Guide to Choosing Your Espresso Machine
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.. But it can also quickly become expensive with various cafe visits and why not take the experience home and learn the barista art to the fullest.

Here you will find information on all the best and best-selling espresso machines, you can also read various tests and reviews of the individual machines.

In other words, you can quickly find the one that suits you best.

Rancilio Silvia espresso machine

star 25 1
Rancilio Silvia espresso machine

Available on Amazon. Very good value!

Almost all experts agree that you need a cheap semi-automatic espresso machine that can make you the most delicious and most fragrant espresso, and you will in no way get around Rancilio Silvia.

It is arguably one of the most popular and best-selling espresso machines of recent times, and it has sold for hundreds of thousands worldwide.

We have set out to test it and find out if it is actually as good as everyone claims. Let’s jump straight into it, do you have any questions or would you like to give your own assessment of this espresso machine, then you can do so at the bottom of the post.

Of course, we were really looking forward to testing and playing with this machine, and our first impression was complete as expected. One could quickly sense how much love and passion was put into creating the ultimate espresso machine.

Everything was nice to the touch and overall the first impression was just super good. There are so many delicious details and yet they have managed to keep it super simple and not least easy to use.

Rancilio Silvia is known for being very compact and a machine that does not load as much as some of the very large espresso machines. In our opinion, this is a plus as it fits well into any normal family kitchen.

Taste Experience

After unpacking it and admiring it for some time, we were ready to make our first cup of espresso on it. We filled up some water on the machine, turned on the electricity and then we had bought some delicious beans from DesignLe Piantagioni for this purpose.

Soon, the scent began to spread throughout our apartment, it was a pure pleasure. The machine started stomping the coffee and the black gold slowly began to seep into our little fine espresso cups.

Now it was time to taste it and see if it could live up to its fine reputation. A small sip was taken in the mouth and a delicious round sensation hit our tongues, a small nod on the head was sent to each other as a sign that this was a must for connoisseurs.


  1. Cup heater  – As we also mentioned above there are a lot of smart details, but at the same time it is ultra-simple and easy to use. One of those details is definitely the cup heater. At the top of the machine, you can place your cups and they are always warm and ready for use when you need them.
  2. Large capacity  – Even if it does not fill much, it has a good capacity and you can easily brew several cups without any problems.
  3. Delicious design  – The design is delicious and simple. Everything superfluous is cut off and only the most needed is left. It also makes it much easier to use.
  4. Great Taste  – The taste experience was top-notch , that’s what has made it so well known throughout most of the world, and we just have to agree and say that it can do something that very few espresso machines can.
  5. Good price  – further down the page where you can read where you find the best prices, but we can only say that at the price you so high quality.


We saw nothing where we can say it was negative. Obviously, it does get a little noisy as it goes on, but so does an espresso machine, so in other words, we have nothing to add to this point.

I feel like i have to mention the plastic feel.. This is a great little machine, however i really (as one of the few negatives) the plastic shield is not the best. I prefer metal, but within this price range, its simply not possible. SO its all about what your willing to invest in your espresso machine. If your willing to upgrade to get more value/quality, i recommend this machine, and the review is here.


You should choose this espresso machine for many reasons, it is the price, the design and of course the taste experience that makes us so impressed.

Rancilio Silvia has been one of the absolute most discussed and tested espresso machines in the home market over the last ten years, but I can only say that I love the small machine.

There is real power in the steamer, so with any exercise, you can make extremely delicious milk foam. Rancilio is by far the most consistent machine in the test, acknowledging with an espresso that almost nonchalantly lambs most of what we are offered in town.

If you have the patience and desire to learn the barista art then you can quickly learn to make an espresso that will beat them at the local cafe. 

Below you can find this great review of Rancilio Silvia, so please check it out, and get a little wiser on this machine.


  • Type: Semi-automatic
  • Measures 23.5 x 29 x 34 cm
  • Weight 14 kg
  • Water tank 2.2 L
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Electrical connection 230-240 V 50-60 Hz
  • Power 1100 W


Is it suitable for a beginner?

Rancilio Silvia is often referred to as a super good beginner espresso machine for him or her who wants a little more than just making a quick cup of coffee.

It takes some time to get to know it and be able to brew it properly, but once it is learned there are also no limits to what to do.

What to pay attention to?

There are many examples of people who forget to fill water and thus the thermostat breaks down. So always remember to bring water.

What does it do better than other espresso machines?

