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Find The Best Coffee Grinder -A Helpful Guide

In this article, we review the best models of coffee grinders on the market right now, so you can quickly and easily create an overview and compare the models.

Grinding your own coffee beans is one of the best things to do for the taste of your coffee and it is important that you choose the right coffee grinder according to your brewing method.

coffeegrinders main

There is a big difference between whether you are grinding coffee beans for a plunger or an espresso and it is therefore important that your coffee grinder can grind your coffee exactly as you wish.

Below you will find a review of some of the best and most test-winning coffee grinders on the market right now. 

There are fine and tasty coffee products with vacuum packed ground coffee. But if you grind the coffee beans yourself, you get a much better aroma and tasting coffee.

Getting started

It’s easy to grind your own coffee, but it requires you to invest in a little equipment.

There is a selection of coffee grinders lower on this page, that I recommend you check out, as there is a difference in how they grind the coffee.

Mechanical grinder with blade mills has a small propeller and often noises a lot. It chops/beats the coffee beans roughly and unevenly with a double leaf.

For finer paint, you let the grinder run longer, but it can be difficult to get the same result from time to time.

When grinding coffee with a leaf grinder, run the grinder at intervals of 2-5 seconds. It prevents the coffee beans from becoming too hot due to the friction of the leaves, which can evaporate the coffee’s oil and reduce the taste.

Hold the lid tight and shake the grinder a few times along the way so that no larger lumps accumulate at the edge.

  • Rough grinding takes 7-10 seconds
  • Medium grinding takes 10-14 seconds
  • Fine grinding takes 15-20 seconds

Although it is possible to finely grind the coffee beans, it is not recommended to use a leaf grinder for espresso as the result does not form the hard uniform mass needed for the water to be evenly pressed through on an espresso machine.

The burr grinder (‘burr’ is English and means rough) works by setting the desired fineness which is regulated by adjusting the spacing between the plates. 

In some machines, the plates are tapered and painted extra slowly, to avoid heat formation during the quenching.

This preserves the finer flavours. Grinding coffee on this type of grinder provides an opportunity to experiment with the result compared to grinding, and small adjustments can make a big difference.

This grinder can achieve the same result over and over again.

A manual coffee grinder is the good old fashioned coffee grinding method and it has been around since 1655.

It grinds very uniformly and also ensures a good result every time. 

Grinding coffee beans by hand can be quite a meditative act because you have time to appreciate the good coffee – and not least the scent. 

Coffee mills are easier to clean than mechanical grinders. 

They are smaller and consist of fewer parts, so there are not many coffee residues that can ruin the brewed coffee.

5 good tips on grinding coffee

  • The shorter the brewing time, the finer the coffee beans must be ground
  • Only grind coffee for a short period of time as oxygen and moisture change the nature of the coffee
  • Coffee must not come into contact with water until during the brewing itself
  • When cleaning your grinder it is a good idea to use a dry cloth or vacuum up the coffee residue with a vacuum cleaner
  • And as always … you will find the grind that suits your equipment and your coffee taste

Three good reasons to grind coffee yourself:

  1. It tastes better as the aroma of coffee is preserved
  2. You can sort bad and damaged beans from
  3. You can experiment with different degrees of grinding – the same coffee bean can give different flavours

Depending on the type of coffee you want, for example, pitcher coffee, filter coffee or espresso coffee, there are degrees of coffee grinding that are best suited to the method, and where you get the best taste.

The overall goal is to suck the most aroma out of the coffee during the time when the water has contact with the ground coffee beans.

As with many other facets of coffee brewing, the grinding of coffee is an area that professional coffee roasters and taste experts experiment a lot. But if you need to grind beans for a good cup of flavorful coffee at home, there are just a few things to keep in mind.

