8 Tips That Improves Your Coffee

8 Tricks for a Better Coffee

You’re looking forward to your morning coffee, but it’s not exactly what you hoped for.
You drink it anyway, because the day has to start.
But what can we do to make a better coffee experience?
We’ve put together 8 tricks for a better coffee experience.

No. 1 – Clean your coffee maker.

Yes, that might sound simple because it is.
But if we do not note in our calendar when it was last cleaned seriously, yes, there can be a long time between.
I have seen many customers first turn to when the machine has suffered limescale.
In other words, they have never or really times descaled their machine.
In Zealand, a coffee machine can hold approx. 18 months, without being decalcified before dying completely.

You should descale approx. every two to three months, depending on how much coffee you make.

In addition, there may also be deposits of coffee and beans in the machine and brew head.
This is most common on closed systems, while most people clean their brew heads on their espresso machine after each brew.
Lime and deposits can result in lower brew temperature, which in turn gives a poor taste experience.

No. 2 – Do a brew test.

Over time, the efficiency of your machine can be diminished.
Therefore, the outlet temperature may fall, completely in line with decreasing temperature in deposits of lime.
The perfect brew temperature is 96 degrees.
Which most regular coffee machines are set to deliver.

On an older espresso machine, it may be advantageous to just let it “brew” a cup of water before brewing beans.
It helps the machine get heated brew head etc before it has to make a heavenly espresso for you.

No. 3 – Brew from cold water.

Believe it or not, even though the finished product should be hot, it gives you better coffee if you use cold water.
Never use lukewarm or hot water.
Start by pouring cold water on the machine and allow it to warm.
Among other things, there are bacteria in warm and lukewarm water than there is in cold.
Maybe this trick surprised you, or maybe you are one of the few who knows the importance of using cold water.

hot cold coffee

No. 4 – Check the temperature.

By number one and two, you have probably understood the importance of brewing at the correct temperature.
The 96 degrees is the sweet spot for the coffee to reach its full potential, which you can read about in this article .

You can use a thermometer and if the temperature is below or above 96 degrees, adjust it.
If you cannot adjust the temperature and you have descaled the machine as well as using trick number 2, then there is nothing more than to replace your coffee machine .

No. 5 – Use filtered water.

If you do not use a water filter system then you will miss something when it comes to your coffee.
Because even though we in Denmark are aware of our water quality, we are at least as familiar with how much lime we have in the water.

In addition to a better and more uniform taste, you also extend the life of your machine.
It doesn’t have to be an expensive osmosis plant, you can just have a pitcher with a filter.
The most used at home are britta filters.
If you have the jug at the same time, you also live up to trick number three.

No. 6 – Use fresh beans.

If you have a small coffee roast stored in you, you probably already buy small quantities of specialty coffee.
But if you belong to the category of people who see a good deal and buy 20 bags of coffee at a time, then it’s almost your own fault that the last cups are “different” in taste.

It is clearly an advantage to buy whole beans and grind them yourself.
The whole beans hold the aroma better than ground.
Best before, is fine but inferior to what it says then your coffee should be drunk within 2 months.
A good rule of thumb is that you should not have more coffee in stock than you can drink in 14 days.

No. 7 – Storing the coffee beans.

Now, not everyone drinks enough coffee to get the beans in 14 days.
It is perfectly ok, as long as you keep them properly, they can as well as used for up to 2 months.

Proper storage is not, as many did in the 0’s, by storing them in the fridge.
On the other hand, it is important to have them in an airtight container.
If you have a machine where you pour whole beans, add what you need for the day and leave the rest in your airtight container.

I have seen a good coffee container on Amazon here.

No. 8 – Try other coffee beans.

One of the beautiful things about coffee is how different it tastes from region to region.

At the same time, it is fun to go on a coffee hunt, find new roasts and beans.

Final words..

These 8 tricks are combined to give you a better coffee.
Both by telling you something you may not know, but also by reminding you of things you might have forgotten.
We have a tendency to make everything easy for ourselves.
Sometimes that means we are going to compromise on what we really want.
Like when we want a good cup of coffee.

So get together and brew your coffee as it should be brewed and get the best start to the day.

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