Nespresso Machine Test 2019 Find The Best Nespresso Machines Test Winner Guide
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Nespresso Machine Test 2021

– Find The Best Nespresso Machines – Test Winner Guide

best nespresso machines 2021

If you want a good cup of coffee without all the hassle of the brewing process, then a capsule coffee maker is the right choice.

Nespresso is undoubtedly the brand on the market with the best and most robust machines, which repeatedly deliver a good cup of high-quality coffee.

Below you will find a review of the best and most award-winning coffee machines from Nespresso.

There are models in all price bearings and both models with and without milk foam.

Here in the list below you will see my favourite options, when it comes to Nespresso coffee makers.

Off all of them, my absolute is the Nespresso Lattissma One.

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Nespresso Machine Test – The 8 Best Nespresso Machines

A Comple overview & Helpful Guide!

Here is a review of the Nespresso machines that have received the best marks in various recognized tests.

Below the product name, you can see my star ratings.

Nespresso Expert & Milk C85

star 45 1
Nespresso Expert Milk C85 front

With this Nespresso model, you get a unique coffee experience that comes as close to a professional as you can with a capsule machine.

By using Bluetooth technology, the machine allows you to tailor your coffee so that your cup becomes exactly as you want it.

The design at Expert & Milk is also in a class of its own and brand new for Nespresso.

The machine is inspired by the professional baristas and is made of brushed aluminium and a completely flat back design.

Small stylish LED alarms also tell if the machine needs to be descaled, the water container is empty or the capsule holder is full.

Americano coffee and Bluetooth technology

What really sets this model apart from many other Nespresso machines is that it offers a much higher level of settings than previously seen at Nespresso.

For example, with this model, it is possible to choose between five different cup sizes, Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, and the brand new Americano, consisting of 25ml coffee and 125ml hot water. The fifth cup size is boiling water for tea.

Also, with Expert & Milk, you also have the opportunity to choose between three different water temperatures and in this way you can decide much more than before, even how you want your coffee.

With this Nespresso model, it is also possible to connect the coffee maker to your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

Install the Nespresso app, and then you will be able to operate the coffee machine from your phone.

With the app, you can both keep an eye on your capsule inventory and order new ones, as well as being easily notified when it’s time to descale.

It is also possible to operate the coffee machine itself and brew a coffee from the app.

Of course, to brew coffee from your smartphone, be sure to put a capsule in the machine, put a cup ready and make sure there is water in the tank.

I want to point out that when I tested this coffee machine, I quickly realized that the Bluetooth technology has limited reach and that you should be aware that even if you can brew the coffee from your phone, you still have to prepare all the practice yourself, why it can be a lot easier, just brewing the coffee directly from the machine, so it seems to be more or a marketing scheme than anything else.

That is why Nespresso Expert & Milk C85 is a good choice.

As something new, this model can brew a cup of Americano coffee, and it is also possible to set the water temperature.

Both have generated positive reverberations among consumers praising the new features.

The machine’s design is also characterized by innovation and where Nespresso machines have often filled a great deal in-depth, it instead fills in width.

There is also a milk frother for the machine so you can easily make creamy milk froth for your coffee.

The milk frother consists of an Aeroccino3, the same finish and design as the machine itself. It is possible to choose whether the milk foam should be hot or cold.

The water tank on the model has a capacity of 1.1 litres, and of course, there is also quick heating and automatic switch-off.

Featured Benefits of Nespresso Expert & Milk C85:

  • Possibility to brew Americano coffee
  • Option to set temperature
  • Connection to your smartphone or tablet
  • Milk foam included
  • Timed brewing

This Nespresso machine is available on Amazon where you can also read some reviews.

Build Quality
Value for money

Below is a short presentation video of the Nespresso Expert & Milk C85:

Here’s how to get started with the machine:

Here’s how the associated milk frother works:

Nespresso CitiZ & Milk

star 45 1
Nespresso CitiZ Milk 1

Nespresso CitiZ & Milk is in the middle of the price range but offers the accompanying milk froths, which offer several more exciting coffee varieties options.

Despite the price, you also get several other features reserved for the slightly more expensive machines.

For example, the relatively large 1-litre water tank, which holds enough water for a few cups before it has to be refilled. It is convenient if you are several people using the machine.

The Nespresso CitiZ & Milk model is one of the most award-winning Nespresso machines ever. Both the model’s design, operation and coffee have impressed repeatedly, so with this model; you get a special-purpose coffee machine that impresses time and time again in testing.

Test-winning quality model

Nespresso CitiZ & Milk is not one of the most advanced models in the Nespresso range, but it still has all the features you could wish for – and which is often seen only with the slightly more expensive models.

For example, the coffee machine comes with an Aeroccino milk frother, which makes the possibilities for coffee drinks great.