A few rules of memory:

  • French Press: Coarse grinding – should feel like clear coarse coffee particles. Like coarse salt for a salt grinder
  • Filter coffee: Medium grind – should feel grainy but fine. Like fine sand, or table salt
  • Pour over: Fine grinding – should be soft to the touch, slightly finer than sugar or table salt
  • Espresso machine: Extra fine grinding – should feel finer than sugar, but not quite as powder

What happens if you do not follow these remembering rules?

For example, if you have tried to use coffee ground for espresso in a filter coffee machine, it will take longer for the water to run through and the taste becomes bitter. This is because the water has been in contact with the coffee for too long and has thus attracted unwanted flavours.

If you want a stronger coffee, regardless of the brewing method, then the amount of coffee you need to adjust and not use other grinds if they mean that the water is longer to run through than allowed.

Coffee grinder test – Here are the 8 best coffee grinders

Below I have added a list of the mentioned coffee grinders I have tested for this article.

By far the best one is the Breville Grinder pro.

Should I need to go out and invest in a new grinder today, that`s the one i would buy.

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Wilfa WSCG-2

Wilfa WSCG 2 1

This coffee grinder from Wilfa handles everything from espresso coffee to punch coffee. The Consumer Council Think in particular emphasizes the coffee grinder’s ability to grind fine coffee, which gets top marks, as well as the model’s user-friendliness is praised.

In terms of price, the coffee grinder is in the middle class, while the quality is in absolute top class.

The coffee grinder from Wilfa has a capacity of 250 grams and is suitable for espresso, aeropress, filter coffee and plunger coffee and you can easily adjust the coarseness of the coffee on the machine. The machine is designed with tapered blades which means that minimal heat is produced when the coffee beans are ground. This preserves the good aroma and coffee taste. The bean container even has a UV filter so your coffee beans and their aroma won’t hurt even if the coffee grinder is placed somewhere with a lot of sun.

The Wilfa WSCG-2 is equipped with an electronic timer which can be set from 0-30 seconds. This allows you to control the amount of coffee being ground, which ensures that you get an equal amount of coffee every time.

 The grinder itself is made of stainless steel and there is hidden cable storage at the bottom of the machine. The coffee grinder has even been awarded the “Golden Bean” by the European Coffee Brewing Center, which is a blue stamp of coffee equipment that accrues only the best products in coffee brewing.

Benefits of Wilfa WSCG-2 coffee grinder: 
250g capacity bean
Suitable for both espresso, filter, aeropress and plunger coffee
Timer function
UV filter in the bean container
Receives the award “The Golden Bean”

star 4

Below you can see a brief presentation of the Wilfa coffee grinder:

DeLonghi KG79

DeLonghi KG79 1

The coffee grinder from DeLonghi is especially praised for its ease of use and robustness and of course also for the quality of the coffee it makes. 

The coarse coffee stands out and also the coffee from the medium setting gets fine marks. The machine is made with stainless steel grinder and with transparent lid, so you can easily follow the process. The coffee container itself is removable and the bottom is equipped with non-slip feet so that the grinder is firmly in use. The top of the steel grinder can be removed, which facilitates cleaning considerably.

The model is suitable for both espresso, filter and stamp coffee. It has a 120 gram bean container and you can set the grinder to grind between 2 and 12 cups at a time. The grinder stops automatically when coffee is ground to the desired number of cups. The coffee grinder has 12 different steps of the degree of coffee grinding and you easily select the setting you want on the side of the machine. On the front you choose how many cups you want to grind coffee for and when the coffee is finished, it is sent down into a container that is pulled out like a small drawer, as you know it from the old-fashioned coffee mills.

star 4

Advantages of DeLonghi KG79 coffee grinder: 
Suitable for both espresso, filter and plunger coffee
12 different grinding settings
Bean container with capacity of 120 grams
Non-slip design

Dig CM800

Dig CM800 1

This model from Graef stood out best in testing for its espresso and and filter coffee. Also the grinder gets good marks for its ease of use and construction, while  i have also have to emphasize the model’s finely ground coffee.

