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Salt in your coffee and 4 bonus coffee tricks!

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Salt In Your Coffee And 4 Bonus Coffee Tricks!

Here is the solution to a classic problem when drinking coffee.

Coffee and sugar go hand in hand, and now you may think I am crazy to suggest this, but a pinch of salt in the hot beverage can do wonders for your coffee. 

Read why, and get four other tricks for your coffee. 

See more in the video below.

1. Make milk foam in a microwave

You do not need a special whisk or milk steamer to make foam for your coffee. Put milk in a container, e.g. a jam, and shake it until the milk foams. 

Then heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds. 

The heat makes the foam stable so that it does not collapse immediately. 

Use a spoon to spoon the foam on top of your coffee.

2. Get salt in the coffee

If the water was too hot when you poured it over the beans, or if you pressed down too late, the coffee becomes bitter and for some almost undrinkable. 

Fortunately, that is advice. Add a pinch of salt, not too much, and voila: the bitterness disappears.

3. Freeze your coffee

Do you love ice coffee and do you also think it is annoying that it becomes more and more water as the ice cubes in it turn into water? 

The trick is to make ice cubes of coffee. That way, your ice coffee will continue to be just as strong, even though the ice cubes are melting.

4. Make your own to-go coffee

Put some coffee powder in a coffee filter, close the filter around the coffee and bind, for example. A piece of meat string around it so that the small package does not open. 

Now you have a smart to-go coffee. You put the small coffee pack into a cup and pour water over. 

Exactly, like when you make tea with a tea letter.

5. Make a coffee

Decorate your coffee before serving using a stencil, i.e. a small template you make in cardboard yourself. 

Cut or cut a pattern into the cardboard, hold the template over the coffee and then sprinkle with cinnamon, cocoa or nutmeg as you wish.

Watch the video with the smart coffee tricks here.

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