The machine has two different cup sizes, Espresso and Lungo, and has a highly efficient heating system, which is just 25 seconds delivering tasty coffee.

The model had excelled in many different tests and did naturally also deliver a nice cup of coffee when I tested it myself.

The machine was named test winner in front of 40 other models of capsule coffee machines by the Consumer Council “Think”, where the machine was particularly distinguished for its ease of use.

In their testing of the machine, they also point out that user-friendliness is top-notch, so they also have it as a test winner.

Another point where this model has repeatedly distinguished itself is with its design and build quality.

I am not personally crazy about capsule coffee machines, but this model looks great. I am sure most people wouldn’t mind having it on their kitchen counter.

It is also praised for being particularly clean, which is also thanks to the design.

With this model, safety is also taken into account, and the machine switches off automatically after 9 minutes. The water tank is removable and has a capacity of 1 litre.

If you want to make an extra-large cup of coffee, you can easily open the machine’s grate and set a tall glass or large cup.

Why Choose Nespresso CitiZ & Milk

With this model, you get a test favourite from Nespresso and pretty much everything you could want from a coffee machine.

The machine does not have many extra functions; in short, it can make a cup of coffee and skim milk and not so much else. In turn, it also does this really well.

With this model, you will get a lot of capsule machine for the money and an associated milk frother, which is rarely seen in this price range.

Featured benefits of Nespresso CitiZ & Milk:

  • Milk foam included
  • Award-winning design
  • Great ease of use
  • Easy to clean
  • Good value for money

You can learn more about this coffee maker on Amazon here.

Build Quality
Value for money

Here you can watch a small presentation video of the machine: 

Here’s how to get started with the machine: 

Nespresso Lattissima Touch

star 4
Nespresso Lattissima Touch 1

Here’s another Nespresso machine that impresses in testing.

The online magazine “All about data” is even so excited about the model that they called it “the new king of the capsule coffee”.

With this model, you get an extremely well-designed coffee machine, which has integrated a wide range of good features that ensure user-friendliness of the highest class.

Low-pressure single cappuccino

What distinguishes this model in particular from several Nespresso models is its fully integrated milk froth.

This means that if you want a cappuccino or latte macchiato; for example, this can be done with just a single push of a button.

The machine even handles dosing and mixing both coffee and milk. A smart detail about the milk container is that it can be removed and put in the refrigerator, so you do not have to throw the milk out.

When the container is empty and needs to be cleaned, this is easily done by putting it in the dishwasher.

I really think that this is a huge deal, as many coffee machines are a pain to clean, so when this offers super easy cleaning and the option to save the milk in the refrigerator many people including myself, will open our eyes and ears with interest.

The milk container has a capacity of 0.35 litres, which is enough for two latte macchiato.

The water tank on the machine can hold 0.9 litres and the auto-off function ensures that the machine switches itself off 9 minutes after use—power consumption of 1400 Watts and slightly below average for capsule and coffee machines.

That’s why you should choose Nespresso Lattissima Touch.

Nespresso Lattisima Touch is especially suitable for those who enjoy getting milk in their coffee.

The operation is quite simple, with separate buttons for cappuccino, espresso, lungo and latte macchiato.

At the same time, it is also possible to adjust both coffee and milk so that you can customize the brewing to your personal preferences.

In cases where you brew a coffee variant with milk, the machine has a built-in cleaning function that sends baldness steam through all pipes and parts that have been in contact with the milk.

It is both hygienic and well thought out.

Featured Benefits of Nespresso Lattissima Touch:

  • Fully integrated milk
  • Detachable milk container
  • Automatic brewing of cappuccino and latte macchiato
  • Built-in cleaning function
  • Auto switch-off

If your interested in this coffee machine, you can read reviews on Amazon, where its also available at the cheapest price.

Build Quality
Value for money

Here you can watch a small presentation video of the coffee machine: 

Here’s how to get started with the machine: 

Nespresso Prodigio & Milk

star 4
Nespresso Prodigio Milk 2

This Nespresso machine is another top scorer when it comes to tests.

The model’s design is thoughtful and solid, and the reviewers are particularly excited about the operation and the Bluetooth interaction that the machine allows.

Flexible location and Bluetooth interaction

The design of this model takes special care to make it easy to place and easy to operate. The water tank is mounted in a 180-degree swivel base along with the cord.

This means that you can freely place the water tank wherever you want, both at the back of the coffee machine or on one of the sides.

If the space on the kitchen table is cramped, then it is particularly convenient that the water tank and conduit can be positioned optimally about the machine itself.

With this model, it is possible to connect the coffee maker with your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

Install the Nespresso app, and then you can brew coffee from your phone via Bluetooth technology.

With the app, it is also possible to set a brewing time and start a brew immediately, as well as order new capsules from it.

