

The reason people react so positively to it is that you can make a fantastic cup of coffee, light and simple, without the use of electricity. You only need boiling water and ground coffee. 

At the same time, the spirit guard is easy to clean. It’s true that when you brew coffee with an AeroPress, you push through a plunger that leaves the rest of the coffee maker completely clean. 

The only place you need to clean it is at the end. And you can easily do this by hand, under a little running water.

If you pass a good coffee shop on your trip, chances are you’ll see them using AeroPress for their hand-brewed coffee. It is used in renowned coffee shops, such as La Cabra in Aarhus, The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, and many other coffee shops worldwide.

AeroPress can brew the same good cup of coffee after another. Or you can vary. It can brew a light, refreshing cup of coffee or a more intense and deep coffee. You decide.

If you’re interested in the Aeropress Coffee Maker, you can find it on Amazon right here.

Hario 1-cup V60 Coffee

I love using my Hario coffee maker at home. It brews amazing filter coffee that no coffee maker comes close to. 

But at home, of course, I upgraded with a nice ceramic Hario V60 coffee funnel. 

It’s just not that handy to take on the trip. That’s why I also have a Hario 1-cup V60 plastic coffee funnel.

Along with knowing about the best coffee makers for travel, you should also know about its accessories.

The plastic coffee hopper can be easily packed, along with the rest of the boot, without the risk of it breaking. 

It does not weigh a stick, is hard to beat, does not cost the world, and then you can brew directly into your cup. 

When you sit by the fire and boil some water, you have to grind coffee beans, put them in a filter, and then it doesn’t take many minutes before you sit with a cup of delicious coffee in your hand and look at the stars.

If you are into this little gem, you can find it, on Amazon right here, and the Ceramic version right here.

These small coffee gadgets, are actually super important if you are on the road or traveling a lot. I never knew how important until one day I forgot mine on a camping trip and was dying for a hot cup of coffee.

This concludes my picks for the best coffee makers for travel. I hope you find the coffee maker that best suits your taste and your journey.

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