In this article, I am going to focus on the Sage Barista Express espresso machine, and based on various experts’ assessments (+ my own as i use this machine daily!) in different tests, I review the model’s capabilities, advantages and disadvantages.

This Sage Barista Express test contains: 

Overview of the Sage Barista Express.

Information about the brand Sage. Guide to how to make the best espresso.

Knowledge about milk foam and how to get the best foam.

Guide for the different types of coffee variants.

Knowledge about why coffee is healthy for the body. 

Sage Barista Express 

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This article centers on the semi-automatic espresso machine Sage Barista Express, and in order to get in depth with this particular model, I have looked at the entire eight experts’ evaluations of the model + my own opinion, as a consumer, and owner of this great espresso machine.

All the experts are generally very positive about the Sage Barista Express, which shows that this is a really well-functioning espresso machine.

If you are into high quality espresso, then you must of course have the ultimate espresso machine for home use.

The Barista Express from Sage is not just the right machine on the quality & mecanical side, it also looks just right. The design is stainless steel and has a lot of buttons and a large mechanical pressure gauge in the middle. So if you want something that makes it look like you know what you’re doing, this is the machine you should choose.

Did I mention that it also makes a great cup of coffee too !?

The built-in grinder on top of the machine has eighteen different settings – only for the roughness. It may be just over the edge as I do not know what to use for eighteen different gravities – but it will be twice as good as nine.

You can manually control all the elements in your brewing of a good espresso process, but if it’s too much for you, then the machine can do it all for you. Even when it needs to be cleaned, it tells you.

If you are one of those looking for a nice and delicious cappuccino, then the machine also manages to make milk foam. There is a 360 degree foam head that is designed to make perfect foam.

The machine is definitely not on the cheap end, so you may need to start saving for next year’s Christmas instead of this year.

Without a doubt, you will be hard-pressed to find a machine better that this. I recommend this machine with all my heart.

You can get it on Amazon.

Build Quality 99%
Value of money 98%
Price 93%

With this Sage espresso machine, you can become your own barista.

The espresso machine comes in a beautiful design and is equipped with many practical features and details that make coffee brewing a breeze.

Integrated grinder: For the best coffee experience, use freshly ground beans. You will definitely notice the difference in the aroma and taste of the coffee. Choose from 18 different settings for the grinder so you can get the coffee to your liking.

Bean container: The airtight bean container has a capacity of 250 grams.

PID temperature control: Digital temperature control provides a consistent water temperature throughout the brewing process.

Detachable water tank: You can easily remove and fill the water tank equipped with an integrated water filter, so nothing gets in the way of your perfect coffee experience.

360 ° foam mouthpiece: Make a thick and rich foam for your cappuccino or latte macchiato with the powerful foam mouthpiece. You can easily adjust it in the perfect direction for the desired texture.

Pressure Gauge: Measure pressure throughout the preparation – you get total control and a unique insight into the process from start to finish.

Control panel: You get full control over the coffee brew, and you can choose your preferred settings. The control panel is also equipped with an indicator to show you when it is time for a cleaning.

Two-in-one: Make coffee for yourself and your partner at once and enjoy the perfect coffee break together.

Heating the cup: Your cup will be preheated so you can enjoy your coffee longer. Behind the drip tray is another board that you can use for all your coffee accessories.

Cleaning: Regular cleaning helps keep your machine level and ensures a perfect taste. You will receive a notification as soon as it is time for a cleaning.

Large and powerful model

Sage Barista Express will be a good choice for the consumer who wants a complete coffee experience in one machine. Sage Barista Express is designed to handle most things, as this is a powerful semi-automatic espresso machine, which has both a nice appearance and comes with many accessories and many features.

On the outside, Sage Barista Express has a very professional design in a beautiful gray color, and this is a big model that is not easy to overlook – Sage Barista Express will clearly awaken the look of every kitchen table – the model is also created to give the experience and feeling of being a barista in your own home.

Focus on temperature

The prerequisite for making a good cup of espresso is the temperature of the water, and therefore Sage Barista Express is equipped with PID temperature control, which is a digital temperature control that ensures that the water temperature is kept constant at all times without fluctuations.

Sage Barista Express has a detachable water tank with a capacity of 2 liters that you just have to fill up, and then the machine takes care of the brewing itself – the water tank is also equipped with its own water filter, which ensures that the taste is good every time. This espresso machine brews at a pressure of 15 bar, which also contributes to the high quality of the espresso.

Comes with own milk frother

With Sage Barista Express you can get a cup of dark espresso or a coffee variant with milk. If you just need an espresso, the model can brew two cups at a time, and if you have to have coffee with milk, you can choose which variety you want – for example latte, cappuccino or macchiato.

The Sage Barista Express is equipped with its own milk foam with a 360 degree foam mouth, and it allows you to get both a thick and velvety milk foam – you can also adjust the angle for a unique fit.

breville barista express 15

Coffee grinder with 18 settings

This model is designed to brew coffee from whole coffee beans, and therefore the model also comes with its own coffee grinder. You simply place the beans in the model’s bean container, which has a capacity of 250 grams. This container is completely airtight, which allows the coffee beans to retain their natural aroma and moisture longer.

After that, you will have the opportunity to grind the beans as you wish, since the Sage Barista Express coffee grinder comes with 18 settings, so the beans can be painted either as fine or coarse as you want.

breville barista express 06

Focus on consumer control

Sage Barista Express is designed to give consumers complete control over coffee brewing, and therefore there is a pressure gauge that allows you to see the measured pressure throughout the brewing.

