About Me

Hi, My mane is Pana, and this is my site.

I absolutely love coffee, its a huge pet peeve of mine to being all super nerd`ish when it comes to coffee, so I thought i would be a good idea to share my love & knowledge for the drink.

When I’m not writing on my blog (while drinking copious amount of cappuccino or espresso) I am working in a bank, as a financial advisor.

Boring, I know 😉

I have been interested in learning and enjoying coffee for several years now, and have owned various espresso machines, pod machines, and french press coffee makers through the years.

Now I feel I have finally settled on my trusted Sage Barista Express, and I feel we are going to grow old together haha

In some of my articles, you will see there are references to experts I bring to the table, and that`s because I`m lucky enough to have a wonderful husband and his good friend, that are baristas and we all own an amazing cafe together. I draw on them, whenever I have some problem or issue I don`t know the answer too.

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Lastly, if you see there are a few mistakes in my writing, please don’t take it as I am lazy, but understand that English is my second language, as I am originally from Bangkok, Thailand.

I hope you find whatever your looking for here on my site, and remember you are always welcome to contact me if you wish to do a guest blog or have ideas on an article 🙂