hario v60 mugen dripper
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Coffee can now be easily brewed just by pouring it once, quick & easy!

I bought a one-time extraction type dripper, Hario Mugen which can be said to be an advanced version of Hario’s classic coffee dripper V60.

Until now, drippers tended to have complicated recipes such as: how many grams of hot water should be blooming for how many seconds and then how many times, etc. But this dripper is trying to keep everything a lot simpler. Just pour the water, that’s all!

Pour all the hot water then wait while the dripper does all the work.

The Hario Mugen v60 dripper definitely is recommended for beginners who are not interested in a long learning process.

Getting Hario Mugen

The description of the model I bought is as follows:

  • A white pottery type.
  • Made from Arita porcelain.
  • Size for 1-2 cups.
  • Light and more or less unbreakable.
hario dripper box
hario v60 mugen dripper unboxed

Like the original Hario V60, it has a conical shape, but an uneven pattern that is somehow star-shaped.

The grooves are shallow, and I can’t figure out why they are there, other than for perhaps, design.

The hot water slowly brews, so you can pour the hot water once and slowly extract the coffee.

top view
Top View

back view
Upside Down

How to Use Hario Mugen

hario v60 mugen dripper coffee powder

Official Recipe

Take the following measurements:

  • Coffee powder: 20g (medium finely ground)
  • Hot water: 240g
  • Just pour it slowly once (about 40 seconds) and wait for the coffee to be ready.
Adding Hot Water

Normally, I would stop at this point and take some time to let the blooming process complete. But with the Mugen version, simply continue to pour hot water as it is.

It changes a lot depending on the grind, but if you pour it in about 40 to 45 seconds with a medium-fine grind, it will fall off in about two and a half to three minutes, and it will give you a sense of speed.

Water Filled

I’ve poured all the water at this point!

hario v60 mugen dripper drip until empty

It’s done! Even though it’s not steamed, it’s a delicious coffee!

Hario's new dripper MUGEN coffee done

Top your coffee with your favorite syrups or just enjoy it as is with your breakfast.

My Home Recipe for Now

My home-roasted beans (light roasted) feel a little more refreshing, so I think I prefer 1:14, which is a little more hot water than the official one. That’s why it’s my own recipe.

  • Coffee beans 20g (medium finely ground)
  • Hot water 280g
  • At first, slowly pour it in 50 to 55 seconds early in the second half, spin lightly and wait until it falls off (within 2 and a half minutes)

Because the basics are simple, it is easy to adjust the recipe according to your taste and beans.


Hario’s new dripper Mugen.

It feels like the coffee is being brewed properly, but it’s easy without any hassle or complexity. Which, I think is perfect for people who are new to drip coffee.

Then, if you improve, it’s a small step up to the V60.

Anyway, one-time extraction MUGEN makes drip coffee easy and available for anyone that wants to try.

However, if I were new and interested in coffee brewing, I would prefer to get the V60 right away, not this Mugen version. The learning process is minimal and maybe it’s just me, but I enjoy preparing my coffee, watching it bloom, getting it ready, and then finally enjoying it.

It’s like my own little Japanese Tea ceremony (except with coffee).

If you are interested I recommend you check out this video, where James Hofmann, former world champion barista, goes over the ultimate v60 technique.

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