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best coffee machine guide main By reading this test, you get a clear picture of the best “traditional” coffee machines in 2021. But what defines a good coffee machine?  This is probably very individual, which has not created a complete list of the top 10 ordinary coffee machines easier. Personally, I am more interested in Espresso machines, such as the Sage Barista Express, which you can read about HERE. Is it the temperature of the coffee that makes the coffee machine suitable? Is it brewing time? … maybe it is for you that the coffee machine itself manages to switch off, so you are sure to avoid a hot coffee machine while you are at work. Whichever parameter is most important to you, we have tried to compile a list of the best coffee machines in 2020 so that you can quickly come to a final decision on which coffee machine to buy. The reality is none the less, that there is no definitive answer, as number 1 and number 2 on this, we couldn’t even agree when we were discussing to make this article. There are several excellent options, and you will have to judge what’s right for you.



star 4 Moccamaster Clubline KB952 If your in a hurry, you can find more information on Amazon by clicking the link. The definite number 1 on my list of the best filter coffee machines on the market is this classic and exclusive model from Moccamaster! Here you get an incredibly high-quality coffee maker praised across the board when you look at the many test results, and if you are looking for the best cup of coffee, then this is the new coffee maker for your kitchen! Moccamaster Clubline gets impressive words along the way in various tests at consumer magazines (not to mention the fact that my wife has been complaining for months about this machine and why we did not buy it, as she loves this machine). The machine is especially praised for its simple approach to coffee brewing, where there are no confusing components – you get a canon coffee experience without any rush! There is really nothing negative to mention when it comes to this amazing coffee machine. It makes a great cup of coffee, and the quality is superb. My brother owns this machine and has owned it for one year now, and he still talks about it as if the coffee is 24-carat gold. Seriously though, excellent machine, that if you are on the fence regarding what to get, you will not go wrong here. Hand-assembled and user-friendly! Like the other Technivorm models, the Moccamaster Clubline is hand-assembled at the factory in the Netherlands, which indicates a unique quality that other coffee makers can only aspire to. The machine is sturdy and durable, and this also testifies to the factory’s 5-year warranty. You can even extend this warranty for another five years by registering your machine online – this machine can last for many, many years! Technivorm has always been known for simple coffee machines that brew superb coffee, so it’s this approach that Clubline was born from. You get no fancy features, but you get an incomparable coffee experience that the factory has had as their sole focus in return. It is, therefore, a very user-friendly coffee machine – you plug it in, and there will be liquid gold in the pot! The Clubline machine performs really well in tests, especially the low noise level and the fast turnaround time that reap the biggest roses. In addition, the Moccamaster brews the coffee at the perfect temperature, just as it can keep the coffee warm at the optimum temperature, enabling you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee all day long. There are no manufacturers that come near Technivorm when it comes to coffee makers, so we can only lie flat for the Moccamaster Clubline. You get exceptional quality praised all over the world, and there is no doubt that the best cup of coffee is made on a Moccamaster! Specifications :
  • 10 cups (1.25 liters)
  • Auto Power Off
  • Drip
  • Stainless steel, black
0 % Cool Number 0 % Value for Money 0 % Price
If your interested in knowing more, or purchasing this great coffee machine, you can find out more, by clicking our link that direct you to Amazon.

2. Philips 2200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine w/ Milk Frother

star 45 If you are looking for a coffee maker that can both grind your favorite coffee beans and brew a fantastic cup of coffee at the same time, then it is Philips EP2220/14 you should get your hands on! Here you will get a consumer favorite who is doing well in tests and who even gets praising words along the way at the Swedish Council & Rön – freshly ground coffee is just the thing! Philips HD7766 Built-in coffee grinder and Aroma Twister feature! With the Philips coffee machine, you are guaranteed a delicious cup of coffee, as the built-in coffee grinder grinds the beans directly from the bean container at the top. This gives you freshly ground coffee every time, and you can fill two different types of beans in the container if you have two favorites that you switch between. The machine is equipped with a timer function to have freshly brewed coffee when you get up in the morning. In addition, you get a cannon aroma out of the coffee from Philips’ wonder, as the Aroma Twister feature circulates the coffee through the jug during brewing. This opens the coffee up in a completely different way, and you can get 1.2 liters of delicious coffee in an instant. You can follow the process on the smart LCD, and the machine turns itself off if you forget to do so!
Here is a direct link to Amazon where you can look at customer reviews, and generally find the best price for this coffee maker. Really makes good coffee! Of course, Philips EP2220/14 is equipped with drip stops to facilitate daily cleaning, just as the individual parts can withstand the dishwasher. This makes it an extremely user-friendly, easy-to-maintain coffee machine. In addition, the stylish design makes it easy to have the machine standing in the kitchen at all times! Philips EP2220/14 is a perfect coffee maker for you, who greatly appreciates a freshly ground coffee experience where the aroma is a top priority. It is clearly the machine to fill the 3rd place on our list of the best coffee machines in the test! Specifkationer:
  • Easy selection of your coffee with intuitive touch display, makes espresso, hot water, and coffee
  • From fine to coarse, thanks to the 12 step grinder adjustment
  • 20,000 cups of finest coffee with durable ceramic grinders
  • Keep your beans fresh longer thanks to the aroma seal
  • Up to 5,000 cups without descaling thanks to AquaClean
  • Removable brew group for easy cleaning
  • Automatic descaling
  • Dishwasher safe parts for your convenience
  • Aroma strength settings: 3
  • Temperature settings: 3
You can find this great coffee machine on Amazon here, where you can also read some reviews and see if its perfect for you 🙂 If I were in the market today for a new coffee machine in this category, I would look into this, as it really is a great machine. 0 % Cool Number 0 % Value for Money 0 % Price


