How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee With Pour Over

You need to brew your coffee slowly

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You’ve probably already heard about the concept of ‘Slow Coffee’, which is a huge trend at the moment because the sustainable brewing method produces a flavorful cup of coffee – and all it takes is a glass jug of steel filter, water and your favorite coffee beans.

Don’t be intimidated by the word ‘slow’, because it doesn’t take long to brew the best cup of coffee of the day. Coffee on a Pour Over jug ​​is the very simple brewing method, where you simply use a glass jug of steel filter to extract the magic of the beans into a flavorful cup of coffee.

With the guide here you can easily get started with brewing today’s best cup of coffee at Pour Over.

When brewing coffee with the pour over method, you cannot “make” a poor quality coffee bean to become good. This method produces the pure coffee aroma. The method requires time and focus, but according to the taste expert gives the very best coffee experience and not least coffee fragrance.

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Let’s be honest; filter coffee has for many years been similar to boring coffee taste. But about 10 years ago, this attitude began to change, and filter coffee got a revival. In the past, most housewives used the coffee funnel, but today many coffee shops and restaurants serve filter coffee, which tastes better and is brewed according to the so-called “handheld” pour over method. The method is now on the way to becoming the most widely used and interesting brewing method at all.
Thilde Maarbjerg is an expert in tasting as she is a trained sommelier and has worked for many years with both wine and coffee in the gourmet restaurant industry. Thilde Maarbjerg has trained her taste and smell senses to taste and smell even the smallest shades, and she advocates the pour over method.
She explains: “The Pour over method is a great brewing method because it can give a flavor profile that you can’t get with coffee brewed from a plunger and espresso jug. The Pour over method gives a completely pure expression of the coffee bean. But this method also places great demands on the bean, because if the quality is poor, it cannot taste better than it actually does. You can’t make it up ”.

Requires focus

Pour over method is not a brewing method that you should start with if you are under time pressure, because the process can be a bit complicated. The method requires focus and time for the details – in other words; one has to be over the process all the time.
This method is also a method that many coffee enthusiasts nerd over. They spend a long time finding the right amount of water, and use weight to weigh the amount of coffee with them. At some coffee shops and restaurants, baristas and servants often see the method as a small show, so you see them brewing the coffee at the table where the coffee-thirsty guest sits. You can follow the neat hand gestures, hear the sound of water hitting the freshly ground coffee and smell the warm black drops up close.
When brewing this way, it takes longer than brewing on a machine, which is why the method is a kind of ritual. It is a coffee that you are really looking forward to when you just press a button on a coffee machine. My husband says, for example, that he drinks much more coffee when it is easily accessible, as it is when it comes from a machine without having to make an effort. When you have to cuddle more for your coffee and take your time, you think more “now we need a cup of coffee”. I think the pour over method is a beautiful thing in the busy life, because you take the time to brew the coffee. One of the best things about this method is also that you smell the coffee so clearly, ” says Thilde Maarbjerg.

The strongest coffee is actually not the small shot espresso ...

It is filter coffee or coffee brewed on pour over that is the strongest. When you pour the almost boiling water over the beans, you remove less caffeine than in the brewing process used for espresso. So take your time when brewing your coffee. Then you get the right taste and a good shot of caffeine.

What does it take to get started?

Getting started with the pour over method is not expensive, but it requires some equipment and is available in various price ranges. Often you can buy a starter kit that has it all in one kit (for example from Hario or Kalita).
You can brew coffee directly in a cup or jug.


  • Kettle with a good spout so it is easy to pour and can hit the center of the coffee in the funnel
  • Filter holder (funnel) either in plastic or metal
  • Coffee filter – paper or fabric
  • Measuring spoon

If you want to be a nerd about it:

  • Weight
  • Thermometer

Pour Over Guide:

Make the perfect cup of coffee with Pour Over


1. Always brew freshly ground coffee to get the best results. 

For a Pour Over, Bodum recommends that you paint the coffee finely and use 7 grams per day. cup.


2. Only use fresh tap water from the tap and wait to pour the water over the beans half a minute after it has cooked. Start by pouring a little water over to form a plug. Wait a moment, then continue to pour water over quietly. Slow coffee takes time to make.

Tip: Boiling water over the coffee beans is too much of a good thing. Then the coffee loses many of its flavors. The optimum is a water temperature of between 94 and 96 degrees C. This prevents the coffee from becoming acidic or dull.

3. When the right amount of water has been poured and all the water has run through the steel funnel, the coffee is ready to serve and you can enjoy a nice cup of ‘slow coffee’.

You can easily brew sustainable coffee

You can easily brew sustainable coffee

The same applies to all coffee makers from the beginning of time up until today: good coffee beans, a glass jug, a steel filter and freshly boiled water.

That’s all it takes to brew the world’s best cup of coffee. 

No paper filters or capsules – nothing unnecessary. The fine-mesh and stainless steel filter in Bodum’s Pour Over can be used again and again. Therefore, you can say goodbye to the traditional paper filters that are resource consuming and suck the aroma and oil out of the coffee. With the steel filter all the fine flavors are preserved.

 You can check out more details on the Bodum Pour Over on Amazon.


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