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Fully Automatic Espresso Machines

These 5 Has The Most Value For Your Money!

fully automatic coffee machines

If you are the type who does not want to miss your morning coffee or if you just like to drink good coffee, then there is no doubt that you should go out and invest in a fully automatic espresso machine.

There are a lot of them on the market, so you can guarantee that you can find exactly the machine you think is best for meeting your needs and requirements.

Certainly, there should be no doubt that a fully automatic espresso machine is the closest you will get to a coffee maker that can make just as good coffee as you get from a professional barista.

However, it is not like a manual espresso machine where you have to handle each step on your own, which you actually have to do with many of the manual espresso machines, which is why it will take much longer to make coffee with such a machine.

If you buy a fully automatic espresso machine, then you can be absolutely sure that you get a fantastic cup of coffee every time you turn on the machine and start it brewing coffee.

Of course, this also means that with a fully automatic espresso machine, you avoid all the traditional hassle that is usually associated with brewing a cup of coffee, if you have to do it manually, because with such a machine you do not actually have to other than pressing a button and your machine will do the rest for you.

Not only does it guarantee you get the same, good cup of coffee every time you use your machine, unless you choose to change your settings and the like, but it also makes it much easier for you to make a nice, good cup of coffee in the morning, without really needing anything from you.

Philips HD8975-01 Saeco Gran Barista fully automatic espresso machine

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Saeco Gran Barista
Philips HD8975-01 Saeco Gran Barista

If you are a bit of a coffee roaster or are only the best kitchen appliances good enough for you, then this is just the machine for you! The Philips HD8975-01 is a technologically highly advanced fully automatic espresso machine that can brew up to 18 different coffee varieties.

The Philips HD8975-01 comes with an integrated coffee grinder that can grind coffee in five different ways to get your coffee just the way you want it. Freshly ground and delicious.

The machine is capable of adjusting the pressure of brewing ordinary coffee and espresso. There is a big difference between how quickly the water is pressed through the freshly ground coffee.

The espresso machine is capable of making a variety of coffee varieties. Program it among other things to make a nice cup of filter coffee, cappuccino or café latte macchiato.

Thanks to the specially developed Saeco Thermospeed technology, the machine quickly heats the water to brewing and brews all come to the optimum temperature, so that all aromas from the coffee are used to the best possible extent.

With the automatic milk frother, Philips HD8975-01 itself is able to add the amount of milk or milk foam that fits the individual coffee recipes. 

The milk froth is delightfully full and creamy. The milk container can easily be stored in the refrigerator when you are not using it.

It is not only the brewing that is fully automatic. Internal cleaning of the machine also takes place via the front control panel. No need to waste too much time on it – after all, the coffee just gets cold!

If your interested in this amazing coffee maker, you can find reviews, and various details on Amazon.

DeLonghi ECAM 21.117.W fully automatic espresso machine

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DeLonghi ECAM 21.117 W
DeLonghi ECAM 21.117.W

Making a delicious cup of coffee at home, reminiscent of what you can get at the local coffee shop, doesn’t have to be that cumbersome at all.

DeLonghi has many years of experience designing coffee and espresso machines. Thus, they have also designed this great fully automatic espresso machine with a built-in milk frother so that you can live out your barista dreams at home.

If you love freshly brewed coffee, you will really love the coffee from DeLonghi ECAM 21.117.W. The machine is equipped with a built-in coffee grinder, where your favourite bean mixture is ground just before the coffee is brewed. It is also possible to make coffee with ground coffee.

The front panel lets you choose how strong the coffee should be. It is also if you choose how big a cup of coffee you want to make, as well as whether it should be smoking hot or a little more temperate. It is possible to brew up to two cups of coffee at one time.

If you want to make your freshly brewed cup of coffee for a cappuccino instead, simply put the cup into the cup holder under the milk frother and activate the milk frother. It only takes a minute, then you have your cappuccino with super delicious and creamy milk foam.

Try if necessary. also to use the milk frother the next time you make hot cocoa.

The water tank is 1.8 litres. A meter on the container allows you to see when it needs to be refilled. The same goes for the milk and coffee container.

The cleaning is super easy as DeLonghi ECAM 21.117.W was born with an automatic cleaning and descaling program. All smooth surfaces can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

Siemens EQ3 TI313219RW Compact, fully automatic coffee maker

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Siemens EQ. 3 S300 1
Siemens EQ3 TI313219RW

Get your own home espresso machine, which can serve you a really well-brewed cup of coffee. It can make just the coffee variety you want.

It’s like having your own coffee shop at home in private.

What can the machine do?

This semi-professional coffee maker can brew coffee. It goes without saying. But it does – and it’s pretty much all varieties, from the usual good cup of coffee without any frills to the more advanced versions of a cup of coffee, which you usually only order when you’re in town.

With this Siemens model, you can easily order both an espresso, a latte, a cappucino, a macchiato – or whatever you are feeling right now.

Of course, you can also ask the machine to give you milk froth. And if you ask it to serve two cups of coffee, yes, then you will.

With enough space under the taps for a tall glass, it is possible to make room for the high latte macchiato glass.

Get one, two cups of brewed coffee easily, quickly and deliciously.

You can find additional details on Amazon.


There is a powerful and efficient 1300 W motor with a pressure of 15 bar in the engine room of this espresso machine.

