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Coffee Grinder Test – 5 Excellent Variants

MazzerMiniA7 Kopi Coffee lovers are big consumers of coffee, especially in the morning, when the body needs an extra energy shot to make it through the day. In the past, it was both expensive and time-consuming to get a proper cup of coffee brewed on tasty beans, but today you do not have to educate yourself to the barista to get the coffee to taste properly. With a coffee grinder, you can grind your own beans and get the taste of perfectly fresh coffee in your own home. If you are not interested in reading a long article, let me get straight to my absolute favorite coffee grinder. It’s the Mazzer Mini. Superb quality, and it is a great investment if you are interested in amazing coffee. [azonpress_tables id=”20″] Coffee is a bit of an art, and there are many rules and theories on how to make the perfect cup of coffee. Especially when it comes to bean selection, roasting, and how coarse or finely ground it should be. As a general rule, filter coffee should have finely ground beans while you get the best stamp coffee by grinding them roughly. Some coffee grinders have set options so you can choose the roughness and quantity, while others are manual and therefore require you to self-measure the beans and stop when painted as needed. Imagine that every morning, you could get both the scent and taste of a real coffee shop at home. A proper cup of coffee is the perfect way to start and end the day. Depending on your needs, we will try to guide you through 6 different models so that you can make the right choice when investing in a coffee grinder. We have selected models from both the expensive and cheap end to make it as easy as possible for you to customize your purchase to your budget. The taste and smell of fresh coffee are irresistible – you will quickly experience that. In this article, I give an excellent overview of coffee grinders. There are almost as many manufacturers of coffee grinders as there are of espresso and coffee makers. I take a look at the most well-known and popular brands and models. I look at steel in relation to ceramic blades, manual, automatic, electric, or without power. How fine the beans should be ground for espresso, filter coffee, and french press. Last but not least, can you use your coffee grinder for spices, nuts, and shortcuts?

Which coffee grinder should I choose?

You’re not the only one asking yourself which coffee grinder to choose. It’s a jungle when it comes to the grinders. Let’s mention those who have a lot for sale, Bodum, Bosch, Caso, Comandante, Delonghi, Exido, Faema, KitchenAid, Krups, OBH, Peugeot, Russel Hobbs, Wilfa, Zassenhaus and many more. To answer the question, let’s start with what former barista world champion Fritz Storm said when I asked him. “For around $1000, – you can get a grinder worth using. Anything below that, you are better off buying ground beans!”. If we have to listen to that advice, we should simply forget about the “best in test” and so on, because quite a few grinders are in that price range. Also, I will mention that I totally dis-agree with this comment!

Which coffee grinder is best for the price.

You can make good coffee on a good grinder from mediocre coffee beans. But you can’t make good coffee from good coffee beans on a lousy grinder. Ceramic blades are clearly preferable to steel blades. Last but not least, buy a grinder according to your needs. If you always make French Press coffee or filter coffee, there is no reason to buy a grinder that can grind for espresso.

Bosch coffee grinder

star 35 Bosch coffee grinder At the very cheap end, we need to get this machine from Bosch. It is not an actual coffee grinder, but a coffee grinder, which basically does the same thing as a grinder; the only difference is that a grinder can be set while a mill requires a bit more from you. This Bosch coffee grinder does, quite simply, not so many frills. You measure your coffee beans, which you naturally choose yourself as needed. The advantage of a coffee grinder is that you completely determine the number of beans so that you can customize it to your perfect cup of coffee. A general rule of thumb is 7 grams of beans per day. Cup, but some like it stronger than others, and so this is merely indicative. If you want your coffee stronger, you can pour more beans into the mill and vice versa if you would like it to be milder. It takes a bit of practice to do it on purpose, but once you have it, it doesn’t get any easier.
You can find this great coffee grinder on Amazon, where you can also read some reviews. Link to Amazon.

