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How to get the most out of your filter coffee machine?

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Filter Coffee Machine!

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Coffee brewed on a classic filter coffee machine is something most people know about. 

Even if you do not get as many flavors out of the bean with a filter coffee machine that you get for example. an espresso machine, then you can easily get a really good cup of coffee out of your filter machine. To get the most out of your machine, just follow a few simple tips.

Always use fresh coffee

First of all, make sure you use fresh coffee, and we recommend that you always use whole coffee beans and first grind them immediately before use. When you open a bag of coffee, by far the greatest amount of aroma and flavor disappears in a very short time. Be sure to keep the coffee as airtight as possible.

It is also a good idea to only grind the beans you need for each brew.

Today you can get quite reasonable cheap coffee grinders or you can consider a classic manual coffee grinder .

Use fresh water

Always use cold and fresh water and never leave water in the tank. It may be a good idea to use filtered water, for example. a water filter pot, as it can give a better taste and at the same time help protect against lime.

Take care of your coffee maker

Coffee will get the best taste if you use clean equipment. We have a lot of lime in our water in Denmark, so be sure to descale your coffee machine continuously. It is not enough to descale when the coffee machine has started to spray.

If you want to be really good at your coffee machine, use a quality descaling product that has a protective effect on hoses and pipes. And then descale your coffee maker every 6 weeks.

A water filter pot also protects the coffee machine from lime.

Drink the coffee right away

Unlike red wine, coffee does not get better from being “oxygenated”. Coffee should be drank immediately after brewing. The coffee should, of course, be allowed to drop to a drinkable temperature, but be sure to drink it within 20-30 minutes after brewing.

If the coffee is to stand for longer, be sure to store the coffee in a thermos.

The right temperature

When brewing the coffee it is incredibly important that the temperature is right. If your coffee machine brews too cold, you will experience the coffee becoming more bitter and you will not get the nuances of the coffee at all. When the water hits the coffee, it should have a temperature of between 92 and 96 degrees.

When the coffee is brewed and in the flask, it should preferably be kept at about 85 degrees.

Try different beans

There are an incredible variety of coffees and coffee beans. If one has made sure the equipment is in order, there is no need to ruin the experience by just taking the first and cheapest coffee in the supermarket.

Don’t be afraid to explore and try some different beans – it can give you a whole new view of how coffee can taste, too, and suddenly you’ve found your personal favorite

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  • Always use fresh cold water
  • Use freshly ground coffee beans
  • Keep your equipment clean
  • Try different coffee beans

Below i have added an “How to make coffee with a coffee maker” infographic.

Hope it helps you out.

how to make coffee with a filter coffee maker infographic

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