eq9 with plants
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In this article, I will go over the various features, of this fully amazing espresso machine – the Siemens EQ.9 Connect.

Please give it a read; I think you will enjoy it.

“When you read the headline you don’t really know what I`m testing here, do you? It’s actually “just” a coffee/espresso machine, but a special one of sorts! It has besides that everything you also expect the possibility of Wi-Fi…

That kind of gadget and extra lyric I think is crazy & perfect. Whether they actually serve a purpose is almost inferior. 

It is a bit like when other men fill their workshop and shed with tools that are never used – it’s just great to have it lying down! 

Similarly, one can also wonder about Wi-Fi in a coffee maker, but there is actually meaning to the madness.

If you are looking for a solid, high-quality coffee maker, that will stand the test of time; this is a great option. I firmly believe this is a great investment. You can buy it HERE on Amazon if you are in a hurry 🙂

Appearance and first impressions

“Wow what a beast! But it actually stands pretty well on the table ” I think after I sat it on the table. 

It is a plug and plays and shortly after a small setup where I create my own profile, background and personal settings, we are running. 

So far, so good. Then Wi-Fi needs to be connected – I’m a tool with these kinds of things, but actually, it’s more or less idiot-safe. I breathe easy! Then you can connect to the machine via “Siemens Home Connect”. 

Then you can control the machine no matter where you are. Hand on heart I didn’t think I would use it, but I actually do.

There are many options and 6 basic choices for your coffee – ristretto, espresso, espresso macchiato, cafe cream, cafe late – then you can choose: strength, size in ml, intensity and even degrees. 

You can adjust the height to fit the individual cup. You have the opportunity to make a double shot where it grinds two rounds of beans and gives a solid cup. 

In short – there is not an option or option that is not thought of.

Siemens EQ.9 Connect has an industrial and professional look that fits better in the office than in most homes. 

The milk tank on the left is easy to put on and off and is cleaned by the machine after use. To the right is the water tank, which is also easy to take off and on. 

At the top are two separate chambers for beans of 250 g each.

I look at espresso machines that extend beyond use in private homes and, for example, can be used in a smaller office community.

It can Siemens EQ.9 Connect.

Behind the not-so-humble name is a little monster of a coffee maker, and “Connect” means you can connect to it via an app.

While it may sound tempting to turn the machine off the bed or on the road to work, it is not a crucial feature – but the app does something else that’s smart. More on that later.

Easy to set up and use

EQ.9 is easy to set up and connect to wi-fi. 

When done, you can connect via the app, thereby brewing a cup of coffee without getting up from the chair – or turning on the machine remotely.

But since the machine is cleaned and sends out dirty water when turned on, the latter does not have a big point. EQ.9 is, even so, quick to start that it can’t answer. And in the same way, you have to have a cup ready to brew coffee from the app.

The app comes into its own when you want a coffee cup that the machine does not already know. 

For example, if you want a flat white, you can load it on the machine via the app and then remember it for future use. It’s smart – and has been used in the test here.

However, from the start, the most common coffee drinks are programmed on the machine. Espresso, americano, cappuccino, macchiato, latte, etc. are all to be found, and the ones you should miss can be downloaded through the app.

If you want to turn on the amount of water, coffee or milk, you can also control it yourself.

It is great to have so many options for getting right with the coffee, it is intuitive and easy to adjust the quantities, and since there are up to eight different user profiles, the machine can even control who wants the coffee how.

You get your very own house barista who never forgets how you want your cortado.

eq9 profile

Quality and design

Although it is monster large, it looked brilliant despite 2 chambers for beans, and even two grinders saw the beans not mixed, a giant water tank and drip tray, it actually filled less than what I would expect. It consists of hardened plastic and aluminium, so it should hold.

Lots of water and beans

The first impression on EQ.9 is that the design is probably not for everyone.

It is sharply marked in aluminium and plastic. It seems sturdy, but the lack of soft edges is probably better at work than at home.

The large water tank on the right side of the machine holds a full two litres and is very easy to fill and put on.

On top are placed two bean containers of 250 g each. This is positive, both because you do not have to fill coffee so often. It allows you to use different beans – for example, if you want to switch between espresso and americano or decaffeinated and ordinary coffee.

Drip tray and container for used beans are easy to pull out and empty, and overall EQ.9 seems well thought out and robust.

eq9 cups

The test

Can it make coffee? Yes
Can it make espresso? Yes
Can it make hot milk? Yes

Of course, it can make coffee, latte, espresso, cappuccino and everything else and it works. I would almost venture the claim that even a Hipster Barista could invest when he retires from his profession.

