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Do A Coffee Break Prolong Life?

Do a coffee break prolong your life?

A good work environment, good smattering – and access to Facebook

– on the job increase the chance of living a long life.

coffee break WEB

Everyone who has been in a bad workplace understands the value of good colleagues and a good work environment. It may not be strange, because people with full-time jobs often spend more time at work during a workweek than they do with friends.

Job well-being can even prove to be vital.

A study from Tel Aviv University in Israel that followed employees for 20 years shows that participants who had very little contact with their colleagues and did not feel that they received social support from their colleagues had 2.4 times so much risk of dying over the 20 years, compared to the happier employees.

Emotional support is the strongest indicator

820 participants, ages 25 to 65, were recruited to study for a regular health check-in 1988. The participants worked an average of 8.8 hours per day in various sectors such as finance and health. The researchers followed their records for 20 years and evaluated the social conditions in their workplaces.

Using questionnaires, researchers examined participants’ relationships with their bosses and colleagues, as well as whether they felt colleagues were friendly and easy to get in touch with.

After controlling for psychological, behavioral or physiological factors that could influence the outcome – for example, age, smoking or depression – emotional support was found to be the strongest indicator of future health.

During the study, 53 participants died, and the majority of these had very little or no social contact with colleagues.

Overall, participants who reported poor emotional contact with colleagues had a 140 percent greater risk of dying over the course of 20 years.

Several couch nooks and corporate furniture benefit workers.

“We spend most of our waking hours at work, and we don’t have as much time to see friends during the workweek,” points out Sharon Toker, the study’s lead author, in a university press release.

“The workplace should be a place where people can get the emotional support they need,” she says.

For example, although open office landscapes have become quite common in many workplaces, this is not enough, Toker believes.

She suggests that employers make areas where employees can be together more informally, such as coffee corners and sofa nooks. She also suggests social gatherings outside working hours and that one does not block social websites such as Facebook, which she believes can be an important source of social contact.

She also suggests programs where employees are offered the opportunity to discuss the stress and personal issues associated with the job.

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