star 35 Melitta AromaFresh 1 Melitta has been producing fantastic coffee machines all day and in line with this hourly Melitta Aroma Signature Deluxe! The efficiency is praised to the clouds in testing, and it is particularly highlighted that this model brews a pitcher in just 7 minutes, which is absolutely amazing. Timeless design and smart descaling program Melitta is positively different from many of the other coffee makers when it comes to design and performance. The design is modern and classic simultaneously, and this machine will do well on any kitchen table with its great finish. In addition, it is an incredibly quiet coffee machine that maintains a stable temperature, just as the well-functioning drip-stop gets many roses on the road in testing. In addition to a great coffee experience, this model from Melitta comes with a smart descaling program that makes ongoing maintenance easy as a breeze. When the machine is in need, you just run the program, and your coffee is brewed to perfection again. The details are spoiled, which includes LED lighting in the water tank, and the buttons – it is delicious to look at! There is no doubt that this is an extremely high-quality coffee machine that can easily fit into a modern home that needs an excellent and fast cup of coffee. Here you get good efficiency and a beautiful design in one package, and for this very reason, this test-winning model is on our list of the best coffee machines on the market right now! Specifications:
  • Capacity: 10 cups (1.25 liters)
  • Quick brew – a full jug of approx. 7 min.
  • Drip
  • Auto-off feature
  • Timer function
  • Individual parts can withstand the dishwasher
  • Smart descaling program
On Amazon you can ind this coffee maker at an excellent price. Here is a link to Amazon where you can read reviews, and complete your purchase if you wish to buy it. 0 % Cool Number 0 % Value for Money 0 % Price


star 35 BOSCH comfortline If you are looking for an efficient and inexpensive coffee maker, this Bosch model is a sensible offer! Here you get good coffee at a reasonable price, and you get some of the features that are typically reserved for the more expensive models — all in all, an excellent coffee maker for the price. Descaling program, and absolutely perfect for the smaller household! Bosch ComfortLine is a real price basher, and you get a perfectly brewed cup of coffee at just the right temperature. You get all the basic features like auto switch off and drip stop, and it’s all wrapped up in a design that is kept perfectly classic. It does not take long to brew a whole jug of coffee, and there is not a finger to put on the efficiency! The Bosch ComfortLine model is perfect for the smaller household, where the capacity of 1 liter is more than ample for evening coffee. Maintenance is no problem with the built-in descaling program, and the machine even sounds when it’s time to run the program. In other words, the machine takes you hand in hand from start to finish – that’s test-winning ease! Finally, it is also worth mentioning that this model from Bosch allows you to choose the Aroma with the Aroma + button individually. So you can decide for yourself how your coffee should taste – an ingenious feature for such a cheap model! All in all, you will only be satisfied with your purchase if the choice falls on ComfortLine from Bosch. You get a test-winning machine that delivers superior performance for the price, and there is no doubt that this, e.g., is the perfect coffee maker for the cottage. We can only recommend this model as it delivers lots of bang for the buck! Specifications:
  • Capacity: 1 liter
  • Auto Power Off
  • Drip
  • Aroma + button – Possibility of individual coffee aroma selection
  • Easy maintenance – Integrated descaling program
  • Great Price!
If your interested in reading some reviews, or buying this coffee maker, you can buy it on Amazon here. Amazon. 0 % Cool Number 0 % Value for Money 0 % Price