It is an espresso machine where there is really the slightest detail, among other things there is a cup heater on the top of the machine, it means you always have hot cups which is super delicious.

At the same time as it is a semi-automatic you get a lot of control over how it is brewed and tasted, so there are many possibilities.

Delonghi Distinta semiautomatic espresso machine

star 35 1
Delonghi Distinta semiautomatic espresso machine

Delonghi is one of the leading manufacturers of many types of kitchen appliances and coffee machines, but also as this great and unique espresso machine. It does not take up much of the landscape, and can, therefore, fit into any kitchen where there is not so much space.

Of course, it can also be hidden away in a closet, but it would be a real shame as the beautiful design will adorn any home or kitchen. Delonghi thinks in terms of function, design and interior design as they develop their smart and effective products.

The model here, the Distinta, is a semi-automatic espresso machine and it has all the necessary features to brew the best cup of coffee in the world.

It all takes place at home, and by reading the accompanying user manual, you will be able to brew several different types of coffee on your machine in a very short time.

Get to know the machine and find just the coffee bean that you think gives you the best aroma and flavor. Then try the machine a bit and vary your brewing methods until you find the perfect way.

Then you invite some guests to the world’s best cup of coffee, and then you can expect to become very popular with many friends and acquaintances.

DeLonghi EC850 M semiautomatic espresso machine

star 45
DeLonghi EC850 M semiautomatic espresso machine

There are actually some coffee nerds who think that a semi-automatic espresso machine is far better than a fully automatic one. That’s because there is a bit more craftsmanship in such a model, compared to the fully automatic basically doing all the work, just by pressing a few buttons on the machine.

Personally i am not crazy about fully automatic machines either, however this gem is amazing! I really have severe problems locating any negatives on this machine. Great machine that makes amazing coffee.

On this model, the EC850M, from Delonghi, you have every opportunity to control part of the process yourself, by filling your own coffee beans and stomping it, with the density you think is the best result.

They give you much greater satisfaction than if it’s just a machine that manages it all by itself. Of course, it also places some greater demands on you like a coffee maker, in that you have to familiarize yourself a little more with both process and possibilities.

Although this model is quite simple to operate, it makes exceptional coffee. Make your own espresso, latte or cappuccino without the big hassles and score expensive points with friends and acquaintances who get the honor of tasting your own home-brewed specialties.

That should impress quite a bit. In the accompanying guide, you will also get great tips and ideas for your new craft, as a self-taught barista, and if you want, even more, you can find lots of new exciting knowledge on the internet.

It is a super delicious and nice espresso machine developed by Delonghi and it will bring you many good cups of coffee and pleasant moments.

DeLonghi makes some impressive machines, and you can buy this and others on Amazon here.

Miele – CM6150 free standing espresso machine

star 3
Miele CM6150

Miele is renowned for all sorts of smart solutions when it comes to kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers and more, and of course, as one of the leading manufacturers of espresso machines.

What Miele can do is hit the spot with the customers’ wishes for very high product quality, a super performance, and then an incredibly nice design that makes the machine almost fall into the interior like a piece of furniture that just cannot be avoided.

You simply become addicted to the amazing coffee that you get to brew at home.

For example, with just a touch of the machine, you can brew two cups of beautiful coffee in one process, thus saving a lot of time that you can spend sitting and enjoying your fresh and home-brewed, aromatic and tasty cup of coffee.

When the coffee is brewed, the machine automatically starts cleaning and flushing the milk parts of the machine, which means that the machine is always ready for the next cup, without compromising hygiene conditions.

You can brew espresso, coffee, double espresso, double coffee, caffe latte, and much more, and in the accompanying user guide you will find plenty of tips for different types of brewing that you can brew with your new Miele espresso machine.

Invite some guests and show them how a really good cup of coffee should taste. It will certainly fall into good ground, and impress a great many.

If your looking for a great coffee maker you can count on this one.

Melitta Caffeo Barista TS espresso machine

star 35 1
Melitta Caffeo Barista TS espresso machine

There is no doubt that you can easily serve a delicious cup of home-brewed coffee, which even the best cafes in the country can not cope with. However, it just requires that you have the best equipment for the purpose and, specifically, the best espresso machine on the market.

Melitta’s Caffeo Barista TS is the perfect solution for those who have had blood on their teeth and would like to become one of the country’s best home baristas. Made of the finest quality in chrome and stainless steel, this machine is incredibly well designed, making it a great sight wherever you place it in your home.

You can make up to 18 different coffee variants on this machine, and it has a special bean feature, where you choose your bean type, for your favorite coffee.

