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The key to taking your daily morning coffee to the next level is getting a grinder for yourself. That can be a separate one or you could get one built into a coffee machine.

All coffee drinkers have their individual preferences for drinking coffee. Whether it should be filter coffee, espresso, or any other different options. They depend on, among other things, habit and taste preferences. 

However, after buying a coffee machine with a grinder, many people experience a significantly better taste in their daily coffee.

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Why Should You Get a Grinder?

Listed below are the key advantages to grinding your own coffee beans:

Expand Your Horizons

Having a coffee machine with its own grinder will allow you to have many different options to expand your coffee range. 

Most people are aware that coffee comes from various beans from around the world. 

Instead of choosing instant coffee from the local supermarket, you now have the opportunity to experiment with different coffee beans from wherever you want to explore the world’s range of coffee beans.

Fresher Coffee

When you have a coffee machine with a grinder, you will also find that the coffee will taste fresh.  

One can not know how coffee powder or other coffee types are made before you stand with it in your hands and need to mix it with boiling water. 

In contrast, you stand with your new coffee machine with beans, which you process yourself by letting the grinder take care of the work. 

With a grinder, you get a better experience with your morning coffee, as it simply tastes much better, as you brew your coffee with fresh grounded beans. Not old stale beans from the supermarket.

Which Coffee Machine With A Grinder Should I buy?

Naturally, you should look at quality and price, and find something in the middle that ticks all the right boxes.

My honest opinion is that The Breville Barista Express is the best medium-priced espresso machine ever.

I own it and use it daily.

It is sturdy and makes excellent coffee.

You can read more about it here, where I go over my personal experiences with this excellent espresso machine.

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Below I have added some alternatives that are also very good.

But the Breville above is my favourite overall.

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Getting a Grinder Separately

Another alternative is that you can get a grinder separately if you already have a coffee machine you love.

You can read our article here on different types of grinders.


The point is that it’s always a good idea to grind coffee beans yourself. It helps to keep your coffee fresh and it tastes a whole lot better.

Enjoy your newfound improvements!

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