star 4 Moccamaster Clubline KB952 Perhaps the most classic and iconic coffee machine already in countless homes is the Moccamaster KBG741! It does not take the prize for the simplest name, but it does make the test-winner award at many test companies, and this is mainly due to the efficiency in a class of its own. If you want a full pot of coffee in just 6 minutes, this is the right machine for you! Coffee machine in a class of its own! As was the case with the first Moccamaster model on our list, this is a coffee maker from another world. All the models are hand-built at the factory in the Netherlands, so the quality is spot on. In addition, the efficient heaters of the entire 1520 Watt make your coffee brewed lightning-fast without giving up any taste or aroma! Here is a link to Amazon, where you can get this machine for the best price + I recommend you read some reviews, as there are many different models of MoccaMaster. All of them are good. Amazon. The Moccamaster KBG741 comes with the now legendary Moccamaster design known from the magazines, and the timeless design fits in the vast majority of homes. The machine is, of course, equipped with both drip stop and auto-switch off so that cleaning and power consumption are minimal, and besides, the machine notifies when it is time to descale it. The capacity is for 10 cups at a time, which is perfect for even the larger family. You can’t put the quality on your finger! In reality, there is not much else to say about this coffee machine, other than it will surely live up to your expectations. Technivorm makes some of the best coffee machines on the market, and since the Moccamaster KBG741 is one of these, it naturally deserves a place on our list and, not least, a place in your kitchen! Specifications:
  • Capacity: 10 cups (1.25 liters)
  • Drip
  • Auto-off feature
  • Warning when descaling
  • Quiet
Here is a link to amazon, where you can get this this machine for the price + I recommend you read some reviews, as there are many different models of MoccaMaster. All good. Amazon. 0 % Cool Number 0 % Value for Money 0 % Price


star 35 Bosch TKA8653 Another of the cheaper coffee machines that deliver excellent performance in testing is Bosch Styline! As was the case with the previous model from Bosch on our list, here you get excellent brewing properties at an excellent price, and although the model is made of plastic, it is still a bit of a find for the price! Extends brewing time with smaller amounts of coffee! In fact, the Bosch Styline performs much better in testing than it should for the price. This is brewing at the perfect temperature, and it can handle a full pot of down to about 6 minutes, which is very impressive. In addition, this test-winning and critically acclaimed model also has a good descaling program, which is not a matter of course for a cheap machine like this one! Bosch Styline is a high-end model stored in a cheap box. E.g., You can benefit from extended brewing time with smaller amounts of coffee, ensuring the quality of the aroma is as it should be. Besides, of course, you get a well-functioning autostop feature that saves power. Of course, when a coffee maker is available at a lower price, there are also some compromises in quality. For Styline, this is expressed in a somewhat noisy experience – something that does not mean much; however, when the machine only runs for a short time. Besides, the machine does not feel as stable as a Moccamaster, for example. Does, which also pulls down the test results a bit! If you are looking for a sensible coffee maker on a tight budget, Bosch Styline is a good machine. You get some smart features that would otherwise cost a little more, but at the same time, you compromise on the build quality and noise level. Overall, an excellent coffee maker, which undoubtedly belongs to my list! Specifications:
  • Capacity: 10 cups (1.25 liters)
  • Auto-off feature
  • Automatic descaling program
  • Available in black, white, and black/stainless steel
Here you have a link to Amazon where you find it, at the best price, if your interested in this coffee machine. 0 % Cool Number 0 % Value for Money 0 % Price


star 35 MELITTA AROMA EXCELLENT GRANDE Winner of the Golden Brew by the European Coffee Brewing Center In 8th place on our list, we find the best-selling coffee machine in Scandinavia. This is another budget-friendly coffee machine that makes quite fine coffee, which is also seen in the test results! “The Golden Bean” testifies to quality! Melitta Aroma Excellent Grande has a capacity of 10 cups of coffee, and it brews at just the right temperature, providing a great coffee experience. The quality of the aroma and taste is top-notch, as the title of winner of the Golden Bean also testifies. This is a title that is only given to some of the best coffee machines on the market in terms of taste, and perhaps that is why this model is a favorite of the coffee-drinking Vikings! In addition, you naturally get the most common features if you choose this model. Here we talk about an auto power-off feature that activates after 2 hours and is easy to clean when applicable. Moreover, this machine boasts an impressive capacity of 1.6 liters, which can easily make coffee for the big family when they come to visit! All in all, this is a straightforward coffee machine that does just what it needs – brewing good coffee. “The Golden Bean” is not a price to germinate, and you will get a capable coffee machine at a reasonable price if this becomes the model that will satisfy your coffee craving. A budget-friendly coffee machine that belongs to the hearts of all of us – and not least on our list! Specifications:
  • Capacity: 12 cups (1.6 liters)
  • Auto-off feature
  • Great taste for the price
This nice coffee maker, you can find on Amazon here. 0 % Cool Number 0 % Value for Money 0 % Price