You can read some reviews on Amazon, where its also available to purchase.

After experimenting with different bean types, you will soon find that the bean and its properties are of great importance to the aroma and taste of the coffee, and it will give you and your guests many new and exciting coffee experiences that you will not get. by any means other than doing it yourself, at home in the kitchen or living room.

For many years, Melitta has been a leader and leader in the market and has developed and delivered many coffee machines throughout the company’s lifetime. It has made them especially experienced specialists in terms of coffee and coffee brewing.

Now they pass on the staff to you, in the form of this beautiful espresso machine, it allows you to make your very own coffee specialties.

A few thoughts..

Throughout the world, there are still more and more people who drink coffee.

Coffee has a unique ability to keep us awake and give us more energy than we would otherwise have. This is a big advantage for our business communities, where coffee plays a big role among many employees.

Many companies, therefore, offer employees coffee in the morning so they can work optimally. As such, it`s great as the hard-working people increase their energy level.

It is a regular part of many people’s everyday lives, both on a Monday morning, but for many also on a Friday afternoon.

Some drink more than others, and it’s no surprise. But the more you drink, the greater the requirements you must have in relation to the quality. However, that does not mean that if you only drink one cup a day or a few cups a week, you should not have any requirements for your coffee.

You should have that no matter how much coffee you drink.

In order to get an optimal coffee, without a huge amount of time, you need to have a proper coffee machine. There are many different types and models, so just go to war with researching the market.

You have to keep in mind that the more coffee machine costs, the better it is usually too. However, it does not happen every time.

You must, therefore, look at the individual machine and see what the machine can do, which the others in the market cannot. After all, you need to know what features you pay for.

Be aware of brewing temperature and brewing time

When you have to buy yourself a coffee machine, you have to look for a lot of different things.

The more things you can control, the better the coffee machine is as a starting point also to meet your specific needs.

Some of the things you need to be aware of are brewing temperature and brewing time. If you do not know much about these things, then you can start with the following rules, which set the framework for a good machine.

The brewing temperature must be just right if you want the optimal coffee taste.

As a starting point, it should, therefore, be between 92 and 96 degrees.

However, it may vary depending on which coffee flavour you prefer. It’s a matter of taste how your coffee should taste.

The taste is also influenced by the brewing temperature, so you should keep that in mind when making your coffee.

The optimal brewing time is between 4 and 6 minutes. It is important that it does not take a longer or shorter time to make the coffee.

That will mean it either tastes bitter or flat instead of nice. You can see the brewing time under the specifications for each coffee machine.

If you cannot find it, contact the dealer who can guarantee the exact figures in this regard.

Never hesitate to ask an employee or write an email if you have questions about the product.

It is important that you do not have any doubts when buying your coffee machine.

Look for an eco-friendly coffee maker to meet your needs

You may also want to look for power consumption when choosing your coffee maker.

There is no downside to choosing an eco-friendly machine – they are often better than those who do not have the environment in mind.

It is up to you whether you choose to look for an environmentally friendly coffee maker. However, it can be recommended for many reasons.

You must also consider your consumption. Make up with yourself how many cups you drink a day. It helps you find a coffee maker that can produce just the number you need in high quality every time. The most important thing about buying a coffee machine is that it meets your requirements and meets your needs properly. You should therefore not compromise on that.

Quality has a higher price!

Basically, you have to expect that you have to pay more for a high-quality coffee machine than you have to pay for the bad ones.

However, it is possible to find a good machine at a good price.

From time to time, they also come up with offers where you can save a lot of money on a high-quality coffee machine.

It is therefore important that the price is not crucial to you. You have to keep it in mind, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

The cheap filter coffee machines are the most widely used

As with so many other products, it is the cheap ones that are best known.

Most people in know about the cheap coffee machines, the so-called filter coffee machines. They work by filling a filter with coffee powder.

Then prepare the machine for use and turn it on. It is also the type that most people use, and there are several reasons.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of them.

Filter coffee machines are simple. They are extremely easy to use and they make a coffee with a sensible taste.

The taste is not perfect, but it makes sense and meets many Danes’ requirements for coffee.

In addition, they can make large quantities of coffee each time. This is a great advantage that many other coffee makers cannot.

But there are also some disadvantages to the so-called filter coffee machines. One disadvantage of the filter coffee machines is that they can only make plain black coffee.

If you do not drink plain black coffee, then you should not buy such a machine.

Then you have to buy yourself a slightly better machine at a slightly higher price, which can make just the coffee you prefer.