The only negative note that goes back in the various tests is that the grinder takes up quite a bit of space in the kitchen as it is significantly larger than many of the other models. However, the coffee grinder also has a significantly larger capacity and more functions than many of the other models and thus has room for 350 grams of coffee beans in its bean container. Also included is a handle for bayonets of 60 and 70 mm respectively, which can easily be mounted on the grinder.

The coffee grinder has no less than 40 different settings for grinding, so here you can really get your coffee exactly as you want it. The model is suitable for both espresso, filter coffee and plunger coffee. As mentioned above, Icakurien gives top marks for both filter coffee and espresso, while T Think and Råd & Rön both praise the grinder for the finely ground coffee, which also gets top marks here.

The coffee grinder itself is made of stainless steel and has non-slip rubber feet, so it sticks firmly to the table during use. The model has a tapered grinder and a low-speed motor, which means that the coffee beans do not overheat during use, thus retaining their aroma and taste. The grinder, despite the many settings, is still easy to operate, as both 

star 45

Advantages of Graef CM800 coffee grinder: 
Suitable for both espresso, filter coffee
Bean holder with capacity of 350 grams
Holder for bayonet
40 different settings of grinding
Conical grinder



Delonghi KG520 is a traditional coffee grinder with a nice appearance and many features. At the same time, it is also user-friendly.

Coffee grinder with many options

The Delonghi model has a total of 18 adjustable paint grades. This means that you can use the coffee grinder to make everything from filter coffee to plunger coffee and espresso. Using just a simple button at the front of the coffee grinder, you have the opportunity to choose whether the coffee beans should be ground coarse, medium or fine. It is also possible to set whether the coffee beans should be ground into a container or filter holder.

The coffee grinder bean container has a total capacity of 350 grams and therefore makes it possible to grind between 1-14 cups or 1-2 espresso shots at a time. Therefore, you have the opportunity to make a cup of coffee for yourself or for both yourself and your guests. After setting the coffee grinder to the desired settings, coffee will be ground for the selected number of cups as well as the degree of grinding of the coffee beans.

Nice and simple look

The coffee grinder has an elegant and simple look that suits most homes. It is made of both black and silver, which makes it fit in with other home kitchen appliances. You can make the coffee grinder ready on the kitchen table without being too prominent. In addition, the pitcher itself is also made in fine and transparent glass.

Very good usability

The coffee grinder Delonghi KG520 makes it possible to avoid overheating the coffee as the so-called burr grinder method is used. The grinder with its flat and grooved stainless steel leaves ensures that the coffee is even. For example, this is more difficult to achieve with a coffee grinder with leaf grinder method.

The coffee grinder is both easy to use and incredibly user friendly. You do not have to press anything but a few buttons to set it and turn it on. In addition, the top blade can also be removed, which means that the grinder can be cleaned easily and quickly so that it is ready for later or the following day. The coffee grinder weighs 2.75 kg, making it easy to move around and move from one place to another.

star 4

Selected advantages of DeLonghi KG520:
Bean container with capacity of 350g
Suitable for both espresso, filter and plunger coffee
18 different grinding settings
Taper grinder
Stylish design

Here you can watch a video explaining how the various settings on the machine:

Krups GVX242

Krups GVX242 1

The coffee grinder Krups GVX242, which also goes by the model name Grind Expert, performs well in several tests. We praise the coffee grinder for its easy operation and the quality of the ground coffee. We also have to emphasize the machine’s high ease of use and the fine quality of coffee,  conclude that the ground coffee is of excellent quality.

The Krups model has no less than 17 different coffee bean grinding settings. Thus, the coffee grinder is suitable for both espresso, filter or stamp coffee, as you can decide for yourself how rough or fine your beans are to be ground. The coffee grinder can grind between two and twelve cups at a time and the grinder capacity is 200 grams in total. The model is equipped with a tapered grinder and a very specific crushing system which ensures that the beans do not overheat when painted and thus do not damage. The coffee grinder is also extremely easy to clean as the motor part can be removed, just as the integrated coffee grinder makes the grinder easy to clean and operate.