The user-friendliness of the app receives positive reviews in tests, and I only want to point out that the operation of the app is perfect, and I liked the simple ease of use.

That’s why you should choose Nespresso Prodigio & Milk.

The coffee machine comes with an attached Aeroccino milk frother, so the model is especially suitable for those who enjoy milk in the coffee and drinks such as cappuccino and latte macchiato.

It is possible to choose from three different cup sizes, and so you can get exactly the coffee strength you like best.

The water tank has a capacity of 0.8 litres, and you are easily notified via a small lamp when the tank is empty.

The model heats up quickly in just 90 seconds, and the automatic switch-off function ensures that the machine switches off after 9 minutes, saving you unnecessary power consumption.

I honestly feel the milk container size is a little too small because if you need to make 3 cups of cappuccino you need to refill the milk container, whereas if it had been just a hair larger, I think it could, I will manage. Container size of minimum 0.9L is preferred.

Featured benefits of Nespresso Prodigio & Milk:

  • Milk foam included
  • Three different cup sizes
  • Bluetooth integration
  • Swivel water tank
  • Thoughtful design

You cand this coffee machine and others on Amazon here.

Build Quality
Value for money

Here you can see a small video presentation of the machine: 

This video demonstrates how to get started with the machine: 

Nespresso Pixie

star 35 1
Nespresso Pixie 1

Pixie is a classic Nespresso model and another favourite when it comes to good recommendations.

Pixie especially excels at being very small and fit, having a low energy consumption and great ease of use and so the price level is also in reasonable rent.

So with this model, you get Nespresso well-known quality in a small machine and a small price tag.

Low energy consumption and ease of use

The Nespresso Pixie uses only 1260 Watts, which is only about half of what many larger machines consume.

The model has two programmable coffee sizes where you can easily choose whether you want an Espresso or a Lungo.

The machine scores relatively high marks in all the tests we have undergone.

I want to emphasize the ease of use and the service as being extra good.

In particular, the control panel, easy access to water filling and capsule insertion are highlighted in their assessment.

Because of its small size, Pixie is particularly suitable for both the small kitchen or office and if you need to transport the coffee machine too, for example, the cottage or the colonial garden.

That’s why you have to choose Nespresso Pixie.

Pixie is for those who don’t have a lot of space but still want a capsule machine.

The model is only 11 inches wide and can therefore squeeze into even the smallest tabletop.

The machine’s operation and operation are effortless, and despite its size, it has all the features you need. For example, a built-in auto-off ensures that Pixie turns itself off after 9 minutes, which is good for both your electricity bill and the environment.

Featured Benefits of Nespresso Pixie:

  • Small and space-saving model
  • Low energy
  • Two cup sizes
  • Easy to transport
  • A high ease of use

This little coffee maker is available on Amazon, and has tons of reviews you can read if your interested in learning more about this coffee machine.

Build Quality
Value for money

Here you can watch a small video presentation of Nespresso Pixie:

In this video you can see how to get started with the machine: 

Nespresso Lattissima Pro

star 5
Nespresso Lattissima Pro F456 1

According to British Expert Reviews, “the best Nespresso machine you can get”.

As with many other Nespresso models, this machine stands out time and time again in testing.

Stylish design and quality coffee
The machine is designed with brushed aluminium surfaces, chrome-plated steel details and an LCD and touch buttons.

It feels really solidly build.

A hot water tap is also integrated, hidden behind a sliding door on the machine’s side, which can quickly provide tea water.

The model has three different cup sizes, Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo, while the water tank has a capacity of 1.3 litres.

The milk frother can hold 0.5 litres of milk and easily be removed and stored in the refrigerator when you do not use it.

Like many other Nespresso models, the Lattisima Pro has a pump pressure of 19 bar and an efficient heating system.

Which together makes sure that all the flavours and aromas are extracted from the capsule and ensure you a good cup of coffee.

Expert Reviews even consider that Lattissima Pro is not far from comparable to dedicated built-in espresso machines. (I will be honest and say, I very much dis-agree, as nothing capsule related, comes close to an actual espresso machine if you know what you’re doing).

The model is also equipped with auto switch off, ensuring that the machine switches itself off after 9 minutes.

Lattissima Pro lets you know when it’s time for a descaling after about 300 capsules.

That’s why you should choose Nespresso Lattisima Pro.

Lattisima Pro is especially suitable for those who enjoy coffee drinks such as cappuccino and latte macchiato.

The model is equipped with Nespresso’s “One-Touch” system, which means that you get milk-based coffee drinks with just one touch without cooking and adding milk foam to the coffee yourself.

If you prepare a coffee variant with milk, the machine subsequently performs a fully automatic cleaning of the system, so that all traces of milk are cleaned out.

This is both hygienic and smart.

