Enjoy Your Coffee - It's Super Healthy

Do you like coffee? 

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For many years we walked around thinking that most of us drank too much coffee – and that tea drinkers were much healthier.

Fortunately, this is not the case, because substances in the coffee have been found to have an impact on diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and depression. But why is it so healthy?

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Exactly what drugs can help prevent disease do not know the researchers. It may be antioxidants, but it can also be other substances that either alone or in combination with other substances seem preventative. There is also a possibility that the traditions around our coffee have an effect and help to stay healthy – that we take breaks, enjoy ourselves, talk together and generally relax. 

In this article I thought I would try write a little about my thoughts on the subject.

Coffee with or without caffeine

Researchers know that when it comes to being able to prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease, it does not matter if the coffee is caffeinated or decaffeinated. Drinking three to four cups of coffee a day will benefit from the health effects of the coffee substances and drinking more does not seem to harm it, although it can cause stomach problems. And then it also matters – at least for some night’s sleep – when you drink the coffee. About half of us are so sensitive to the caffeine’s invigorating effect that we will have trouble falling asleep if the last cup is drunk closer than three hours at bedtime.

dump the coffee before bed

Take care of coffee before bed

If coffee gives you a palpitations, it may be a sign that you are coffee sensitive. It is SUNDAY dietitian and coffee lover Anne W. Ravn himself:

– I easily get palpitations if I get too much. But I enjoy the scent and probably the caffeine too – it’s a pleasure for me that I wouldn’t choose from, she says. She points out that coffee can also be a good way to get more milk inboard – dairy products, which contain the lime we need so much for our bones, but which many people have difficulty getting enough of. And then she mentions a stubborn myth in the earth: that coffee does not count in the liquid accounting that we should like to control each one, so that we get enough liquid every day. Coffee covers well.

The healthiest cup of coffee

Drink milk very much in the coffee. It is a good way to get milk products, and it takes no more than 30 ml. milk in to prevent the coffee from stealing lime from your bones. Avoid sweetening it and if you want to ensure the healthiest cup, consider the brewing method, which also matters:

1) Filter coffee made on a coffee machine is the healthiest of all because it contains all the healthy substances that prevent disease, but not the unhealthy fats of the beans (cafestol and kahweol) remain in the coffee grounds.

2) Instant coffee and automatic coffee are almost as healthy about filter coffee because it is made from freeze-dried coffee and in the freeze-drying process the unhealthy fats are sorted.

3) Punch coffee , espresso and capsule coffee are the most unhealthy coffee types because they have not been through a coffee filter that removes the unhealthy fats.

coffee happy everydaygh

Coffee makes you happy!

You can safely hold onto your favorite drink, the coffee! For it is long-winded, reduces the risk of depression, is good for memory – and then it makes you in a good mood!

It is in many ways the best start to the day! The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the taste of the beans, the energy that quietly comes to you. We all love our coffee, and can keep calm and collected. It does not just get us turned around in the morning, and has a positive effect on our metabolism, but it also stimulates the brain and must therefore also be able to change our mood up a few degrees. Prrsonally I feel much better after I have had 2 cops of coffee in the morning. Beofre that, I am not really myself. My husbund calls me a zombie :-))

Coffee against depression!
And so not much is needed. 300 milligrams of caffeine equals two to three cups of coffee, which is enough to improve your state of mind. Also in the longer term. Women who drink two to three cups of coffee daily are 15 percent less likely to develop a depression, compared to women who drank little or no coffee, the results of studies that lasted over 10 years show by Harvard researchers.

The happy cup of coffee!
And just when it comes to coffee drinking, ‘the more – the better’ matters. If you grab one more cup a day, your risk of depression falls just five percent further. For the tasty beans have a truly unique effect on the brain and the central nervous system. Therefore, coffee drinking generally improves cognitive functions – memory, concentration and attention, e.g. And when it did, in addition, provoke positive self-esteem, well-being and joy, there is absolutely no reason to skip an extra cup …