Benefits of this coffee grinder

The next step of the process, of course, is to grind the beans. You do this by a simple push on the side of the lid, and here it is up to you to stop when you think the beans are grinder fit. Here you have to be a bit careful as the machine does its job quickly and efficiently; If you want the beans to be coarsely ground, do not press for long. The advantage of a coffee grinder compared to a regular coffee grinder is, among other things, that it is super easy to clean – the chamber has to be rinsed, and then it is ready for use again. The mill can also be used to grind fresh and dried spices, vanilla sticks, and whatever else you can find. Furthermore, it fills almost nothing, so it is easy to pack and place in the drawer or cupboard. This model has taken safety into account and can only be started when the lid is on. This virtually eliminates the risk of getting a finger in the sharp leaves or the hair getting stuck. A super machine that does what it needs with a little help. 0 % Built Quality 0 % Value for Money 0 % Peice

Bodum Bistro electric coffee grinder

star 35 Bodum Bistro electric coffee grinder 1 Bodum is a well-known Danish brand, which with its pervasive design, adorns many Scandinavian kitchens and kitchen tables. Bodum has produced all kinds of kitchen appliances, and of course, you should not cheat for a coffee grinder in good Danish design. If you already own Bodum equipment, you may want to put money into this model, as it has the familiar, modern Bodum design. Nor is there a finger to put on the quality; The machine is reliable, robust, and efficient, which Bodum does best. Ease of use has been invested in this model. A scale on the grinder makes it easy to set for punch jugs, filter coffee, or your favorite type of coffee. From here, you can, of course, adjust further to get the perfect coffee beans. The built-in timer allows you to set the machine to grind only the beans you need. The container can hold 220 grams of beans, which is plenty for many jugs of coffee. The grinder is equipped with tapered leaves, which, instead of chopping, crushes the beans for the most optimal taste experience. As you may know from, e.g., Bodum’s hand mixer, the cord can be rolled in and out as needed. This means you do not get tangled wires in the drawer and unnecessarily long wires on the kitchen table. The ground beans fall directly into the associated glass container for easy and convenient storage. Bodum’s coffee grinder is a super solid machine that lives up to its name. Bodum stands for good design, high quality, and user-friendly operation.
This amazing coffee grinder, is available on Amazon here. 0 % Built Quality 0 % Value for Money 0 % Peice

La Cafetiére Origins Coffee Mill

star 25 La Cafetiére Origins Coffee Mill 1 If you appreciate excellent old-fashioned craftsmanship, this model is the ideal one for you. We are dealing here with a manual coffee grinder that gives a feeling of nostalgia – and delicious coffee! The nice copper finish makes it a beautiful piece of equipment that decorates any home. The grinder itself is tapered, which, as mentioned before, provides the best and most intense taste experience by crushing the beans. Even though the grinder is manual, you can still set the grinding rate to get the perfect beans for AeroPress, plunger, or filter coffee, espresso, or the type of coffee you prefer. With this model, you can talk about hand-painted beans, and it will undoubtedly impress any guest. With this grinder, you get a real tool in your hand, and it draws the mind of an old Italian coffee shop, where everything is made by hand. This makes for a perfect coffee cup that looks, smells, and tastes authentic and fresh.
Here is a cheap, but decent hand grinder. You can find more details on Amazon. 0 % Built Quality 0 % Value for Money 0 % Peice

OBH Nordica – coffee grinder – Precision

star 4 OBH Nordica The simplicity of this model is incredibly striking. A dial to set the grinding rate of the beans, a dial to select the number of cups, and a button to start the grinder. Of course, the number of cups can be adjusted if you want a stronger or milder cup of coffee than the predetermined strength. Of course, this also depends on which beans you choose to use and the roasting rate. The grinder can grind beans for up to 12 cups of coffee, and it all falls into a removable container, which is otherwise super easy to clean. At the same time, 17 different grinding settings make it extremely easy to adjust the degree of grinding of the beans for specific purposes. The grinder comes with a smart little brush, so you can clean even the smallest parts of the machine without water, which can potentially go in and damage the inside of the machine. Several safety measures have been taken in the production of this grinder. Firstly, the lid must be properly seated before the machine can start, so you avoid getting your fingers in the grinder. Next, the container must be seated correctly in the machine. This dual safety system allows you to move the machine forward without fear of injury safely. This test-winning model is easy to operate and has an incredibly high performance that consistently gets good results time and time again. This coffee grinder is hard to come by, but its a nice grinder, so see if its available: Amazon. 0 % Built Quality 0 % Value for Money 0 % Peice

Mazzer Mini Electronic Coffee Grinder

star 5 Mazzer Mini Electronic Coffee Grinder 1

Absolutely The Best Coffee grinder!