It measures 37.8 cm in height, 42 cm in depth and 24.7 cm in width. It weighs 7.1 kilos.

Its detachable water tank holds up to 1.4 litres and the bean container holds 250 grams.

Its automatic cleaning system even keeps all interior parts clean. It is equipped with a ground coffee container and has the opportunity to warm your cup.

Here you will find the ultimate home coffee bar with the opportunity to have freshly brewed coffee with or without milk foam at any time.

Use it yourself or welcome coffee. The machine easily brews two cups of café-coffee at one time.

There is a super delicious everyday luxury.

Barista Smart T silver

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Barista Smart T silver

Should Your Home Coffee Shop Be Of Exquisite Quality? Should it be able to brew 18 different coffee varieties? And should it be so Smart that you can control it with your Smartphone?

Then this model from Melissa can meet all these requirements – and more than them.

The Smart Coffee Maker

With the Melitta Connect App, you can control both the brewing itself, the choice of coffee variety and other wonderful functions with your phone.

It also has a feature called My Coffee Memory, which of course it can remember exactly how you prefer your coffee. You can also create your own variation, which recipe you can then save and use again later. It’s really smart.

Facts about the espresso machine

There is a motor with a power of 1450 W in this fully automatic machine which has a pressure of 15 bar. It works very quietly so it is a pleasure to have in the kitchen.

It measures 37.5 cm in height, 46.7 cm in depth and 25.9 cm in width.

It weighs 10.3 kilos.

The water tank can hold 1.8 litres and the bean container holds 270 grams. The beans are easily and freshly ground by the built-in bean grinder.

Easily brew one or two cups of coffee in whatever variety you want. The smart height-adjustable coffee outlet with LED ensures that the coffee runs right where it needs to.

The built-in system makes cleaning and descaling completely automatic. It is both very smart and very hygienic. The design is checked, modern and simple in its style.

Here you get a chic and elegant home coffee shop that is both stylish to have standing in the kitchen, makes the most beautiful, freshly brewed coffee in a total of 18 fixed variants and can be controlled via an app in your Smartphone.

You can also compose your own or your guests’ favourite coffee and ask the machine to remember it. Become your own barista.

Melitta Caffeo CI silver

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melitta caffeo ci
Melitta Caffeo CI silver

A Melitta coffee machine is not what it has been. Now, for example, watch this luxurious version of an espresso machine that easily and quickly makes you one or two cups of coffee of your choice.

What can the machine do?

It can make coffee, of course. It can make all kinds of well-brewed coffee. You ask them to make one or two cups of a particular type of coffee and then have it or them. Of course, they are brewed according to all the rules of art, and ingredients and workflows are just as obviously done in the right order.

The brew temperature can be set so you can choose between 87 degrees, 90 degrees or 93 degrees.

Its plug-in milk intake system works in the way that it is switched on when it should be a coffee with milk and taken off and put in the fridge when not in use. Thus, the best possible hygiene is maintained, which is of course important.

On the whole, the company has made sure that the design is as clean as possible. It significantly raises the level of hygiene that cleaning is easy and automatic – and so with the fact that the milk is separate.

This fully-automatic coffee maker, can be found on Amazon. You can also read reviews, and get more detailed info there.

Facts about the machine

The engine of the machinery is 14 W and has a pressure of 15 bar. It measures 352 mm in height, 255 mm in width and 473 mm in depth.

Its water can hold 1.8 liters and there are two chambers for coffee beans, so you can choose between two types of coffee beans.

The stainless steel coffee grinder ensures that you can always get a cup of freshly brewed coffee on freshly ground beans.

Its memory system allows it to remember up to four people’s coffee preferences.

If you prefer to enjoy and offer a cup of freshly brewed coffee, then you have the best prerequisites for doing this with this cafe-like espresso machine from Melitta.

Fully automatic espresso machines

Easy but great coffee!

There are many good reasons why you should replace your current coffee machine with a fully automatic espresso machine, but there is no doubt that the primary reason is that you can brew a fantastic cup of coffee and get the same taste, every time you use the machine.

This is machines that do all the work for you, which is exactly what helps ensure, that you can not only make your coffee exactly as you want it, but also that it is made in exactly the same way next time, which is very rarely possible if you have to make your coffee manually, but if it is a machine that does the work for you, then it is a whole other matter.

However, that is not the only reason why you should go out and invest in a fully automatic espresso machine that you may have standing at home on the kitchen table or that you can use in the office.

For example, you will also find that in the long run, it is much cheaper to operate than the very popular capsule machines, which are sold for almost no money, but which, on the other hand, cost really, very much money in the operation.

However, you also need to buy a fully automatic espresso machine for the reason that it simply won’t be easier to make a cup of coffee – or more cups, for that matter.

Because it requires nothing but putting in your cup during the coffee spout, finding the program or type of coffee you want, and then there is nothing else but pressing start and waiting about 30 seconds to a minute on your coffee being done and ready to drink.

Since it is so easy and quick to make a good cup of coffee, for example, you will also have a much better time to enjoy your coffee in the morning, where in the past it could well be a little rushed, because you would have to wait for a really long time at your coffee maker – especially if you’ve been forced to make a whole jug every time.

As you can probably see, there are many benefits to acquiring a fully automatic espresso machine, so it’s not a question of why you should buy a fully automatic espresso machine, but rather a question of why you shouldn’t.

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