Featured Benefits of Nespresso Lattisima Pro:

  • Fully integrated milk
  • Automatic brewing of cappuccino and latte macchiato
  • Built-in cleaning function
  • Ability to drain the hot water
  • Three cup sizes

Click here to read reviews and find additional information on Amazon.

Build Quality
Value for money

In this video you can see a small presentation of the Lattisima Pro: 

Here’s how to get started with the machine: 

Nespresso Creatista Plus

star 45 1
Nespresso Creatista Plus 1

Stylish and versatile model
Nespresso Creatista Plus is a stylish and modern coffee maker, visually similar to the models you can find at the coffee shop.

The model comes in a beautiful grey colour in stainless steel and has an industrial and professional cut over it. The model has a capacity of 1.5 litres and uses the well-known Nespresso capsules to brew the coffee.

Also, there is a milk frother with the model, which means you can also enjoy coffee drinks with milk.

A model with many choices

Nespresso Creatista Plus will be a good choice for the consumer who wants to vary the taste according to their own needs.

The model comes with 11 temperature settings for the heating of the milk. Then there is an additional automatic steam tube technique which allows up to eight different settings regarding the texture.

You operate Nespresso Creatista Plus on a digital display that is intuitive and guides you through choices and options.

Here you can also choose from eight different recipes for different types of coffee if you want inspiration.

Beautiful model with many possibilities

I and highly skilled baristas have tested Nespresso Creatista Plus in my coffee shop, and we were all very impressed with this model.

We emphasize that this is a really nice and stylish Nespresso machine that will really decorate the kitchen table.

We were also happy with the smart steamer, which allows you to make coffee art in your cup and unleash the creativity. We also noted that this is a model with many possibilities because you can program your coffee and create shades of taste and texture on display.

I am generally pleased with this model, and the only real drawback is that not all Nespresso capsules are equally tasty.

I want to mention that this machine is straightforward to set up and get it going, and its intuitive to use and thus easy to use.

I was impressed with the steamer’s possibilities, but I think it has limited use when only capsules can be used.

So it’s a nice feature, but slightly useless in most situations.

Specifications of Nespresso Creatista Plus:

  • Height: 40.9 centimetres
  • Width: 17 centimeters
  • Depth: 30.9 centimetres
  • Weight: 5.2 kilos
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Capacity: 1.5 litres
  • Coffee type: Capsules
  • Milk foam: Yes

Featured benefits of Nespresso Creatista Plus:

  • Beautiful model with a professional appearance
  • Good capacity of 1.5 litres
  • Milk
    frother included
  • 11 temperature settings for milk
  • Intuitive and guiding display

By far my favourite of the Nespresso pod machines.

Both in regards to build quality, but also the design, and the company behind it. You can read more about this coffee maker on Amazon.

Build Quality
Value for money

Nespresso Lattissima One

star 45 1
lattissima pro a nespresso problems manual pdf one vs touch

Good Price Model
Nespresso Lattissima One will be a good choice for the consumer who wants a slightly more affordable Nespresso machine. This model costs a little less than the most expensive Nespresso models, which is why the model also comes in a dark plastic design with slightly clumsy details (the model is also available in white).

In contrast, the model has a good capacity of 1 litre and then comes with a milk frother, which means that you will also be able to get coffee drinks with milk. I was delighted with the milk container size but slightly un-happy with the plastic feel. I guess you have to accept the additional plastic when you want a cheaper product.

Innovative milk system
One of the great advantages of the Nespresso Lattissima One is the model’s milk system. The keyword here is simplicity, simply filling the milk container with fresh milk, and then the machine foams the milk directly into the cup, after which the desired coffee is brewed and mixed. Press a single button, and the machine will brew the coffee itself.

There are three settings for coffee types – espresso, lungo and milk. The Nespresso Lattissima One also comes with easy cleaning as the milk container can withstand washing in the dishwasher.

Easy and simple
All in all, I am very impressed with this machine.

I want to emphasize that the machine has many good features and is very easy to use because you can get your coffee with just a single push on the machine.

I am also very pleased with the pressure-to-water flow ratio, which gives the coffee a good consistency, brewing and taste, and then there are good, small details such as quick-heating system, good drip tray and auto-off function.

Our test also emphasizes that the model is smart and compact, so it ensures that you do not use more milk than necessary to avoid milk spills.

Specifications of Nespresso Lattissima One:

  • Height: 25.6 centimeters
  • Width: 15.4 centimeters
  • Depth: 32.4 centimetres
  • Weight: 4.2 kilos
  • Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 1 litre
  • Coffee type: Capsules
    Milk foam: Yes

Featured Benefits of Nespresso Lattissima One:

  • Simple and more affordable model
  • Can get one-touch
  • With milk
  • Easy operation
  • Easy cleaning

More information is available on Amazon.

Build Quality
Value for money

In this video you can see a small presentation of Lattisima One: 

Here’s how to get started with the machine: 

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