Plain Black Coffee Strikes back
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Drip – drip – drip…

Black, hot coffee drops drip down through a filter and into a glass jug and turn the environment fragrant. 

This familiar sound comes from a coffee machine with a brewing method that has over time been overshadowed by advanced espresso machines.

The coffee machine is now taking a leading position again, and in the world of coffee enthusiasts, this method is almost a form of ceremony.

In this article, I will cover filter coffee as a type of plain black coffee, and why it’s making a strong comeback.

The Comeback of Filtered Coffee

In the 1990s, the coffee machines had a central place in most kitchens. It was easy to go push a button, and soon after you could pour yourself a cup of coffee.

But plain black coffee became unpopular at the beginning of the year 2000 due to the arrival of extravagant espresso machines. That machine gave a small strong coffee shot could turn into a café latte, cappuccino, cortado, or a macchiato.

The coffee trend at the time was that it was cool to have such a technical machine in your home.

The filter coffee machine gained a bad reputation during these years. Many did not clean them properly or set them up correctly. So, an espresso shot tasted much better in comparison.

Today, a ‘back to basic’ coffee trend has emerged, which means that you do not need advanced machines to make good coffee. People have started placing a greater demand on the taste itself.

Many coffee drinkers have also learned that it is an advantage to have more ‘hands-on’ on the coffee brewing.

Therefore, the filter coffee method is gaining ground again as a preferred brewing method.

What are the Benefits of Plain Black Coffee?

Filter brewing is the purest form of coffee brewing.

Plain black filtered coffee is suitable for showing the full potential of the coffee bean. The brewing process manages to transmit the underlying coffee taste of the bean.

There is also talk that the coffee bean is completely ‘naked’ because everything is out there.

You do not need a machine to make good filter coffee. You can use the ‘pour over’ technique, where you brew coffee directly through a funnel in your hand, just like our parents and grandparents did.

Important FAQs

My husband is a coffee expert and can, after many years of working with food and wine, call himself a taste expert. He is a big supporter of the filter coffee method. 

Below he gives answers to why we should cherish this coffee brewing method.

I do want to mention, that no matter what my husband tells us below, I will never give up my Sage Barista Express, for classic filter coffee. You can read a review HERE if interested.

Is it Old-Fashioned?

“Everyone brewed coffee 20-30 years ago by the filter method via a machine, and the coffee that was poured in most homes and in restaurants was often mediocre.

Just think of the coffee available in the various gas stations on the highway.

It was easy and fast. But many people combined filter coffee with sour coffee that had been left untouched for several hours, and in that way, the filter coffee was perceived as un-fancy. ”

Why has the Attitude Towards Filter Coffee Changed?

“The attitude towards filter coffee has changed within the last 5-10 years because of a so-called wave of manual use.

Especially in the bigger cities, a kind of ceremony has taken place around brewing coffee.

You no longer want to just push a button to get your cup of coffee. It requires more value and time.

The coffee nerd at the coffee bar has also shown other coffee drinkers that thin coffee can taste exceptionally good because the market now offers high-quality beans.

Today, it is also a well-known sight that we see the coffee connoissuers standing with weights and thermometers are really making room for the act itself to brew the coffee. ”

What Will Happen to Filter Coffee in the Future?

“In the USA today, the wildest things happen with the coffee trends, and that is the case for plain black coffee as well.

Here, the filter coffee method is huge. But, I still think that the attitude towards filter coffee will be different between the big and smaller cities in the country for a few more years.

I think for some years, boring, tasteless coffee will still be brewed in many large workplaces.

But as with all other trends, it suddenly drops, and companies will have new attitudes and habits incorporated into everyday life so that the coffee taste and experience can be better for everyone.”

plain black coffee cup

5 Tips On Brewing Coffee With A Filter

1. Water

Use fresh, clean, and cold water.

In order for the coffee to develop its full aroma, the water at the brewing should be between 92-96 degrees.

2. Grinding

Grind the coffee beans yourself with a coffee grinder and preferably as soon as possible before brewing.

3. Brewing

Brew only as much as you need to drink. Already half an hour after brewing, the coffee’s taste and aroma deteriorate. 

Never pour old coffee with freshly brewed coffee.

4. Dosage

Dose the right amount of coffee: 7 grams of coffee per cup.

5. Brewing Time

Always remember to check the brewing time. A good coffee maker makes the coffee in 6 minutes.

If the brewing takes longer, the bitter flavors are extracted from the coffee and the taste gets worse.

If you do not have time to brew by hand, coffee machines from the Moccamaster brand are a suitable range of machines that are good for preserving the aromas of coffee.

Plain Black Coffee is Good for Your Health

It is recommended that you mainly drink plain black coffee if you have high cholesterol.

Filter-less coffee like that from a french press, espresso, Nespresso or Nescafé have higher content of cholesterol-increasing substances.

The big difference between filter coffee and other types of coffee is the content of the group of substances – diterpenes, especially cafestol and kahweol. They can increase the amount of cholesterol-raising protein in the blood and it can increase the cholesterol level by 5-10 percent.

If you’re interested in coffee for your health, I recommend you check out THIS article, where I go over some reasons why coffee actually is good for you.

The bottomline is that plain black coffee is back in action.

If you like it then just get on board. Even if you don’t, then give it a try, your body might thank you.

Hope you had an insightful read!

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