Sage Barista Touch – Expert Review

The Sage Barista Touch Test

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In this article, we focus on Sage Barista Touch, where we introduce the features and specifications of the espresso machine.

Overview of the Espresso Machine Sage Barista Touch 

Sage Barista Touch

4 out of 5 stars at major test magazine
5 out of 5 stars at test magazine
72 out of 100 points at British magazine Good Housekeeping Institute
Recommended by US technical magazine
Recommended by the English newspaper The Independent

Sage Barista Touch has been tested and reviewed by me as well, and I am very impressed with this model. Therefore, all expert sources have given the espresso machine a good rating.

While I believe that the espresso machine is simple to use, I have to mention that it is an advantage that the milk frother is really good quality, and that you have the opportunity to choose between multiple adjustment options.

There are not really any disadvantages on the Sage Barista Touch. However, I did note that the model is relatively expensive, which will limit the people that has the option to get the machine.

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Build Quality 97%
Value for money 98%
Price 96%

Easy to use espresso machine

Sage Barista Touch is a fully automatic espresso machine that handles all the work based on the selected settings. The machine is manufactured in a raw and stylish design, which makes it easy to stand on the kitchen table. The model itself is relatively large and comes with a water tank that can hold up to 2 liters.

In addition, Sage Barista Touch is equipped with the Thermo Jet technology, which ensures that the coffee is not only brewed quickly, but also that it is brewed at a constant and precise temperature.

Sage Barista Touch is also a simple espresso machine that is easy to get started, even if it comes with 18 different settings. The model is very easy to use, and it is easy to understand and equipped with a user-friendly touch screen.

This touch screen is located at the top of the machine, where you can choose from preset drinks such as americano, espresso, cappuccino, latte and flat white.

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Ability to customize your coffee

With Sage Barista Touch you get an espresso machine where you can customize and adjust your coffee if you have specific wishes. You can adjust the thickness of the milk foam, the temperature or the coffee strength.

Once you have found a particular way you like your coffee, the Sage Barista Touch is equipped with a memory function so that you can store your own personal coffee. If you want to drink the exact same coffee again, you do not need to adjust all the different settings, as you can simply find the coffee drink by the memory function.

For example, the machine is built to be creative with your coffee. In addition, the espresso machine in a way acts as a form of “teacher” as it helps one to brew the coffee that you like best.

Machine with milk froth and coffee grinder

The Sage Barista Touch is designed to handle many tasks yourself, which is why it is equipped with both a coffee grinder and a milk frother.

The automatic milk frother allows you to set both texture and temperature. You just have to put the milk jug under the steamer and the machine will do the rest. We are excited about the milk frother, which we can only call “fantastic”.

In addition, the built-in coffee grinder comes with various settings that allow you to adjust the dose and paint settings.

Thanks to the espresso machine’s thermocouple, you get instant heating, so you don’t have to wait long for your coffee. This is a big bonus, as you should not “get up early, as the coffee is ready in no time”. Furthermore, the machine comes with a pump pressure of 15 bar.

Selected benefits of Sage Barista Touch:    
Fully automatic model that manages it all
Several different adjustment options
Equipped with Thermo Jet technology
Comes with a memory function
Touch screen equipped with automatic milk frother
Built-in coffee grinder

Here you can see a video review from American “Seattle Coffee Gear” where they discuss the different features of Sage Barista Touch. In the US, Sage is sold under the name Breville, so that’s why the lady in the video calls it Breville Barista Touch:

I hope you liked this article, and it helped you learn more about this amazing coffee machine.

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