The safety is also taken into account in this model, as the coffee grinder has a built-in safety function which ensures that the grinder can only start if the lid of the bean container and coffee container is inserted in the machine.

The ease of use is at the very top of this coffee grinder and it is very easy to operate.

On the side of the machine you can choose one of the 17 levels for the coffee grinding degree and on the front you can specify the number of cups for which you want to grind coffee. The grinder then runs automatically until coffee is ground to the desired number of cups.

star 4

Benefits of Krups GVX242 coffee grinder: 
17 different grinding settings
Suitable for both espresso, filter and plunger coffee
Bean container with capacity of 200 grams
Cup setting of 2-12 cups
Double safety function
Tapered grinder

Sage Grinder Pro coffee grinder

Sage Grinder Pro coffee grinder 1

Sage Grinder Pro coffee grinder is very popular with consumers at Amazon, who have received 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 133 user reviews.

Our experts and Amazon consumers agree that Sage Grinder Pro Coffee Grinder is an efficient and easy-to-use model that makes a tasty cup of coffee. We have to mention that the coffee grinder is quiet and easy to clean.

We did not find many disadvantages of this model. However, a few of the consumers mention that they do not believe that the quality of the coffee grinder is completely optimal compared to other models on the market.

Coffee grinder with many settings and IQ technology 

With Sage Grinder Pro coffee grinder you get a model developed in collaboration with chef Heston Blumenthal. The coffee grinder is made with the focus that you can adjust the amount of the ground coffee yourself, as well as how coarse or fine the coffee should be ground.

The Sage Grinder Pro coffee grinder further comes with a whole 60 different settings that allow you to make a cup of coffee as you prefer. Among other things, it is equipped with an IQ technology that makes it easier for the consumer to dose the right amount of freshly ground beans.

If you change the grind size, the dosage of the beans is adjusted per day. automatic, whether you want to make espresso or use filter coffee. The coffee grinder comes with an additional 10 settings on the grinder itself when the bean container is removed. This means that the grinder has plenty of setting options.

With LCD screen and removable funnel 

The Sage Grinder Pro coffee grinder is equipped with an LCD screen which allows you to select the desired settings. You can also save the selected settings so that you do not have to find them every time you want a cup of coffee.

In addition, the Sage Grinder Pro coffee grinder comes with a removable funnel that has a capacity of 450 grams. The detachable hopper is equipped with a handy closure system that prevents beans from being added to everything when removed.

Two filter holders are included when purchasing the coffee grinder, which fits 50 to 54 millimeters and 58 millimeters of standard filters as well as a cleaning brush for cleaning the model.

Practical and user-friendly coffee grinder

The Sage Grinder Pro coffee grinder is a practical and easy-to-use model where you can make exactly the cup of coffee you want.

The coffee grinder is ‘a cool product that offers a lot to the consumer’ and that it did well in virtually all tests.

Several consumers agree that the coffee grinder has a lot to offer. For example, a consumer writes that Sage Grinder Pro grinds the coffee beans nicely and efficiently, and that the coffee grinder ‘is all worth the money’.

Furthermore, many of the consumer reviews show that Sage Grinder Pro coffee grinder is easy and quick to get started, which is a plus as you get to know it quickly. This is according to one user because of ‘the digital system which is great for guiding one when choosing a specific setting’.

star 5

Advantages of Sage Grinder Pro coffee grinder:
Many different settings
Possibility of saving its selected settings
Practical dosing technology
User-friendly model
LCD screen

Here you can watch a video presentation of Sage Grinder Pro coffee grinder made by Sage:

KitchenAid Artisan coffee grinder

KitchenAid Artisan coffee grinder 1

This model is among the top coffee grinders in the market. 

