Nespresso Essenza Mini Review 2021
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In this article, I will give a quick review of the Nespresso Essenza Mini machine.

If you are interested in pod machines, these are first-class coffee pod machines. The variety of Nespresso capsules also helps in making great coffee.

Personally, I do not prefer them over my Breville Barista Express (I like to play home barista, and a pod machine is not really working in that sense), but for a pod machine they are very good, and I really like all the different pod options, suitable for every taste. 

Find the best option for you and enjoy your coffee drinks at the touch of a button. 

Why Choose a Nespresso Machine?

A cup of coffee is much more than a pleasant break. 

It’s a small ritual so why not turn it into a wonderful experience?

I love waking up, preparing my coffee one step at a time, and almost in a meditative way, getting ready for the day, drinking that cup of coffee.

Nespresso coffees are created from exclusive varieties of beans, selected according to the strictest criteria.

The coffee machines of the Swiss brand have an intelligent design and work on modern technology, which always guarantees an excellent result. 

In the office or at home, Nespresso makes sure you get only the best.

All Nespresso machines are equipped with a 19-bar pressure pump that generates enough pressure to break through the capsule wall.

The taste of the Nespresso capsule is designed so that the pressurized water flows evenly through the ground coffee during the extraction. 

Not to mention, the temperature and flow time are also set to extract each valuable scent.

Essenza Mini – Small Coffee Machine for Any Occasion

Essenza Mini Nespresso offers its most compact machine so far – without any compromises.

With this machine, you can prepare coffee drinks in different-sized cups to your liking. Just adjust the desired size, and the Essenza Mini will do the rest.

The two different modern models and the three colors suit every style and space. 

The small machine opens the whole world to coffee Nespresso to soar on the wings of pleasure.

Essenza Mini is a combination of many years of know-how in a brand new design. 

It offers easy preparation, minimalist elegance, and incomparable Nespresso quality in one. 

Therefore, feel free to invite this little coffee sorceress into your home. 

Looking for an Alternative?

If you are interested in easy ways to make coffee, but maybe you feel that the pod models are just not good enough for you can try to look towards a fully automatic espresso machine, as that will give you a (let’s be honest here) a better quality coffee. But, the costs are also higher.

I recommend you read this article, where I go over some of the best options, and then you can compare yourself, and see what is the best option for you.

Otherwise, the Nespresso Essenza Mini is excellent for what it’s supposed to do!

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