Small Guide To Chemex Coffee
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Small Guide To Chemex Coffee

Small Guide To Chemex Coffee

In this article, I will go over the Chemex coffee maker. It’s a fun, interesting way to make coffee, and I think you enjoy the recipe you will get in this, albeit, short article…

One of my favourite brewing methods is definitely the Chemex coffee maker.

In addition to the wonderful coffee, the design gives me a smile on my face every time.

I absolutely love the almost laboratory-like glass flask in which the coffee is brewed directly, and at the same time can elegantly serve the coffee.

The coffee beans must be ground on a good grinder.

It can e.g. be on a  Hario grinder, which relatively easily grinds the amount of coffee I need, albeit by hand.

For a few cups of coffee you will need

15-16 grams coarsely ground coffee
200 grams (preferably lime-free) water, 93 degrees Brewing


2 minutes

I use a good weight to both weigh the coffee on, as well as to brew on.

Weights are available in different types and price ranges; however, it is advantageous to use a built-in timer scale.

I do so. Place the filter in the jug and rinse with the almost boiling water from the kettle, directly into the glass jug, thus heated up, and the filter is cleaned of any—chlorine residues. The water in the jug is poured out.

The jug with filter is placed on the scale; the scale is reset. I now weigh 15-16 grams of coarsely ground coffee and pour into the filter.

Now I pour in a thin jet approx. 30 grams of water on the coffee while I have started the timer, and now I let the coffee bloom until the timer stands at 30 sec, and now I pour another 70 grams of water (at 50 sec) quietly in circular motions, and I take a break from time to time until I end up at approx. 215-216 grams of finished coffee, the whole session lasts approx. 2 minutes.

This is a good basic recipe, but you can make your own brewing profiles, depending on the coffee beans.


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