What`s Some Alternative Ways To Use Coffee?

Coffee grounds are still useful when you have finished your morning fix.
It can be used in other interesting ways

Coffee and honey as a facial treatment

facial treatment

Honey mixed with ground coffee beans and coconut oil is the perfect face mask.
Full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
Massage the mixture well into the skin and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.

Coffee grounds are hard enough to wash, but at the same time soft enough to be used on your face.
Gently massage a small amount of used grumble into your face to exfoliate.
It feels like rubbing sand into the face, but not uncomfortable.
Your skin was left with a smooth feel, a slight tickle and with an espresso aftershave aroma that would make Don Juan jealous.

Whether there are any benefits other than the exfoliation itself must be stated, but it is, after all, a pure natural product.
Feel free to get rid of yourself and give yourself a terrifying coffee-beard as you exfoliate

Coffee Compost

Used coffee grounds can be mixed with lye, for a good composting agent.
You can even throw in the coffee filter too!
The worms in the compost pile, like to eat the bacteria that grows on coffee grounds.
Which allows them to digest more compost.

Coffee as Fertilizer

Small amounts, of coffee grounds can be added directly to the mold.
Especially on plants that like high acidity in the soil, such as azaleas or roses.
Coffee as a fertilizer has a high content of nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, potassium and other trace minerals.
If you spread a thin layer around the plant, these minerals are released slowly to your plants.
Pay attention to which plants like sour soil (roses), and not plants like tomatoes.

Coffee is insect repellent

Coffee has a very strong odor that many insects and animals do not like.
In addition, it has been suggested that mosquitoes, ants, snails and foodies, all do not like the acidity of coffee.
They will stay away from areas where there is high concentration of acidic soil.
However, the aroma of the coffee diminishes quickly and must therefore be diluted fairly often.

Pet repellent

Does the neighbor’s cat or dog annoy your flower bed?
Sprinkle coffee grounds or other strong odor-emitting substances in the bed to keep them away.
Most animals’ sense of smell is much better than ours, and while it smells nice to us, it can smell very unpleasant to a hyper-sensitive olfactory cat.
Used coffee grounds can be mixed with orange peel (or other citrus fruits) and spread around flower beds for a cheap pet deterrent.

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Reset your sense of smell

You may have noticed that many perfume stores in department stores, etc. have a small bowl of coffee beans nearby (and if they don’t have them, they should have).
They stand there to “cleanse your nose” (sense of smell) just as ginger is used to cleanse your tongue.

UC Berkeley scientist, Noam Sobel , writes in his article “Coffee’s Impact on the Sense of Smell and Olfactory Addiction”:
That Fragrance coffee aroma between perfume samples, compared to the scent of unpainted air, actually works.
The perceived odor intensity of the perfume from sample to sample remained the same after smelling the coffee aroma between each perfume, while decreasing when unrefined air was used between the perfumes.

Then grab them, the beans.
Next time you try perfume, or eau de cologne.
Give your nose a coffee break !.

Fridge deodorant

Like the air freshener idea. I found that you can use coffee to help reduce fridge odor, from e.g. onions or other, strong food smells.

Leave a bowl of freshly ground ground coffee in the back of the fridge for a couple of days to help absorb some of the strong food smells and emit a pleasant aroma.
Again, however, this does not last long as the aroma quickly subsides and you need to replace the freshly ground beans.

Coffee steak

Coffee steak

I can’t remember where, I got it served. But it was, as far as I remember, at a restaurant in the Caribbean.
The steak had been turned, in freshly ground coffee, before being thrown on the grill. I highly recommend it.
Try rubbing your next steak into coffee, or make a marinade!
It goes without saying that the beans have to be painted incredibly fine so as not to give a strange sensation in the mouth.
But an espresso marinade will only taste and not change the texture of the food.

Coffee for fabric dyeing

Coffee is a good choice to give the fabric a worn look and wood an old patina look.
FABRIC  – Make a regular jug ​​of coffee and immerse the fabric completely below the surface, it may be necessary to place a small weight on top of the fabric.
Leave the substance in the coffee for 24 hours (or longer), then rinse the fabric and hang to dry. The result is a browny, off-white color that gives the fabric a thoughtful look. Try a few different strengths of coffee brews or how long the fabric is submerged to achieve different shades.
WOOD  – Make a strong jug of mocha and use a brush to paint it on untreated wood.
This has nothing to do with the Coffee Clothing brand.


Used coffee grounds can be used as a cleaning abrasive.
To try this method, rub it in your next dirty pot or pan before washing (with scouring sponge).

Fresh breath

If you don’t have any chewing gum, suck on a roasted coffee bean.
Just pop a whole bean in your mouth on your way out the door and you will get fresher breath in no time!
However, it can be a somewhat desirable experience and can in no way be compared to enjoying a cup of coffee.

Coffee can also supply your car

That’s the idea behind a study that transformed coffee grounds into biodiesel fuel.
Coffee is probably never going to replace oil, but cafe waste may someday help reduce our environmental impact …
The used beans compost fairly quickly and, as previously described, can keep various other animals away.

Revive dying plants

It can be used to help save dying houseplants.
A mixture of coffee grounds and sugar, fed to a potted plant is watered regularly, will revive houseplants that have turned yellow
According to the thegardenersrake.com, “it may be the caffeine stimulates the plant or some nutrients in coffee, but this seems to give the plant a kick . ”Whatever the reason, coffee and houseplants go well together.
I personally have tried this with no luck, but maybe I was too late and the plant was completely dead already.

dying plant