star 35 moccamaster kbgt741 scaled Moccamaster KBGT741 is a coffee machine that can brew fresh and delicious coffee directly into the thermos, which is done quickly and without emitting any unusual noise. At first glance, the Moccamaster KBGT741 may be a bit daunting as it has a slightly higher price than the other models in the test here, but one should take into account that the quality here is unique, as well as the thermal function, which of course has an added price. Moccamaster is known for its 5-year warranty and the option of 10 years at registration, so it is a coffee machine that can handle many years. The Moccamaster KBGT741 is a coffee machine that bears the impression of being timeless with an exquisite and minimalist design, focusing on simplicity and functionality; in other words, it fits into any home. The feature is top-notch, the Moccamaster KBGT741 manages to brew perfect coffee, both at a record pace, but at the same time, the thermos help keep the coffee warm for many hours without having to have the hotplate turned on like other coffee makers. If you are looking for exquisite quality and discerning in ordinary coffee machines, then this Moccamaster KBGT741 is definitely a coffee maker for you. Specifications :
  • 10 cups (1.25 liters)
  • With thermos
  • Drip
  • Stainless steel, black
This great machine, you can find on Amazon where you will get the best price. Amazon Link here. 0 % Cool Number 0 % Value for Money 0 % Price


star 25 OBH NORDICA LEGACY RETRO COFFEE MAKER In one last place in this test, we also find a fantastic coffee machine, namely the model from OBH Nordica, which is called Legacy. With a retro design and an excellent ability to make coffee easily, this is definitely a coffee maker worth the money if you want a retro coffee maker. OBH Nordica Legacy manages to brew delicious and flavorful coffee, which of course, is brewed at the right temperature. You should definitely not be fooled because it is at the end of this list since it was voted best by the Icakurir in tests among ten other models. In particular, it gets plus points for being easy to use. With useful features such as a limescale indicator, cord cover, and automatic switch-off after 40 minutes, it is a coffee machine that can be used by most! You can order the model in several colors if the bright model is not just you. You will find OBH Nordica Legacy in black, silver, green, and cream white, among others. No doubt a great coffee maker for the money, wherewith the retro look, also stands out significantly positively. Specifications :
  • 10 cups (1.25 liters)
  • Auto Power Off
  • limelight
  • Available in black, white, silver, and mint green
Often you will have problems finding this machine for sale, but check if its available here: Amazon 0 % Cool Number 0 % Value for Money 0 % Price Kop kaffe 1024x405

How To Make Coffee With A Drip Coffee Maker – Infographic

If you are looking for a more traditionel filter coffee machine, thats great. But there is no need to sacrifice taste and quality, of the coffee experience. How To Make Coffee With A Drip Coffee Maker – Infographic


An ordinary coffee machine is the most popular way to brew coffee. We, therefore, hope that you have come to a final decision by reading our guide on choosing a coffee machine. The coffee machine is a permanent fixture in almost all homes, and with a traditional coffee machine, you can quickly start brewing the coffee while you do other things in the morning, as well as having the opportunity to fill a thermos and take to work, which must be said to be an advantage over compared with a more exclusive version of a coffee machine such as an espresso machine that is most suitable for so few cups at a time. However, these often have a higher quality in terms of taste. A regular coffee maker is virtually maintenance-free, compared to e.g., Here you have to do with a fully automatic way of making the coffee. The process of filling water, dosing the correct amount of coffee, and then simply pressing a button makes the process incredibly easy for all people. Almost all coffee machines we have on our list of best choices of coffee machines keep the coffee warm ix amount of time, which is an advantage if you again compare with espresso machines or other capsule machines, here the coffee must be drunk when brewed. The classic coffee machine is recommended in homes where coffee drinking is almost a morning and evening ritual. You can brew some cups so that the whole family can get coffee at the same time, as well as an infinite amount of freedom to choose exactly the type of coffee you like best. We recommend a regular coffee machine for those who have a regular need for a coffee machine. Therefore, we hope that you have come closer to a choice of a coffee machine after reading this article – maybe you have already purchased one of the machines we have recommended? You can at least order your next coffee machine at ease, knowing that the machine you receive meets the requirements you would for a regular coffee machine. Dont forget that with most of these coffee machines you do not have the luxury of a grinder, so thats an extra cost you will have to cough up, if needed. You can find an article HERE on some excellent grinders.


There can be a lot of money to be saved by buying your next coffee machine on Amazon. Many times you will see that you can save 15-25% on your coffee machine by merely ordering it online – a discount you cannot ignore. So be aware of this before you buy your next coffee machine. We hope you can use our free guides here on the site and are well on your way with the purchase of your next coffee machine. I have taken the liberty of adding a link to Amazon, where you can see reviews and learn more on the various coffee machines if you’re interested. Amazon My overall choice as the best coffee machine, is the Moccamaster, that you can order here.
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