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For many people, the morning begins with a great need to make their favorite coffee.

Some prefer it black, others with milk, sugar, or honey. Whether consumed on the way to work, on the couch with a book in hand, or in the office with colleagues, each coffee lover has created his ritual around this drink.

But this is no accident because, despite skeptics, who do not believe the coffee that everyone prefers to drink, it defines the personality and reveals part of their character.

Besides, there is something curious about the ritual, which is different for each person.

Would you suggest that even your zodiac sign can play a significant role in building various habits?

In that sense, we at CoffeeSamurai have chosen to make our current blog topic a little more different (especially for people who believe in zodiac signs) by dedicating it to the zodiac signs and the ways they prefer to drink their coffee.


In the head of the representatives of this zodiac sign is the expression: “Coffee is above all.”

They prefer it short, strong, energizing, hot, black, without sugar, without sweet treats.

Or i.e. they love espresso. They usually consume it quickly – in 2-3 sips, without much talk.

Aries do not like weak coffee and diluted liquids. It may be one, but it should straighten the hair.


Tauruses like to drink their coffee slowly, without rush, especially when indulging in their pleasures.

If they are in a hurry, they will prefer to postpone drinking coffee for a quieter moment.

They like it well sweetened and with milk.

The taste is soft and pleasant.

Their preferences are – with cream, honey, brown sugar, in a cozy and amusing place, in addition to croissants, cookies, and lots of pastries.


Cancer people love coffee made at home, and even more, prefer someone else to make it for them.

It gives them more pleasure. They also have a great affinity for the cup in which is served.

If it is beautifully decorated with flowers, ornaments, and other decorations, as well as ceramic, it will satisfy their needs.


Representatives of this zodiac sign drink their coffee longer before going out, on the way, and after arriving at work.

It is seldom consumed on the table, mainly in plastic and paper cups, or in a thermos, as they prefer to carry it in their hand.


Lions love coffee for connoisseurs.

They wouldn’t sit in a casual and mediocre cafe. Representatives of this zodiac sign are looking for classy, both in taste and in serving.

They prefer coffee with a rich and concentrated flavor, a short dose for strong sensations, from a special selection of high-quality varieties.

It gives them a sense of individuality and sophistication.


People of this zodiac sign like organic coffee with care for their health and nature.

They pay attention to what they consume and are interested in its origin.

Apart from being a refreshing and energizing drink, the representatives of this zodiac sign would allow themselves to drink ecologically clean coffee, which would reduce the risk of chronic diseases and increase the quality and duration of life.

Virgo coffee is not cheap due to compliance with particular standards and requirements in its cultivation.

For the safety of their health, Virgo does not spare funds that fall into the category of reasonable costs.


Scorpio coffee is strong and black, without additives to its taste and aroma.

They prefer it bitter, concentrated, and without sugar nor additional sweeteners.

At the most piece of dark chocolate.

Representatives of this zodiac sign like to drink coffee after hard work, after great physical and mental effort, when strong coffee must briefly regain their strength to be refill and productive.


Libra prefers coffee with an exclusive taste and in a comfortable atmosphere and company.

For them, this ritual is associated with love and intimacy.

Moreover, for all the artistic representatives of this zodiac sign, who are connoisseurs of the arts, one latte would suit them perfectly because in the cup is not just a coffee but a true masterpiece.


The representatives of this zodiac sign like to drink their coffee, occupied with their job.

Surrounded by plans and schedules, watching the watch, and planning business meetings.

The atmosphere is severe and professional.

They prefer black and short coffee served with an attitude and respect that makes them feel special.


The coffee of representatives of this zodiac sign is in an unusual situation, in a commonplace, in casual encounters.

They do not recognize traditions, go beyond the limits and break the usual standards for drinking coffee.

They prefer quite unconventional flavors and often experiment with the flavors, as their very nature is colorful.

Often their coffee is next to the computer while browsing social networks or chatting with a friend.


The Pisces like coffee, which satisfies their various tastes and preferences.

They do not stick to a specific style of drinking their favorite drink or brand.

But one thing is especially characteristic for the representatives of this zodiac sign – they have the requirement, mainly to enjoy their coffee in complete relaxation and intimacy.

They do not like noisy companies in busy places, but privacy and a relaxed atmosphere.


People of this zodiac sign like coffee served in a large cup and with as many extras as possible.

Sagittarius loves fullness and abundance everywhere, including in a cup of coffee.

They are not particularly pretentious when it comes to the origin and variety of coffee, what matters that the quantity satisfies their senses.

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