The capsule machines are user-friendly and easy to use

The best coffee machines on the market are the ones that work with a capsule.

They are easy to use and they produce a delicious cup of coffee with a nice taste.

Yes, and then you have the opportunity to make different flavours in a capsule machine. Simply apply a capsule, with just the flavour that you prefer. Capsules are available in many flavours, making it easy to make a perfect coffee.

However, you should also know that the capsules cost more than coffee powder.

This means that the price of using a capsule machine is higher than it is with a filter coffee machine.

However, you can also make many more flavour variations very quickly with a capsule machine, which is also much more user-friendly.

However, you can only make one cup at a time, which may be a disadvantage for some.

An espresso machine makes good espresso

It is very difficult to make a good espresso. It takes a lot of experience if you want to make a good espresso.

There are many machines that can help you with the process, which makes the market very difficult to understand unless you know which machine to buy.

To make it all clearer, you can divide the many espresso machines into categories so you can get a better overview of the different ones.

The fully automatic machines – The fully automatic machines have an electric pump which allows them to make the coffee perfectly. The pump has the function that the machine always makes the coffee at the right pressure. It creates the setting for the perfect coffee flavor.

The semi-automatic and the fully automatic machines – These two types have an electronic control system.

The system sends the water through the coffee in such a way that you get all the good taste with. It may be advantageous to have a machine that has this feature.

The manual espresso machines – This type is not very special. It all happens manually, which means that you are responsible for all the work. It is not recommended that you buy a manual coffee machine, as it requires a good deal of experience to be able to make a perfect coffee with these machines.

The new generation of coffee machines

From time to time new machines will be on the market. The latest machines are the so-called super-automatic coffee machines.

They can make a wide variety of flavours, which is a huge advantage. The same can be said of the capsule machines, but this type is equipped with a number of delicious smart features that the other machines of the market do not have.

What design should it have?

There is a myriad of different colors available. It is not a secret that coffee machines can also be purchased in red, yellow, green, black, white and all the other colors.

But you have to think an extra time before buying your coffee maker because the wrong colour choice can mean that you quickly pack away the espresso machine and won’t use it anymore.

The reason for this is really very simple.

The reason is that if you choose a coffee maker in a colour that does not fit into your home, it will not match your other things in the home. Then you quickly wrap it because it doesn’t have to look ugly. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a color that you do not get tired of.

The most prevalent colors and those recommended are black and white. They match the vast majority of different Danish homes, so they can stand up and be ready to use. This does not mean you have to choose black or white.

It just means that you have to be aware of the color choices so that you do not regret your purchase and do not get the most out of your coffee machine. After all, it is an investment that should last for a few years.

A few cool features for your espresso machine

There are many features that you can choose for your espresso machine.

However, you should settle for yourself if you really need these features. If you do not have a need for them, then do not choose them.

This means that you will pay for features that you will not use. You are guaranteed that you will pay for each small feature whether you use it or not.

However, there are a number of features that are both smart and helpful in use.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of them that you can easily check out and choose for your particular coffee maker.

Choose an espresso machine with auto power off

Auto power off is one of the features that they recommend that you prioritize. It simply does as its name suggests. It turns off your machine if you forget it yourself.

If you are busy in the morning and forget to turn off the machine, it turns itself off – often after 2 hours.

This means you won’t have to worry about remembering to turn off the machine before leaving home. It’s quite a smart feature.

Choose an espresso machine with drip stop

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to stop the drip from your coffee machine. It is not a necessity, but for some, it is a feature that makes the whole process much easier.

Therefore, check with yourself if this is a feature for which you will pay a little extra.

Choose a coffee machine with a built-in timer

There are also coffee machines with a built-in timer. That may sound too good to be true, but it works. It has been tested and the function actually works every time. It is one of the functions that people most often choose in connection with their coffee machine.

It simply enables the machine to make even a good deal of coffee. Simply set the machine and you can wake up every morning to the smell of coffee. And as I said, it seems absolutely fantastic, even if you shouldn’t believe it.

Choose an espresso machine with a descaling program

An espresso machine must be descaled from time to time. The whole thing is much easier if the machine is equipped with a descaling program.

You can choose that too.

If you wish, the specifications of the individual machines often state whether they have the program.

Ask yourself if this is something you really need. If you don’t, then you shouldn’t pay for the feature – because no features are free, unfortunately.

If you dont already have an espresso machine, i recommend you to read this article to learn more about the best espresso machines.

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