7 Pro Tips for a great cafe latte
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7 Pro Tips For A Great Cafe Latte

7 Pro Tips for a great cafe latte

In this article, we’ve been thinking about which coffee beans are best for a latte.

How many calories are there, which depends on which milk we consume?

The fatter the milk, the more Kcal.

You now know the difference between a Cappuccino and a latte.

You know how to best serve in Glass with long spoons, so here are the 7 tricks.

  1. ALWAYS serve in latte glasses. They should be between 170-220ml
  2. Use fat and protein-containing milk (fat percentage of 3.3-4% and 3.2-3.3% protein).
  3. Fill your pitcher approx. 50% when steamed, the steam leaves approx. 10% of water during heating.
  4. The milk must NEVER get too hot, so stay around 65 degrees (max 72).
  5. Your espresso should be a double, which is 25-30ml.
  6. Always warm your glasses before the espresso gets into the glass.
  7. Pour the milk through your crema so that your latte surface is brownish with a white pattern.

In this article, we try to cover everything that is a coffee latte.

It ranges from the recipe and coffee beans to the best milk.

Also, we come into equipment such as coffee latte machines, glass, and spoons.

Coffee latte recipe.

Latte is not a strong coffee recipe.
On the contrary, the original recipe is 1 part coffee and 2 parts milk.
Basically, therefore, it is hot milk with coffee.

For example, if you also want to know how to make a Machiatto or American Soda Float.

What is most in doubt is the difference between Cappuccino and Cafe Latte.
But while the latte is one coffee and two parts milk, the cappuccino is one coffee, one milk, and one milk froth.

Most people prefer a cappuccino when going to the cafe.
The foam should preferably be so compact that it can be eaten with a spoon.

A latte contains many calories, which is because of the milk.
Coffee itself is inferior at Kcal and can almost be called neutral.
But once we add milk, it’s a whole other talk.
Especially because we like to use fatty milk in coffee recipes.
The dairies also make Coffee latte milk and milk, especially for Latte Art.

Calories, Kcal and Caffeine.

Most of us have found that the slim line is not related to too many latte’s.

Because it’s a real calorie bomb if you snap it at your favorite cafe.

In itself, there are many calories in milk, but lactated milk is even more potent.
If you make it at home then look for the carton for, because skim milk is not calorie-free.
Even 1L oat milk and equal contains 60g sugar.

The amount of caffeine depends 100% on the type of coffee and how much you consume per day. cup.

Coffee Latte Milk.

Yes, there is essential milk made for the sole purpose of turning into the hot milk in your latte.
It is specially designed to give the milk the best conditions for making beautiful foam.
As a rule of thumb, you can say the more protein flatter foam.

Like the milk froth, nice glasses and long slender spoons help spice up this beverage and, along with cappuccino, are the favourite cafe drinks.
Just to put it in place, the difference between cappuccino and cafe latte is pretty much just how much milk and foam comes in and out of the coffee.
While the recipe for a coffee latte is 1 part espresso and 2 parts hot milk with some foam on top.
The cappuccino recipe is 1 part espresso, 1 part hot milk, and a thick layer of foam on top.

Coffee beans for coffee latte and without machine.

A real coffee latte is made on 1 part espresso, but you can make it on other kinds of coffee.
The most important thing, in this case, is that you have a strong coffee.
I know several who make it completely without a machine. Here it is not only without an espresso machine but completely without a coffee machine.
Then it’s instant coffee, hot water and then the hot milk, which has probably been heated in the microwave.

There is nothing wrong with that either, but we prefer the real product here on the site.
It should preferably be chained to the detail of a barista on a real espresso machine.
Then we leave what instant coffee latte, made without a machine and with milk from the oven, to people without taste buds.

An espresso machine with milk froth is so much more than just a coffee latte machine.

In case you are not interested in serving the perfect espresso, and maybe just would like to seem like you know what you are ordering at the local coffee shop, below I have added some different espresso drinks, you can try out.

Here’s how to order espresso drinks at the cafe

Espresso is the foundation of our entire coffee culture, even when talking about delicious milk-based drinks – including cappuccino, caffe latte, latte macchiato, etc.

As we know it from the heat of the south, a real espresso is a “shot” very concentrated espresso, but if you brew more, you get a fantastic coffee.

Below you can read about many of the most commonly known espresso-based beverages that you can make on your espresso machine – with fully automatic espresso machines. It is a little different which drinks can be brewed – this depends on the machine’s software.

Espresso is brewed on at least 7 grams of ground coffee, under 9 bar pressure and with a lead time of about 20-25 seconds. The lead time is when the water is in contact with the ground coffee – the longer it is in contact, the more bitter substances are withdrawn from the coffee, which significantly affects the result.

Depending on the size of the espresso, it is called a ristretto, doppio or lungo.


Ristretto is brewed by bumping the beans harder before brewing so that less water runs through. This makes the taste more concentrated – a powerful drink that is not for everyone!


Doppio is Italian for “double”, and of course, this is a double espresso – i.e. two espresso shots are run into a cup – approx. 14 grams of ground coffee, which gives a more intense experience. It may be advantageous if mixed with milk so that the coffee gives some power to the finished drink.


Lungo is Italian for “long” – this brew is opposite to the ristretto. Here you extend the lead time up to a minute so that more water runs through the beans. Lungo is barely as strong as espresso but contains more bitterness.


An americano is one of the closest you get to a traditional “Danish” cup of coffee if we have to brew an espresso machine. Here, an espresso shot is mixed with a little bit of hot water. In contrast to a lungo, here you get a rounder and softer cup of coffee since you do not extend the lead time but simply add water – e.g. through the steamer.
However, Americano cannot be compared directly to a cup of coffee, as it has a completely different cream which makes it extra soft.


Cappuccino is a mixture of equal parts of espresso and milk foam. Cappuccino is known from many cafes since together a caffe latte is the Danes’ favourite espresso/milk drink. Cappuccino is a creamy and delicious drink with a mild and slightly sweet taste thanks to the milk.

Caffe Latte

Caffe Latte is a mixture of a shot espresso and heated milk. This gives a soft and delicate taste, not as creamy and “fatty” as a cappuccino since there is no milk froth. The normal ratio is 3 parts milk to 1 shot espresso.

Latte Macchiato

An espresso shot with equal parts of hot milk and milk foam. Here you get a nice layered drink where the light milk falls to the bottom, followed by coffee and milk foam on top. This is a very “milky” drink, which is creamy, soft and delicious!

Flat white

Flat white is an Australian drink that was invented in the mid-’80s. Here you pour fine milk foam into a shot espresso (possibly a double-shot) – opposite of a cappuccino, where you often start with milk followed by an espresso.

Espresso macchiato

An espresso macchiato is an espresso shot with a little milk froth – macchiato is Italian for “spotty”.


A cortado is a Spanish espresso drink that consists of part espresso and part heated milk. The milk must be poured into the coffee so that the cream is still intact on top.

You can make amazing coffee at home yourself, and on our blog here, you will find a lot of information about this. 

Both in regards to the best equipment, but also a few recipes.

I think maybe this article is something you will be interested in.

Enjoy 😉

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