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Sage Oracle Espresso Machine Review

Sage Oracle Overview

Sage Oracle

I have looked at the 12 best espresso machines (personal preference!), and Sage The Oracle is one of them.

This is mainly due to the fact that this model produces really tasty coffee, and the quality of the coffee in Sage The Oracle is absolutely excellent and of a special class, and with this model, you truly are in the “coffee heaven”.

  • Recommended by British newspaper
    4.5 stars out of 5 on the test page
    4.5 stars out of 5 on the technology site
    8 stars out of 10 at the technology magazine
  • My personal review is 9 out of 10.

About the Sage The Oracle

This AMAZING espresso machine can be yours. Available on Amazon.

I have no words how much I love it. Great machine. Recommend it to anyone!

star 45
Build Quality
Value for money

Expensive model but great control

Sage BES980 Oracle 1

Sage The Oracle offers a very  high degree of control, so that the consumer can always adjust the coffee as needed, and this is especially true in the milk frother, where you can get the foam as you wish.

We are so pleased with Sage The Oracle that the only real drawbacks to Sage The Oracle in our eyes are the price and the physical size of the model, both of which are towards the very high end.

Also, the price is very high for an espresso machine intended for use by the general consumer – And that Sage The Oracle really fills a lot, and maybe too much, and some experts say it’s somewhat clumsily built. I strongly disagree on that point, but i guess there is no judging for style.

However, in addition to being able to produce a really tasty cup of coffee, it is a great advantage that you have as much control over brewing and can make as many adjustments and adjustments as you can can – and Sage The Oracle truly brings out the inner home barista in one.

Sage The Oracle  is really good at taking one in hand and guiding one to get the most out of the model, and generally it is difficult to find major flaws in this model. 

Sage BES980 Oracle

Sage BES980 The Oracle is one of the two Sage The Oracle models available.

This is a very special type of model, which is a mixture between an automatic and a manual espresso machine.

Sage BES980 The Oracle is a kind of hybrid, which gives both a high degree of manual freedom and at the same time is also able to make many choices for the consumer.

This espresso machine is also a large model that fills a lot, and then it has a professional look in a steel grey colour with the control panel seated at the top and the brewing takes place at the bottom.


Model with triple heating system

Sage BES980 The Oracle can serve both dark espresso or coffee varieties with milk – and it does so quickly because it takes less than a minute and a half to get its coffee.

This model operates with a double boiler, which has a triple heating system, and the so-called PID heating technology keeps the water temperature constant, which gives the best result in the coffee experience.

Since the Sage BES980, The Oracle has a dual boiler, the model can brew coffee and skim milk simultaneously without any delays – this is also one of the reasons why this is a fast-brewing espresso machine.

brevilleoracle 1 9

With coffee grinder with 45 settings

This espresso machine comes with all the equipment you need to feel like a true barista, which is the model’s purpose.

Whole beans should be used to get the freshest coffee, and a 280-gram bean container is available on Sage BES980 The Oracle, designed to hold the beans’ aroma and moisture.

When brewing coffee, the built-in coffee grinder makes the beans grind, and you have great freedom here, as the grinder has a total of 45 settings – thus you can decide how coarse or fine the beans should be ground.

brevilleoracle 1 10

Adjustable milk foam

In addition to the adjustable coffee grinder, Sage BES980 The Oracle also comes with an adjustable milk frother, which allows you to get coffee variants with milk – for example latte, cappuccino or macchiato.

Since the milk frother is adjustable, you can adjust both the temperature and the thickness of the foam so that you can get the foam suitable for each coffee type.

In addition, Sage BES980 The Oracle also comes with the ability to be programmed in relation to water hardness, and you control Sage BES980 The Oracle on the front, where both displays and buttons are available.

brevilleoracle 1 7
star 45

Featured Benefits of Sage BES980 The Oracle:

  • Hybrid Between a Manual and Automatic
  • Espresso Machine Triple Heating System
  • Double Boiler
  • Modern Heat Management
  • Coffee Grinder with 45 Settings
  • Adjustable Milk Foam

Sage SES990 The Oracle Touch

Sage SES990 The Oracle Touch

Sage SES990 The Oracle Touch is a large espresso machine that can quickly become the focal point of the consumer’s kitchen.

This is a powerful machine with a professional appearance in an industrial design and the color is nice and gray.

The model may look a bit clumsy, but that’s because the model has so many components included.

You control Sage SES990 The Oracle Touch at the top of the control panel – this is a simple and modern touch display (hence the name Sage SES990 The Oracle Touch) with clear and precise guidance, and you control this by “swiping” as you do on his smartphone – and the brewing takes place downstairs.

If you want to learn more about it, and read some reviews, you can do so here on Amazon.

Automatic espresso machine with precise temperature

This model belongs to the semi-automatic espresso machines, which means that the machine can handle many of the tasks for the consumer.

However, Sage SES990 The Oracle Touch is also created for the consumer who wants to bring the barista feel from the coffee shop home in the kitchen, and therefore this model is also equipped with PID temperature control which regulates the water temperature.

The water temperature is essential for brewing a good cup of espresso, and the PID control constantly maintains the ideal brewing temperature – only small deviations of a single degree can make a difference.

brevilleoracle 1 8

Unique brewing method

Sage SES990 The Oracle Touch brews the coffee by maintaining a correct pressure of 15 bar and to fully utilize the aroma of the beans, the model uses a low pressure infusion, which means that two techniques are combined during brewing – alternating between expanding the beans and let the coffee get through them.

This espresso machine also brews by having a slightly higher dosage of grams per cup, which gives a more intense result.

With grinder and milk froth

To deliver both espresso and coffee varieties with milk, Sage SES990 The Oracle Touch also comes with milk froth, which foams milk for eg latte or cappuccino.

The milk frother evaporates the milk, and since Sage SES990 The Oracle Touch has a great focus on creating the ideal vapor pressure, this model will be able to obtain milk foam with the same texture as the coffee shop – soft, thick and filled with a lot of small bubbles.

This model also comes with an integrated coffee grinder, which ensures that freshly ground coffee is always ensured from new beans.

Sage SES990 The Oracle Touch also has a bean container designed to hold the aroma of the beans – its capacity is 280 grams.

star 45

Featured Benefits of Sage SES990 The Oracle Touch:

  • Semi-Automatic Espresso
    Machine Controlled via Touch Screen Display
  • PID Temperature Control
  • Low Pressure Infusion During Brewing
  • Comes With Both Coffee Grinder And Milk Foam

Here you can watch a video presentation of the espresso machine. 

If you want to learn more about the Sage Oracle, and read some reviews, you can do so here on Amazon.

I hope this article helped you deside which espresso machine is best suited for you.

There is many options, and my personal favorite espresso machine, is the Sage Barista Express.

You can read a review of that here:

Sage Barista Review

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