It can be adjusted in all possible ways, degrees, ml, the hardness, flow and strength of the water – in fact, there is no excuse for not making a good and delicious cup here.

eq9 with plants

EQ.9 Connect is robust and seems very intuitive when used. The touch screen exemplifies this nicely, because finding the desired coffee and adjusting the amount of water, coffee, and milk is so easy that it requires no introduction. 

The beans

If you choose to invest in a monster like this, then there is no excuse not to buy good beans.

Otherwise, it is a little like buying a Tesla and saving on power – get it?

I have used various types and brands in the past – Depending on your location. Usually, it`s easy to buy eminent beans from a local roastery that are roasted differently, and for the savvy coffee drinker, they taste wildly different.

If you are either lazy, busy or don`t want to pay tons of money for your beans, you can often find delicious beans on Amazon. Click here to check them out.

I often say it doesn’t make much sense testing the kind of machine I want to start off mentioning costs approximately $ USD1000.

Here it makes much more sense to look at the features and all the extras you get. 

It has a “Senso Flow system” that allows it to have a constant brewing temperature every time. I made coffee on the approx. 300 times a measured number – the temperature is almost the same every time – a few degrees differ, and this could actually be due to the cup’s heat before it is used.

It has two containers that allow you to have just coffee beans and espresso beans simultaneously – you print which one you want. 

It has a cup heater at the top and a massive water tank, which is a huge plus! I hate filling it all the time.

temperature eq9

Another thing that really makes me happy is that it has so many sensors that it tells you if there are too few beans to make the cup you want.

So you don’t “waste” a cup of coffee by grinding the ones that are just ready and then end up making half a thin cup of coffee. Good thinking!

Beans are further in the airtight chamber, so they keep the freshness longer, and so it does not actually noise much when it grinds.

Coffee World and Wi-Fi

I have been around this part a bit in the introduction, but I will elaborate a bit.

The Wi-Fi part is reasonably easy to get started, it must first connect to your home network, where you can install the app “Home Connect”, which, however, required a little kind. 

It will not accept creation unless you are on the same network as the machine – a little strange, but my very patient friend, an IT consultant, did it. 

It may be written, so I take the blame. You can then turn on the coffee machine from your phone and ask it to make coffee. Now the error is coming! The machine “rinses” with water before brewing, so if you are smart and have set a mug to get coffee from a distance, then the coffee will be mixed with the “wastewater” and so it does not pose, a design flaw.

blackeye eq9

However, with the app you get access to “Coffee World” which is quite blistered, there is the opportunity to make coffee from all over the world, e.g. “Red Eye” or “Caffe con Leche” if you are into Spanish. I tried the “Black Eye” which is hardcore, one shot of coffee and two espresso shots!


The drip tray can be put in the dishwasher and the same goes for the milk container. Otherwise, washing is easy. It should have some cleaning once in a while, especially if you do not use lime-free water. It is hard to get around and completely fair – it must also keep running.

Thanks for the coffee

The coffee tastes good on EQ.9, and it comes in the right temperature with astonishing little noise from the grinder.

I personally am not a big fan of milk-based coffee drinks, but my consumption has increased significantly by the time EQ.9 has been in the house.

Both hot milk and milk foam sit right in the cupboard every time, and it is straightforward when you have to remember to fill and empty the included milk container, which is cleaned by the machine after use.

As mentioned initially, EQ.9 has been tested for use in a smaller office community where it makes sense to program eight different users. 

Even then, the suggested price is a bit hefty. 

If we forget the price tag, then there are only high words of praise, although I was forced to be critical, there is nothing besides the slightly weird mistake of actually not being able to make coffee from a distance and it is a bit of a shame.

Otherwise, it is the machine that you initially find a little obscure, but after sometimes you start to love the many features. 

It is not Nespresso’s universe with “Capsule and push of one button” – it is more in some semi-barista style here. 

You can fine-tune everything and make the coffee exactly as you like. You can use beans as you wish, and they are ground to perfection. Overall, it is tough to come up with anything negative here. 

The only thing is actually the “Siemens Home Connect” app which was somewhat difficult to get started; it’s a bit of a shame because it removes the bit of desire. 

Now I was very insistent, and eventually, I succeed.

You can find this amazing coffee machine on Amazon right here. Amazon usually has some of the lowest prices.

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