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How To Make A Good Espresso With Your Espresso Machine?

best espresso

Making a good espresso does not simply require an espresso machine . It also requires that you find the right technique and what you need to be aware of. While making the perfect espresso may seem daunting, you can get the right technique by just paying attention to the following factors: Make sure the machine is ready to use

First of all, make sure your espresso machine is ready to use. That is, you should start by filling the water tank with fresh water, putting an empty mug under the spout itself and then turning on the machine. In this way, the espresso machine is rinsed with completely clean water, so that all the residue from the previous brews comes out. 

It is an advantage to start with this before you make your espresso, as you can better achieve the right taste and aroma. It is important that you keep repeating this process until the water is completely clean and clear.

bean quality

Be aware of the quality of the coffee beans   In addition to preparing the machine for use, you must also pay attention to the selected coffee beans. Quality coffee beans are crucial when it comes to making a good espresso. Furthermore, it is also important that you choose the right degree of paint. It can also mean a lot if the coffee is either too coarse or too fine.

However, if you have a fully automatic espresso machine, this will clear you why you don’t have to do so much yourself. This is also true when it comes to dosing.

It is recommended that you use about 14 to 18 grams when making an espresso. However, this may vary depending on the machine as well as your own personal preferences and desires.

Make sure your coffee cup is always hot

Another good advice is always to make sure your coffee cup is hot. With a hot cup, you can keep your espresso warm for longer. If you have an espresso machine in your home, the machine may have a feature that warms your cup. If this is not the case, you can instead heat the cup with boiling water or the like before you put the coffee in it.

Be familiar with the whole process

The last important factor is that you are familiar with the whole process when it comes to making a good espresso. If you have a fully automatic espresso machine, then as such you do not need to know what is actually going on as it will do it all for you. But if this is not the case, then you need to get started. Here are the different steps that can help you make the perfect espresso:


Number 1: Grind the beans 

You must start by grinding the fresh coffee beans before brewing. It is important that this happens right before you start, as this will taste best.

Number 2: Coffee dispensing

Now, dispense the coffee into the filter basket itself. The dosage depends not least on the machine, but also on your personal preferences. As we mentioned further up, it is very normal with 14 to 18 grams.

Number 3: Stamping

Now you have to stamp the coffee with a tamper. This must be done with the optimum pressure, as otherwise it can go beyond the quality of the coffee. If the pressure is too light, then the water will flow too quickly, while it will be harder to push the water through the beans if the pressure is too hard.

Number 4: Brew the coffee

In addition to the right dosage and pressure, the espresso must also be brewed at an optimal temperature. The optimum water temperature is about 92 to 96 degrees, with the optimal pump pressure being about 9 bar. In addition, the brewing time should not be much more than about 22 to 25 seconds to make the perfect espresso.

If you want to learn more about making a good espresso, then watch this video from Howcast:
How To Make Espresso With An Espresso Machine – Infographic

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