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You might’ve heard about Geisha coffee at a coffee shop or through a friend. If you did, then it must have been accompanied by the mention of its price.

So, now you’re here wondering what is this new attraction and why does it cost so much?! Continue reading to get to know all about the new coffee in town.

What is Panama Geisha Coffee?

Let’s start from the beginning.

The most famous Geisha coffee, also called Gesha, is from Panama, a part of Ethiopia. You might see it referred to simply as Panama Geisha.

Geisha coffee beans come from a particular plant. Understandably, the plant is present in many countries all over the world. However, it is specifically the Panamanian Geisha which has taken the world by storm.

It is a variation of the infamous Coffea arabica. But again, with its own distinct taste.

What Does It Taste Like?

So, if it’s this famous, what does it really taste like?

Describing the taste of a particular coffee is quite difficult. Everyone has different tastes and unique preferences, so no two people will describe a cup in the same way.

However, the general consensus is that it tastes sweet with a touch of fruity notes and an exceptional aroma that just fills up your senses. It makes a balanced cup with mild bitterness and acidity. A guarantee is that geisha coffee will taste, unlike any beverage you have ever drunk before which accounts for its popularity and price.

If awards mean anything to you, then the Specialty Coffee Association consistently scores Panama’s Geisha Coffee above 90 out of their 100 point system.

Why is It so Expensive?

Let’s get to the real question, shall we? Why is it this expensive?

For starters, it requires a special cultivating environment and the harvesting process isn’t easy either.

Also, it’s quite a sought out product these days which has increased its market value.

There’s a “Best of Panama’s Coffee Competition” in which Geisha stands out the most. In 2004, it was auctioned for $21 per pound. In 2021, the top most category was auctioned for a staggering $2,568 per pound. You can see the results of this year’s competition on the competition’s official website.

How Much does Geisha Coffee Cost?

If you don’t want to drain your life savings just by getting a pound of coffee beans but you still want to try this sensation then here are a few options.

You can just get a cup from your nearest coffee shop (which has it in stock) if you want to treat yourself on a special day. A cup made from relatively good geisha coffee beans will probably cost you anywhere from around $75 to $150 a cup.

You could also get some authentic, although not as good as thousands of dollars worth, coffee beans from sites such as Amazon. Or maybe a nearby shop might sell it for a suitable rate. A generic brand’s Geisha beans cost about $15 per ounce.

So, Should You Try It?

You should definitely try this out for yourself to form your own opinion about its hype.

I am not suggesting you make it a daily habit, but it’s all good every once in a while, or maybe just once.

It may be a bit hard on your wallet but hey, you deserve to sip one of the world’s best (if not THE best) coffees!


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