This model is also equipped with an advanced but easy to understand control panel, where you can control the coffee brewing yourself and choose your own personal settings. There is also a cleaning indicator that tells you when it is time to clean the machine.

If you want to see the Sage Barista Express demonstrated in use, you can watch this YouTube video, which Heston Blumenthal himself tells.

Impressive experts

Sage Barista Express generally impresses the experts with the model’s excellent capabilities and great strength. There is a general consensus that Sage Barista Express is generally a really good – and almost professional – espresso machine.

For example, the experts from the great British engineering magazine write that in their eyes this is a model that raises the level of coffee brewing at home. They call this model a luxury model that looks very nice, and then there are a lot of good little details that show big profits from the manufacturer – for example, the water filter and cup heater on top of the model.

Personally i have to agree with the experts, as the i researched for a long time, both to write this article, and also for my personal favorite espresso machine. I have yet to see anything come close to this machine.

According to, the taste of the coffee is also very good, and especially the light and soft milk foam is emphasized. There are not many disadvantages mentioned by, but they highlight the price as a clear minus, because this is a really expensive espresso machine.

Expensive but Amazing

Precisely the price is one of the aspects that goes back to the experts’ reviews of Sage Barista Express as a clear disadvantage of this model. But it is also highlighted by, among other things that if you want an espresso machine where you have a high degree of manual control, then Sage Barista Express would also be a good choice.

The Test Panel from also agrees that Sage Barista Express produces a really tasty espresso and the milk foam gets a really delicate texture. The coffee experts also agree that Sage Barista Express produces a really good cup of coffee.

For example, the great American coffee geek page writes that Sage Barista Express’s coffee gets a really good taste, and then the model brings out one’s inner barista, and they recommend the model to the home brewer who wants to adjust his coffee a bit.

If you want to be able to change several aspects of coffee brewing, it is recommended that you buy a model with dual builder`s instead. However, there are some choices on the Sage Barista Express, which experts say are more than enough for the regular coffee enthusiast.

Nice and user friendly

The design at Sage Barista Express also gets positive comments along the way. This is also true of the large American technology site, which calls the model “very attractive”.

This being the coffee machine i use daily, i also wants to highlights the well-produced cup of coffee on this model as a clear advantage, and its a very user-friendly model – you just have to learn how to dial in the grinder and make sure your tamping correct, because there are some aspects that you must have in mind, as with any espresso machine.

The cleaning also works very well on Sage Barista Express, for the model is both easy to clean and maintain with daily use.

England’s largest test magazine experts believe that the coffee is smart with everything extra-equipped, but a minus, that the model is difficult to find out to use (I think they forfot to dial in the grinder settings) – and so it is not good for the impatient consumer. The experts at also have a few critical comments on Sage Barista Express, and they also mostly argue that initially it can take a long time to master the barista express settings and use all its smart features. However, they also highlight – like most other experts including my own – that the coffee on the Sage Barista Express is really good and has a rich and tasty aroma. 

Selected advantages of Sage Barista Express:

thumbs up

Large and powerful espresso machine
Digital temperature control during brewing
Can brew both espresso and coffee variants with milk
With both milk frother and coffee grinder
Coffee grinder with 18 settings

Breville Barista Express Tips and Tricks

Here is a video that goes over some good “need to know” advice, to anyone interested in this amazing espresso machine.

About Sage 

Sage produces and designs products for kitchen and cooking, and in Europe Sage is best known for its collaboration with renowned chef Heston Blumenthal.

However, Sage is just the European name for the company that was originally christened Breville – this name is still known today in the US and Australia. Breville has a long history and was started in 1932 in Australia by Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville. They put their names together and it became the name of Breville.

When Breville was started, however, the focus was not on kitchen products like today but on the production of radios and, after World War II, also mining detectors. In addition to the mining detectors, production was also styled against other areas where home products became one of them.

Breville was successful in the production of especially kitchen products, which was recognized in earnest in 1974, when the world’s first toast machine was manufactured by Breville. This new-toast machine was sold in just under half a million copies and made Breville a well-known name. Breville then continued to focus on kitchen products – including espresso machines – and the company’s goal is to combine design with functionality in their products – many of Breville’s products have precisely the well-known raw and industrial expression.

Breville is thus still called Breville in much of the world, but in Europe Breville is known as Sage, and often Sage by Heston Blumenthal, since many of Sage’s products have been created in collaboration with this famous chef. It is the consumer’s assurance of a high degree of professionalism and quality, but it also means that the products are often not quite cheap.

Known for his bald appearance and thick and striking glasses, Heston Blumenthal is British and born in 1966. He is known in the restaurant business for owning the famous The Fat Duck restaurant in the UK, which has been awarded three Michelin stars, but in public, he is a familiar face as he has participated in several food programs on television.

In addition, Heston Blumenthal has also published a series of cookbooks, is a staple writer in several newspapers and owns in addition to The Fat Duck several Michelin star award winning restaurants.

If you want to see more about Sage and Heston Blumenthal and hear more about his perspectives on coffee brewing, check out this YouTube video produced by Sage himself:

A few final words..

I personally love this machine. It is one of the few espresso machines i truly feel comes close to the feeling of “playing barista” in the comfort of my own home.

I feel the bigger models, that are fully automatic, are honestly not as charming, and is more of quick fix, whereas this machine gives me the feeling and authenticity of a barista making a great espresso.

The quality and the build quality of this espresso machine is immense. I have now had my machine for approx 2 year, and i think i will still have it in 10 years. Simply a rock solid machine.

Amazing machine! I got mine on Amazon, and you can get yours there also. Amazon.


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