How to drink coffee in a healthy way?

drink coffee

In this article, I will go through the various facts about the health aspect of coffee, how to stay healthy, and give you some healthy ways to drink coffee.

Do not replace your breakfast with coffee as it only gives a false feeling of satiety. Your body needs fuel to get started every day, and it gets it from fruits, grains and dairy products.

Everyone thinks something different when it comes to coffee. Some insist that it is healthy, while others are convinced otherwise. Science may not give a clear answer, but there is much to suggest that it depends on your consumption: how many cups you drink a day, the caffeine content and whether you use coffee to increase your work effort. 

Learn more about healthier ways to drink coffee in the following article.

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What do you need to know about coffee?

You have probably read a lot about this dark drink with its special and deep smell. You can drink a cup of coffee with your new date, or put a pitcher over so you can stay awake for your favourite movie tonight. Coffee has become part of our culture.

Coffee contains caffeine, a substance that stimulates the central nervous system, which reduces fatigue and exhaustion. That sounds good, you might think, especially if you are often busy at work or have a stressful life. 

According to some studies, coffee makes it easier for you to study and remember information. But like any other stimulant, coffee can be harmful in the long run.

Coffee increases your heart rate, irritates the stomach wall and makes you feel more awake and alert. Some studies suggest that it may also reduce your appetite.

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Facts about coffee

In general, a moderate intake of coffee (up to five cups a week) does not have any serious, negative consequences for your body. 

Excessive coffee drinkers tend to develop a tolerance to coffee alkaloids, just like with any other medication. 

Therefore, a person who drinks two or more cups a day will be much less affected by the drink than someone who is not used to drinking it.

If, in addition to drinking coffee, smoking, not exercising, eating a lot of fast food and having a sedentary lifestyle, you are more likely to suffer from serious health consequences, not only because of the coffee but because of a combination of the risk factors.

It is also worth noting that patients with anaemia or people on a completely vegetarian or vegan diet should not drink too much coffee because, like tea, it prevents the body from absorbing as much iron. 

Other foods that can have the same effect are chocolate and Coke. 

Coffee can also reduce your calcium intake, which is why we do not recommend this drink for people with osteoporosis or broken bones or teeth.


Healthier ways to drink coffee

Do you feel like you are addicted to coffee and need more and more to stay awake and stay alert? 

Do you drink more than four cups of strong, black coffee a day? 

Do you have any of the other risk factors that we mentioned above? 

If this is the case, pay special attention to these tips. 

How to drink coffee in a healthier way:

  • Avoid using milk, cream or too much sugar in the coffee. Use a few drops of skim milk, stevia or cane sugar instead. This will reduce your calorie intake.
  • Do not replace your breakfast with coffee as it only gives a false feeling of satiety. Your body needs fuel to get started every day, and it gets it from fruits, grains and dairy products.
  • If you are well hydrated (with water, natural fruits and herbal teas), you will feel less tired and stressed and therefore do not feel the need to drink coffee as often.
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More healthy ways to drink coffee:

  • You should also make sure to get enough rest so that you can stop drinking as much coffee. If you have felt very worried or irritable lately or have been in a bad mood or experiencing insomnia, this drink may negatively affect you.
  • Replace coffee with natural tea or with decaffeinated coffee. These drinks will have a much more positive effect and make you calm and relaxed.
  • If you suffer from high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, kidney problems, anaemia, obesity or are pregnant; we recommend avoiding coffee or reducing your intake to as little as possible.
  • Do not drink coffee with antidepressants or cigarettes, as these combinations can cause severe headaches, high blood pressure and migraines.
  • Choose organic coffee. It may be a little more expensive than the normal product you buy in the supermarket, and you may also have to go to a specialty store. Still, the difference between this natural version and the industrial version of coffee is huge. Organic coffee is not treated with pesticides or herbicides, which means it is much better for your health. Furthermore, organic coffee beans are larger, which helps the environment.
  • Choose dark, roasted coffee beans. These beans have a higher content of antioxidants compared to normal roasted beans. They are a little stronger than traditional coffee beans, but you can use a little less to make your cup of coffee.
  • Invest in a coffee machine.  That way, you will get the most out of the beans you have purchased, saving money and avoiding waste. Use distilled water to make your coffee to avoid adding any chemicals. You can also buy a coffee grinder to grind your beans yourself.
  • Choose green coffee. This coffee version has gained great popularity lately because, according to experts on the subject, it has properties that help with weight loss. This type of coffee is not another plant; it comes from the same beans but has not been roasted and still has the original green colour. These beans are good for removing fat, reducing the amount of free radicals in your body, and reducing orange peel’s appearance. Plus they make you feel full, help control type II diabetes and offer a lot of “natural” energy.

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