Storage Dark cool and airtight are best
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In this article, I will go over the various options you have to store your coffee from freezing them to keeping them in a cupboard.

You can control your favorite coffee bean, its brewing method, and serving. But what about the storage of the black gold? 

Do coffee beans stand on a decorative shelf, or are they best stored a little cooler? 

To preserve the good aroma of the coffee, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with how the coffee is optimally stored.

The answer to how coffee beans are best stored is simple: coffee beans must avoid moisture, air, and light. 

And the less heat the beans are exposed to, the longer the coffee taste stays.

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How To Store Them?

Following are the ways to store your coffee at home:


Both yes and no. Storing coffee beans in a refrigerator is not optimal. In a refrigerator, it is often quite humid, and the coffee easily attracts the various smells in the refrigerator, which can hurt the coffee taste. 

Also, the change from the refrigerator to the kitchen table will increase condensation and moisture, which can damage the coffee taste.


Again, it’s both yes and no. There are no clear answers about freezer storage. Some discourage this method, while others recommend it. But one can be sure that there will be a change in the coffee’s taste by this storage method. 

The coffee beans’ freezing affects the oil in the coffee beans, and thus the coffee’s taste itself after brewing.

A Dark Cupboard

Yes to this method.

The coffee beans will be perfectly fine here – hidden away in a dark and cool cupboard, away from light and heat sources.

Less is Better

It can be convenient to buy large quantities of coffee for the office or home if you find a good deal. 

But with that, you have automatically chosen to compromise on taste and quality. 

The coffee will lose some of its freshness over time, regardless of how the coffee is otherwise stored. 

Therefore, it is recommended to buy smaller coffee quantities to suit coffee drinking for 5-10 days. 

If you’re shopping big anyway, you might want to consider splitting the coffee beans into smaller bags and storing the bags for the coming weeks in dark and cold environments.


A glass jar or other container with a tight-fitting lid is the best storage place for coffee. 

Here, the coffee’s interaction with air will be minimized, reducing the coffee taste loss.

Whole coffee beans usually stay well in a sealed, sealed bag for the first three months after being roasted. Once you have opened the bag, the coffee should be used within a few weeks. Whole beans stay better than ground coffee once the bag is opened.

If you grind the coffee yourself, use it immediately.

If allowed to stand for just a few minutes, it loses much of its flavor and aroma.


To summarize, coffee beans are best kept in the dark and cool place in an airtight container that can hold the amount of coffee you expect to consume in a week.

You can do a few variations here and there but they often come at a compromise to the original fresh taste of the coffee.

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