[azonpress_tables id=”20″] Do you only want the very best and want something that looks both professional and elegant? This model from Mazzer looks like something that could stand at an authentic Italian coffee shop. Furthermore, it is an entirely exceptional machine, which ensures a perfect and uniform result – every time. The tapered leaves crunch the beans rather than chop or chop them, providing the absolute best taste experience. The coffee grinder has a storage chamber of 600 grams, which means that you will often and often have room for a whole bag of coffee beans. Coffee beans have a limited shelf life. Therefore, it is an advantage that the entire contents of the bag can be in the container so that they are exposed to as little air as possible. Digital display The display is digital, and here you set how many beans to grind. As well as how coarse or finely ground they should be. The machine has rubber feet and therefore stands firmly on the table while it is running. Furthermore, there is a rubber between the various internal metal parts to optimize the durability to the maximum. Not just an investment in a solid machine, but an investment in fresh, tasty coffee – every day. With this Mazzer grinder, you can grow your coffee passion at home from your own kitchen. The coffee grinder for you, the amateur barista, the coffee enthusiast, the design nerd that does not compromise on either quality or aesthetics.
If your looking for the best, you will be happy with this grinder. Look for the best price on Amazon here. 0 % Built Quality 0 % Value for Money 0 % Peice

Define your needs

When choosing your new coffee grinder, you should start by figuring out what your needs are. There is a big difference in both price and quality. There may be no need to buy the most expensive model if only to use it infrequently. Conversely, it would be a pity to buy a model that does not meet your needs and gives you the flavor you prefer. On the other hand, with a proper grinder, you may get a new and improved coffee experience that completely changes your view of the beautiful beverage, and perhaps it gives you the desire and courage to try forces with even more advanced brewing methods. For some people, coffee is just about getting some caffeine in the blood, but a proper grinder is a must if you appreciate a good cup of coffee for yourself and your guests. The scent and taste of freshly ground beans make a difference to the world, especially from the milled ones you can buy in stores. Beans lose most of their aroma just a week after they have been grounded.

Best coffee grinder

The best grinders come with tapered blades, referred to as a “Burr” grinder. This means that the machine crushes the beans instead of chopping them. Crushing the beans ensures the best taste experience. It is also this method that gives the most uniform result. If you want to be able to grind beans for many different types of coffee, you should probably go for a grinder with preset grinding degrees, while a coffee grinder can easily do the job if you only have to use it for filter coffee. There are no settings here. Therefore, it can be challenging to hit the exact degree of grinding for particular types of coffee. blade grinder vs burr grinder

Coffee grinder test

Also, consider how often you will need the grinder. If it is to be used every day, most people prefer it to stand on the kitchen table. Like the Krups model, it is convenient to be user-friendly and can be started with a single click. The coffee grinders are available in many different shades, and there is also something for you that goes a long way in design. The price of the coffee grinder depends a lot on the quality. If you are a true enthusiast and very passionate about your coffee brewing, there is no need to compromise. There are many good machines for reasonable money. For the most professional result, get up and grab one of the most advanced models. As I said it’s all about your needs and preferences. Ask yourself the question: “what is good coffee for me?”. There are numerous models on the market. We hope this article has given you a better overview of what is available to you. Whichever grinder you choose, you will be able to experience the joy of freshly brewed coffee from getting up until going to bed.

Coffee grinder for espresso, filter coffee or french press.

There is a big question many people are asking for their coffee grinder, how fine should the coffee beans be ground? We agree that paint must be painted differently depending on whether it is for espresso, filter coffee, or French press. While the coffee beans must be coarsely ground for the French press, they must be very finely ground for espresso. You can see in the picture below-ground coffee beans from espresso over filter coffee to French press.

Coffee grinder for spices, nuts and almonds.

Can you use your grinder for anything other than coffee beans? Yes, if you are not happy with it, you can use it for anything. But many have asked if it can be used for spices, nuts, or almonds. If you have an expensive grinder, use it only for coffee. They would be sad if the leaves were damaged, but of course, a grinder can also grind spices, nuts, and almonds. I’m just a little delusional about using mine for anything other than the intended purpose.

A few final words..

Although the list of coffee grinder manufacturers is not complete, in this article, I have only looked at the most popular options. This is because I am addressing the general population and not the coffee trout who have ordered their grinder home from a small cellar manufacturer in Austria. We’ve taken a look at which grinders are for sale, and used the best from each series. We have a look at coffee grinders, both manual and electric. Steel or ceramic blades. In addition, the purpose has been to help you make a decision on which one is best for you and not just the best in test. Lastly, if you feel the whole grinder issue is just too complicated or simply too much of a hassle, you can always revert back to simply getting a more traditional filter coffee machine. We have some great info on the top models HERE. My favourite Coffee grinder! [azonpress_tables id=”20″] I also taken the liberty of adding a link directly to Amazon, where you can read some reviews, and learn more on the different models you might be interested in. Amazon
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