Caffé latte, Cappuccino And Cortado - What's The Difference?

This distinguishes the various coffee drinks.

What Is the Difference Between a Latte and a Cappuccino

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, and the black drops come in endless types and varieties. 

Are you one of those who gets a little dizzy when you order a cup of coffee in a cafe? After all, it is a ocean of different choices; Cortado, americano, espresso, cappuccino, cafe o’le, coffee latte …

But what in the world really is the difference between these coffee types?

Since it is so fast to get lost in the coffee jungle, we have made a simple overview of what the various coffee drinks consist of – so it may be a little easier the next time you have to choose between a caffe latte, cappuccino or cortado. 

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Coffee drinks without milk 

Espresso: An espresso is coffee that is made by pressing water with pressure through finely ground coffee beans, and is a small and strong cup.

Espresso con panna: An espresso with cream on top.

Americano: An Americano is an espresso with boiled water so it has about the same strength as filter coffee, but with an espresso flavor.

Red eye: An Americano that mixes in some plain cooking coffee. 

Lungo: This is a coffee where twice as much water is sent through the coffee beans when making an espresso. It looks a bit like an Americano, but the difference is that you do not mix with boiling water – but allows the water to pass through the coffee beans.

Ristretto: The opposite of a lungo, roughly – here you use less water through the coffee beans than with a regular espresso.

Hammerhead: This is a regular black coffee with an espresso as well. 

Turkish Coffee: Boiled coffee where ground coffee and water are cooked together to make a chewy mix. The strongest types can actually make a spoon stand in the coffee. Often served with sugar and spices. Serve in small cups with coffee grounds at the bottom.

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Coffee drinks with milk 

Cafe au lait: In French, this means “coffee with milk”. The coffee is often espresso and the milk should be heated. Available in different mixing conditions. One part of coffee and three parts of water is common, but you will also find varieties with just as much coffee and milk.

Cappuccino: A mixture of espresso, hot milk and skim milk. Serve with cocoa powder sprinkled over.

Caffé Latte: It’s like a cappuccino, but with more milk and less foam. Caffé latte is often served in large jars or tall cups, while cappuccino is preferably served in a regular coffee cup.

Latte Macchiato: This is a latte where you only use half a cup of espresso. This is an extremely weak coffee that is almost completely white. Perfect for beginners. 

Caffé Mocca : An ordinary caffé latte with chocolate sauce. 

Cortado: A strong version of a caffe latte. In other words, it is less milk compared to coffee and the milk is often not foamed.

Skinny latte: Caffé latte made with skim milk. 

Flat white: Flat white is made by topping a double espresso shot with soft milk foam. The coffee cup should only hold between 150 and 175 milliliters, which means that the milk volume becomes much smaller than in, for example, a caffé latte or a cappuccino.


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