Long Black Coffee
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Is there more caffeine in short or long coffee?

Long Black Coffee

Personally, I like to start my day with a cup of strong and aromatic coffee, and most of my readers I think agrees with this, Yes?. 

As such, most of us prepare or order a short coffee, believing that a smaller amount guarantees more caffeine and therefore a stronger invigorating effect.

In our daily practice, we are faced with issues related to the length of the drink and we notice that more and more people have a misconception, which is why we decided it was time to put an end to this myth, providing you with this article.

Short or long coffee? The eternal question

However, the truth is somewhere in the middle, because this is not an exact science in which 1 + 1 = 2. 

Things are different with coffee. 

There are many factors that affect caffeine and beverage. 

From the plantation where the crop grows, the processing of the coffee, to the method of preparation – either by espresso machine or by the method of filtration. 

Also important for caffeine is the degree of roasting, as well as the amount of grinding and the contact time of water – coffee.

In reality, short espresso coffee has less caffeine than long espresso due to the contact time with the water. 

But many people are mistaken because they are guided by the taste, which is more concentrated in espresso, because the amount of coffee is directly proportional to the amount of water. 

On the other hand, a larger amount of water is used to make long coffee, therefore the drink is more diluted and feels weaker. 

And the caffeine content is just the opposite.

This is due to the fact that caffeine is water soluble and the more water passes through the strainer / basket, the more caffeine is extracted and the stronger the coffee. 

Of course, shorter coffee has a much richer taste and aroma, so the delusion we mentioned at the beginning is created, but in reality long coffee is many times more saturated with caffeine. 

That is why Italians who love coffee and know how to adore it, prepare it and enjoy it, drink very short coffee – ristretto . 

This allows them to drink up to 10 coffees a day without burdening their body with excess caffeine.

It is tentatively accepted that the short coffee should be about 7-10 g and 30 ml. drink as the duration for its preparation is between 24 and 30 seconds, and the long one is usually about 60 ml. as the weight of the ground coffee is preserved, but the extraction time is about 60 seconds. 

Of course, these values ​​are approximate, as they are different in different countries, and the decision of the barista who prepares the drink is individual.

I hope I have been helpful with this article, and have helped you find the answer to the eternal question, “Which coffee is stronger?”

And remember, it’s a good idea to get information from reliable sources such as my site here, and people in the field, rather than trusting the spread of false rumors.

Below I have added some examples of some different coffee variations, that all tastes amazing 🙂

coffee variations

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