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Best Flavored Coffee

You can achieve the best flavored coffee in one of two ways; either you get flavored coffee beans or you add flavored syrups to it. The latter can taste great but it’s always nice to have coffee already prepared to your liking.

If you are reading this then that means you have decided to step out of your comfort coffee bubble so let’s dive deep into the multiple flavors of coffee beans available to you.

Here’s a comprehensive list of various types of coffee flavors found in packaged coffee beans.

Everyday Flavors

If you are just stepping out of your shell then you should start off easy with regular flavors that you would normally use day-to-day.


We all know and love caramel in our coffee. It’s the perfect balance of flavors without it being too sweet or too bitter.

The golden rich caramel coffee is the perfect start to your mornings if you are bored with your regular cup. It’s also for those of you who don’t like the strong caffeine burst as caramel smooths out the taste.


For that nutty, earthy flavor with undertones of sweetness – hazelnut coffee beans are a must to try.

Hazelnut flavored beans are one of the most controversial flavors but if you pick the right one which uses real extracts then that shouldn’t be an issue.

If it uses Arabica beans and is organically sourced then you can say goodbye to any sort of artificial or bitter flavor and enjoy the delicate taste of hazelnut.

French Vanilla

Vanilla is one of those flavors that is always likable. French vanilla in your coffee takes that flavor to another level.

You will find the perfect light, velvety cup of coffee with a pleasant aroma by using french vanilla beans.

Indulge yourselves with the smooth blend of cream and vanilla. Yes, you can enjoy french vanilla without Starbucks by using flavored beans.


You can turn every cup of coffee into mocha if you are using chocolate-flavored beans.

From dark chocolate to white chocolate, there are all possible choices to consume your favorite chocolatey delight.

cold infused coffee
Cold infused flavored coffee

Trying-something-new Flavors

This is for those of you who are bored with regular flavors and want to venture into the world of wild flavored coffee.

But we are venturing into a territory that everyone might not like so beware when you enter!

Also, they are mostly all sweet, dessert-like flavors so if you are someone who likes their coffee strong then you are probably not going to be a fan.


Who doesn’t like fresh blueberries, right? You have them in your smoothies and shakes, why not try them in your coffee?

The fruity, sweet notes with your coffee are best achieved with blueberry. An added benefit is that your kitchen will end up smelling like you baked a blueberry cobbler.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Coffee with sweet strawberry and tangy cheesecake notes makes for a decadent cup for when you want to treat yourself.

A great idea would be to make a cold brew and top off with a scoop of strawberry cheesecake ice cream to get a mouthful of flavors all together. This definitely isn’t a drink for every day but we all have our cheat days.


Tiramisu coffee is what you think it is. Inspired by the Italian dessert, this flavor is for those of you who don’t want the calories of the dessert but would like to taste it.

This can be one of these coffees you have after dinner with notes of just about everything including vanilla, chocolate, mascarpone, and obviously lady-fingers.

Butter Pecan

For a nutty but smooth cup, butter pecan is the way to go.

Again, you don’t have to worry about the calories. Just enjoy the richness of vanilla with creamy butter and roasted sweet pecans, all in one cup.

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Butter Pecan Coffee

Seasonal Flavors

When the holidays are upon us, it is a must to try out its flavors in whichever shape or form you can get.

Use the festive occasion to drink these coffee flavors. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you drink them outside of the festive days as well!


Peppermint coffee is an amazing pick-me-up because it leaves you with a minty-fresh sensation that is refreshing at all times.

You can make a variety of drinks with this including, but not limited to, peppermint latte, peppermint mocha, etc. A great way to use these beans would be to make an iced peppermint latte and top it off with cold foam and crushed candy canes or any of your favorite peppermint candies.


A mix of sweet and spicy, gingerbread coffee beans are what you expect.

They make for quite a strong cup of coffee because of the flavors they use such as cinnamon and ginger.

Your house will be a gingerbread house once you make this cup of coffee!

Irish Cream

Usually, Baileys is the most popular Irish Cream used but you can also get this flavor in coffee beans.

There are two ways to indulge in Irish coffee; the alcoholic or the non-alcoholic. Depending on which time of day you are drinking your coffee or just what you’re fond of, you can choose either.

It’s perfect for the winters for a warm, buttery cup that you can cozy up with.

That concludes the various routes you can go on in your journey to find the best flavored coffee for YOU. Keep experimenting until you find your personal favorite.

Of course, it all depends on personal preference. You should check for any allergens in flavored coffee because there are more additives in it compared to regular roasted beans.

Don’t order a large bag on your first try. Figure out what flavors you like by testing in small batches then go all out for your favorite one!

You can find all of these various beans here.

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