Coffee Before Exercise Relieves Muscle Pain

A few cups of coffee before exercise may not only be a bit stimulating, they can also reduce some of the muscle discomfort from intense physical activity, a study suggests.

Coffee before exercise can relieve muscle pain

Both regular coffee drinkers and those who usually abstain from this drink may experience becoming less sensitive to pain in the thigh muscles, researchers believe.

Their study is published in the April issue of the ‘International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism‘.

“Caffeine acts on a system in the brain and spinal cord (the part of the central nervous system found in the spine, ed.), which is heavily involved in treating pain.”

According to Professor Robert Motl of the University of Illinois, USA, for the website ‘LiveScience’.

Inexperienced and experienced coffee drinkers The researchers allowed 25 trained male students to complete a 30-minute workout on a high-intensity bicycle. The students were divided into two groups; one with coffee drinkers, and one with those who did not use this drink.

One hour before each workout, the students – who had been instructed not to drink anything caffeinated 24 hours in advance – were given a pill. In one case, the pill contained the caffeine equivalent to two to three cups of coffee, while in the next case it was placebo.

In connection with both workouts, cyclists reported the pain they experienced in the thigh muscles.

“Both those who were completely unfamiliar with coffee and those who drank coffee daily reported the same reduction in pain associated with cycling after receiving caffeine,” Motl reports to LiveScience.

The researcher says that he is still uncertain whether a reduction in discomfort can increase performance.

A previous study has otherwise shown that consuming coffee or other caffeinated beverages while eating carbohydrates, can help build muscle after hard workouts. This study was conducted at the ‘Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’ in Australia.

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Caffeine is not to be joked with

At the same time, it is worth remembering that people react differently to coffee/caffeine intake. Adverse side effects may occur, such as headaches, sleep disturbances or increased nervousness.

Personally I can feel a kind of shaking in my hands if I drink to much caffeine, in periods, but others may have other symptoms.

A US study has also shown that people with high blood pressure and heart problems should be wary of different types of energy drinks containing caffeine. Ingestion resulted in subjects receiving higher blood pressure and a faster heart rate.

In the article on in which this 2007 study was mentioned, Helle Margrethe Meltzer from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health actually said: “If the coffee came to Norway today, it may have been banned in line with Red Bull.”

“But we have a tradition for coffee, and grown-ups are so aware of the effects of coffee that most people can adjust intake according to how much they can withstand,” she added.

Otherwise, the Caffeine Doping List has previously been listed on the International Olympic Committee doping list but was removed on January 1, 2004, following a decision by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

At the same time, however, it was emphasized that the use of this drug would be closely monitored.

Coffee, by the way, may seem to work in quite odd ways, at least when mice that ‘train’ are allowed to taste it.

An American study has suggested that the combination of exercise and coffee can protect against skin cancer. The purpose of this study was to test how exercise and coffee affected the body’s ability to protect itself from ultraviolet