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Drinking the same old coffee every day can get a little boring. The best and cheapest way to spruce up those flavors is to add different flavored syrups in your little power cup.

This is not going to be a rated ‘Best Coffee Syrups’ list because each individual has their particular taste. This is simply to let you know the various syrups you can use that are undoubtedly the best of many.

First up of our best coffee syrups, we have a fan-favorite,

1. Maple Syrup

Maple syrup over warm waffles is a treat for breakfast.

But you can also use it in your coffee! This will give your coffee a much-needed sweet kick in the mornings.

Take your favorite bottle of maple syrup and add a few teaspoons to your coffee.

If the taste doesn’t get you on board then how about I tell you that it is healthier? By using maple syrup in coffee, you can ditch white sugar completely.

Why use simple syrup when you can get whole lotta benefits by using maple syrup?

Here are some of the top-selling Maple syrups on Amazon.

2. Brown Sugar Syrup

Since we are on the topic of better health, another wonderful replacement for white sugar or simple syrup can be brown sugar syrup.

Another benefit is that you can easily make it at home.

Just take equal parts brown sugar and water and simmer on low heat. Add any flavorings like vanilla essence if you want. Top off with a little bit of salt to balance flavors. Give it a good mix and voila!

Your syrup is practically begging to be used in your coffee.

3. Vanilla Syrup

Vanilla is well, a basic flavor but it is one that is tried and tested.

Who doesn’t love a whiff of vanilla bean? Similarly, vanilla syrup pairs amazingly with your coffee.

It is the most accessible syrup and you can pick it up from any departmental store.

Just brew a fresh cup and add a dash of vanilla syrup to kick-start your day.

4. Mocha Syrup

Again, chocolate is a flavor that we all know and love.

Ah, the sweet chocolate goes hand in hand with the bitter coffee.

There are actually multiple ways to go about making a mocha syrup coffee.

The first is straightforward, get a popular syrup like Torani’s and use that in your coffee.

Secondly, you can make a version at home by using cocoa powder and sugar heated in milk.

Lastly, and this is a hack I occasionally use when I want the two flavors, is to add a piece of chocolate that will melt when you pour hot coffee over it. So you can sit back and relax with your 2-minute mocha coffee.

5. White Mocha Syrup

I would be remiss not to mention white mocha syrup after mentioning mocha above.

Both of them are similar in the sense that you can consume them in similar ways.

Both chocolate, both available as ready-made syrups in the market, both can be made at home.

For white mocha, you can use sweetened condensed milk with milk.

It’s just a matter of preference or maybe what your mood is on a particular day.

6. Salted Caramel Syrup

A coffee layered with multiple flavors would be one in which you add salted caramel syrup.

You would combine the sweet caramel with salt and into dark, bitter coffee that is a match made in heaven.

Just the thought of a delicious sip of salted caramel coffee can make you drool, imagine drinking it on your coffee break!

You will be instantly refreshed.

7. Pistachio Syrup

For those of you who like a nutty, earthy flavor with your coffee, you would love a good cup added with pistachio syrup.

A pistachio latte would be the best way to go with this syrup. You could also make an iced pistachio latte.

Pistachio is definitely a strong flavor and only those who enjoy its taste can heart a pistachio syrup coffee. It may not be one of the best coffee syrups for everyone, but for a few handfuls, this may be their favorite.

8. Hazelnut Syrup

Another nutty flavor that is probably more liked than pistachio is hazelnut.

Hazelnut syrup can be used with any number of coffees from iced coffee to a cappuccino.

A great combination would be to add a dollop of Nutella to your coffee so you’ll get the best of all the worlds; chocolate, hazelnut, and coffee!

9. Peach Syrup

Now, I know what you are thinking, peach in coffee?!

But this is for those of you who love peach iced tea.

It’s a little unprecedented but peach iced coffee will instantly become the favorite of those who appreciate the fruity flavor in their coffees.

10. Pumpkin Spice Syrup

Lastly, you can never go wrong with pumpkin spice lattes especially during fall.

Simply add pumpkin spice syrup and lounge on your couch with a warm, fresh-brewed cup of your latte.

It is a bit of an unpopular flavor but hey, everyone has a unique taste.

In conclusion, everyone has different tastes and preferences when it comes to coffee. If you are someone who likes to experiment, then these are the best coffee syrups that would be a great addition to your pantry.

Drinking coffee doesn’t have to be a competition. There’s no right or wrong.

Therefore, we can all be coffee enthusiasts no matter which type of flavors we prefer. They are all distinct ways to enjoy your favorite drink!

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