In particular we have to emphasize that the coffee grinder comes in a robust and elegant design, and that the results are always optimal and uniform no matter what you want.

We did not find many disadvantages of the KitchenAid Artisan coffee grinder, but does briefly will mention that it can be a bit noisy sometimes.

Effective coffee grinder for finely ground coffee

With KitchenAid Artisan coffee grinder you get a model that manages to grind every single coffee bean completely, to achieve a uniform and even mix. This applies to all types of coffee beans, which is an advantage if consumers want to use the model for different coffee beans.

In addition, KitchenAid Artisan coffee grinder is a robust model. The model is made in an elegant and clean design with a retro-inspired look, which is why it will fit in most kitchen tables.

KitchenAid Artisan coffee grinder is also a durable model that is stable on the kitchen table and can last for many years to come. However, we were a little disappointed that the instruction lacks a dosage guide.

Preserves the taste and quality of the coffee

KitchenAid Artisan coffee grinder is produced to preserve the taste and quality of the coffee. It comes with a low-speed operation per minute. minute. This ensures a minimal heat of friction, which ensures that the coffee always tastes good.

In addition, KitchenAid Artisan coffee grinder comes with 15 different paint options. With these 15 settings you can customize the painting of the beans to the type of beans you want to use.

The coffee grinder also comes with a stainless steel precision grinder that provides a more uniform paint of the beans, which is also something that the experts explain is one of the benefits of this model.

Easy to clean 

KitchenAid Artisan coffee grinder is produced in a smooth and rounded design with easy access to the grinder. This means that cleaning can be done easily and quickly after use.

When purchasing the coffee grinder, there is included a cleaning brush for the grinder that can be used for cleaning as well as a coffee measure that can be used for measuring coffee for a single cup of espresso.

Also, be aware that the KitchenAid Artisan coffee grinder is compatible with the kitchen weight of the same brand. That way, the weight can indicate the exact amount of coffee beans.

star 25 1

Benefits of KitchenAid Artisan
Coffee Grinder: Preserves Coffee Bean Flavor and Aroma
15 Different
“Paint Settings Smooth” and Uniform Bean Painting
Elegant and Durable Model
Easy to Clean 

Here is a video presentation of KitchenAid Artisan coffee grinder made by KitchenAid:

Bodum Bistro coffee grinder

Bodum Bistro coffee grinder 1

The Bodum Bistro coffee grinder has been tested and reviewed by us. We are especially pleased that Bodum Bistro coffee grinder grinds the coffee beans efficiently and uniformly once you have learned how to use it.

However, they believe that consumers should be aware that the coffee grinder is relatively slow compared to other products. On the other hand, if you do not mind that it is slow, then it is a ‘good and efficient coffee grinder’.

Easy-to-use coffee grinder that grinds the beans effectively 

We are excited about the Bodum Bistro coffee grinder as it is an effective model suitable for many consumers. However, it does not have as many settings, which is why it takes a few times to try to find the right degree of paint and that it is not so fast.

But with all that said, ‘if one is happy to wait, then the coffee grinder is effective’. It comes in a nice selection of colors and that it looks really good in the kitchen.

We were impressed that the coffee grinder is so easy to use and ‘one will not find a coffee grinder that is easier to use or easier to clean’. Last but not least, it is an advantage that you can also use the model to grind spices, for example.

Model with tapered grinder 

The Bodum Bistro coffee grinder is designed with a silicone surface that ensures an optimal grip during use. This means that the coffee grinder is easier to handle when grinding your coffee beans.

In addition, the Bodum Bistro coffee grinder comes with a tapered steel grinder that optimally preserves the aroma of the beans. This makes you want to experience a coffee with a better taste. It is further provided with stainless steel knife blades that provide a uniform coat of the beans.

