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How To Serve The Perfect Espresso?


Whether you need to serve coffee for a date, a friend – or just enjoy a cup of good coffee yourself, there are some things you need to know to serve a good espresso for your guests.

Long live espresso!

Most of us prefer the filter coffee in everyday life because its simply and quick, but if it is to be extra delicious, it is an espresso machine that needs to be on the field. Espresso comes from Italy and means “coffee under pressure”. Espresso is a brewing method – and not a coffee variety. You can impress even the most skeptical date if you serve a well-brewed espresso drink.

First, choose the right espresso machine

With an espresso machine, you can brew a wide variety of different coffee drinks. This means that you can serve coffee that will surely impress your guests – even those who do not like the strong taste of “pure” espresso.

Coffee machines vary wildly in terms of price, design, utility and function. Fortunately, there are many sites that test the various machines for you. Look for the espresso machines that win titles as “best in test”.

There are different types of espresso machines. Some are fully automated, so you can just brew coffee drinks with a single click. If you have a bit more ingenious, you can choose a manual espresso machine and an espresso grinder, so you can control how fine the coffee bean is.

If your looking for the best espresso machines, I recommend you check out my recommendations page, where you can read what the best espresso machine is.

What can you brew with an espresso machine?

You can brew much more than the cup of espresso most people know, which is a very concentrated and creamy coffee drink. 

Ristretto is an extra powerful espresso that you should serve only to real coffee enthusiasts. Doppio is, as its name suggests, largely “just” a double espresso. Lungo is a variant where the lead time is slower. It is therefore not as powerful. Lungo is recommended for espresso beginners. Americano is the closest you get to the taste of a filter coffee. Serve it to those who are still skeptical of espresso as this coffee drink can be served to most people.

Many women prefer Cappuccino and Caffe Latte. Cappuccino is a normal espresso mixed with milk froth. Latte is instead mixed with warm milk, where only a third is espresso. ‘

Latte Macchiato is a 1 shot espresso and then equal parts of milk and milk foam. Espresso Macchiato consists of 1 espresso shot with a small amount of milk foam.

Are you also tired of throwing money after expensive barista coffee?

Are you also tired of throwing money after expensive barista coffee? Or are you tired of the expensive and barely so luxurious gas station coffee, then watch this video where you learn how to make a really good and simple cup of coffee.

In fact, it is no science to make a good cup of coffee, though we are gradually many who walk around and believe it. All it takes is that you treat your beans properly and that you sacrifice money to buy some good tasty beans. We have found a video where a barista shares his knowledge on how to make the perfect cup of coffee. And basically, there are two rules you need to follow:

Rule # 1: Always grind your coffee yourself. It is a coffee-shame to buy coffee ready-made.

Rule # 2: You need exactly 20 grams of beans and 380 grams of hot water for a good cup of coffee.

How to brew a good espresso?

If you grind the coffee too coarsely, it will not be deliciously creamy, which is otherwise characterized by a good cup of espresso. It is different what people prefer in terms of coffee beans, but if you really need to impress, you should go with a coffee blend that matches your taste buds. Many of the good coffee shops offer professional advice on just this. For example, look for coffee experts from places like Kontra Coffee.

grind the beans (about 7-10 grams per cup). The lead time should be 20-25 seconds.

Last but not least, you can make art in the coffee by decorating your espresso drinks with patterns – just something that will impress your date! In addition, you can serve a delicious drink of espresso later in the evening.

Throw yourself at the mercy of Youtube, and come out like a real barista. There is a sea of ​​good videos, but of course, it requires that you have the right coffee gear.

Below you can view a visual infographic that depict, How to make coffee on a espresso machine.

Espresso Brewing Infographic

if you after reading this article, wishes to read more about espresso machines, how about starting with this article where we test some of the best espresso machines, and you can see whats the best is, and why.

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