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At least 2/3 of the people drink coffee every day, and about 80% of us prepare our favorite warm aromatic drink at home. 

To enjoy first-class coffee at home, you need to know how to do it in the best way.

Even if making coffee has become a routine for you, are you sure that you follow all the rules?

Here are some basic rules that can help you achieve the most delicious cup of coffee. 

The most common coffee making mistakes

You do not clean your coffee machine

Regular cleaning and maintenance mean not only better-tasting coffee but also a longer life for your coffee machine.

A dirty coffee machine can cause a bad-tasting coffee, even if it is of good quality.

There are great cleaners on the market for both capsule/pod machines and espresso machines.

They are ruthless to dirt and gentle on your machine.

Some of the best solutions are:

  • detergent for cleaning coffee machines.
  • decalcification capsules for espresso machines.

Don’t forget to include in your arsenal the practical brushes for cleaning coffee machines and coffee grinders. 

In case you work with a professional coffee machine, you must provide the best for your customers so that they come back to you again. 

You do not store coffee properly

If you leave your coffee beans in a bag on the kitchen counter and not in an airtight container, it is no wonder that the prepared drink does not develop its best taste. 

The biggest enemies of coffee are air, moisture, light, and heat.

Therefore, if possible, use coffee that has been roasted for the last 30 days and store it in an airtight container in a dark cupboard. 

The airtight environment will help maintain the freshness of the coffee for a longer time. 

Many high-quality coffees are already packaged in a special package with a flap and a zipper.

You can read more in this article if you are interested in learning more about how to store your coffee beans.

You do not grind the coffee beans properly

In addition to grinding the coffee beans immediately before brewing, you must also do so according to the method of brewing the coffee. 

You will achieve the best result with a good coffee grinder, guaranteeing the same size of all particles. 

If you do not have a good coffee grinder yet, below are some great options that will improve your coffee tremendously:

  • Manual coffee grinder Hario
  • Semi-automatic coffee grinder Rancilio
  • Semi-automatic Breville Dose Control Pro Grinder (My favourite).

Choose the size of the coffee grinds according to the way you will prepare your coffee. 

The finest grind settings is suitable for Turkish coffee, espresso, and Cuban coffee makers, medium grind size- and for Chemex and the French press you can use a coarse grind size. 

There are various methods of preparation, so read the instructions of your coffee grinder. 

You are using tap water

You will find a surprising change in the taste of your coffee if you start making your coffee with filtered water. 

Filtered water will reveal brighter and more delicate aromas of coffee, which are usually suppressed by the minerals in the unfiltered water and do not reach your palate.

If you do not have a filter system for your drinking water, choose a water filter system Brita is the best one!

Thanks to the special Maxtra filter, the filter jug ​​combines stylish design and innovative technologies. 

Brita gives maximum comfort to enjoy delicious drinks prepared with useful filtered water.

The perfect coffee is at your fingertips, you just have to allow it to reveal its best taste. 

Follow these easy steps and you will always enjoy an excellent result.

You can read more on water filters and other water-related things here if you are interested in learning more about the subject.

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