The coffee beans are stored at the top of the grinder, which is why you have the opportunity to determine the quantity to be grounded.

With adjustable timer and safety feature 

The Bodum Bistro coffee grinder has a capacity of 220 grams of beans. In addition, it comes with an adjustable timer as well as a transparent lid.

The transparent lid provides increased visibility, making it easier to achieve the desired roughness.

Last but not least, the Bodum Bistro coffee grinder comes with a fuse that prevents the grinder from being damaged if there are pebbles among the coffee beans.

star 4

Benefits of Bodum Bistro coffee grinder:
Pebble protection
With tapered steel grinder and stainless steel knife blades
Transparent lid
Easy to use
Easy to clean

Here is a video presentation of the Bodum Bistro coffee grinder made by Bodum:

Brewing methods and grind size

To get the best cup of coffee, it is not necessarily the type of coffee beans that is the deciding factor. 

Expensive coffee beans are not by definition better than others, just as cheap coffee beans are not necessarily bad either. 

The most important thing is the correct painting of the beans. 

You will undoubtedly get the best taste of coffee if the beans on which the coffee is brewed are freshly ground.

To get just the best cup of coffee, the boat is the type of coffee grinder and the way you grind your beans is important.

A coffee grinder with tapered grinders or grinder is often preferred, both because the taper grinder grinds more uniformly, but also because the heat generated during use is minimal and therefore you avoid overheating your coffee beans.

If the coffee beans become overheated in the grinder, you risk it exceeding the aroma of the beans and subsequently the taste of the coffee.

So the type of coffee grinder you use is crucial in several ways for you to grind your coffee beans in the right way to fit exactly the type of coffee you love. 

If you have just invested in a new coffee machine or espresso machine, it is therefore important that you understand the degree of grinding your coffee brewing requires. 

For example, an espresso machine requires very fine grinding of the coffee beans, while a French press ​​requires a much coarser grinding.

The different brewing methods do not therefore require the same type of ground coffee. 

No matter how you brew your coffee, the goal of brewing is to make the water suck the most flavour out of the coffee.

The time the water has contact with the coffee beans and the degree of grinding must therefore be adjusted to the time brewing method, so to speak, to deliver the water to the coffee.

Therefore, the rule of thumb states that the longer the water is “delivered”, the finer the degree of grinding.

The different degrees of grinding coffee can be divided into the four main categories below:

Espresso machine: extra-fine
Mugs: fine
Filter coffee: medium
Piston jug: coarse

The reason why it is important to invest in a proper coffee grinder is that the better and more uniformly and evenly the grinder grinds your coffee beans, the better your coffee will be. 

For example, if you want to make a French press coffee, it is important that the coffee is rough enough to avoid getting too much gravel into the coffee.

Coffee uniformity is especially important if you are painting coffee beans for an espresso machine. 

If there are irregularities in the coffee used for espresso, then there is a risk that the water will flow too quickly into the cup via small free passages that the irregularities form. If this happens, you will be left with a bitter espresso. 

If you also use finely ground espresso coffee in a filter-coffee machine, you will also find that the coffee becomes much more bitter than normal. 

This is because it takes longer for the water to run through the fine coffee. Therefore, the water will end up being too long in contact with the coffee and thus draw unwanted flavours into the coffee pot.

If you use a coarse coffee for the coffee machine you will find that the coffee becomes too acidic.

Peter Slott Henriksen, a professional roaster, has five good tips on how to make the perfect stamp coffee:

1) Grind your coffee beans yourself

2) It is the degree of grinding of the coffee that determines the taste of your coffee, not the amount

3) The best ratio is achieved with 60 grams of ground beans in the plunger and 0.9 liters of water

4) Let the coffee soak for four minutes without a lid. Then gently stir two coffees into the coffee with a spoon so that the coffee falls to the bottom.

5) Remove excess foam with a spoon, get stamped on and press the coffee down. Serve the coffee immediately.


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